Act 1 (10月 4日) ~ Transcript

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Episode Introduction

(alarm bells ring)

(sirens are heard in the distance)

Act 1

Shingo: Usagi! Mama says to hurry and wake up!

Usagi: Okay, okaaaaay... I'm getting up as soon as the song ends.
NO WAY! How did it get to be so late?! Shingo, did you mess with it?

Shingo: Usagi! Mama says to hurry and wake up!

Shingo: It's on repeat. How many times did you listen to it?

Usagi: (yelps)

Shingo: Stupid Usagi.

*         *         *

Usagi: Mamaaaaa!

Television: Could she really be a champion of justice?

Ikuko: Your lunch, your lunch! How can you be such a mess every morning?

Usagi: But--!

Television: Sailor V, who has caused such a sensation around the world, struck again in the middle of the night.

Usagi: Huh? Where's papa?

Ikuko: Covering that story.

Television: Last night, a thief broke into a jewelry store the next town over...

Usagi: Oh, Sailor V appeared again? Is that why they call her the "champion of justice"...

Ikuko: I heard that lately, all the reporters are fighting to be the first to discover her identity.

Usagi: What? But not knowing her identity is what makes it so cool.

Ikuko: No way! Don't you want to hurry up and find out?

Usagi: For the sake of justice, huh...

Television: The police have been investigating the scene of the crime since this morning.

Ikuko: I don't think she's a cop... but wouldn't you be scared if you were a criminal?

Usagi: Amazing, isn't it? She's so cool!

Television: Just who is Sailor V? That question just seems to get more confusing. A Sailor V fansite has shown up on the internet...

Shingo: Hey, Usa.

Television: ...and is said to be enjoying immense popularity.

Shingo: What exactly are you doing?

Usagi: Huh? Oh nooo, I'm so late!

Television: Sailor V's popularity...

*         *         *

Usagi: AGH! What the--?! I can't see!
Hmm? What is this?... How strange. Agh! If I don't hurry--!

Cat: There's no mistaking it. I've found her!

*         *         *

Haruna: Tsu-ki-no-san.

Usagi: Yeees~? T_T

Haruna: There are students like Mizuno-san who come to school 30 minutes early, you know.

Usagi: Yes, ma'am...

Haruna: But you, on the other hand, have been late how many--how many--HOW MANY TIMES THIS WEEK?! Three times! I am sooooo disappointed in you!

Usagi: I'm sorry...

*         *         *

Usagi: Stupid Haruna-sensei...there's no need to punish me with cleaning duty...

Naru: U~sa~gi.

Usagi: Huh? Naru-chan? You haven't left yet?

Naru: Well, I couldn't exactly just leave you behind.

Usagi: Naru-chan!! You're the best!!

Naru: Let's finish up quick and go karaoke! I heard that the Crown has the new Aino Minako album!

Usagi: What, really? Let's go!

*         *         *

Usagi: (sings along to C'est la Vie)

Without even having a chance to think

I've fallen prey to this impulse

And it's started within me,

Thinking only of wanting you.

Just like books and movies with

Guaranteed happy endings aren't any fun,

If life went just a little wrong too,

Things might be more interesting.

Usagi: Renaissance Hall?

Naru: Yeah. Starting tomorrow, Mama's going to be hosting an exhibit for newly designed jewels.

Usagi: Really? I guess since your mom's such a famous jewel designer.

Naru: Oh yeah! They're setting the place up today--do you wanna go see it in a little bit? It's going to look amazing.

Usagi: Oh, I wanna go, let's gooo!

*         *         *

Naru: Mama!

Naru's mother: Naru. Usagi, you're welcome,too.

Usagi: Hi!

Naru: Is everything going well?

Naru's mother: Yes. Tomorrow is definitely going to be a success. What do you think? How's the feel of it?

Naru: It's great!

Usagi: Amaaazing... It's like a party!

Naru: Look, look at those waists! They're soooo thin!

Usagi and Naru: They look so cool! So!

*         *         *

Usagi: I'm sorry! (thinks) How rude.

Staff member: I apologize! We're short one model, so--she probably just got lost around here. I'll look for her right away!

Usagi: Oh, he's not talking about me! I'm not a model.

Mamoru: No one would think you were, don't worry.

Usagi: Excuse me? Total jerk.

Supervisor: This jewel's really expensive, so handle it carefully.

Staff member: Yes, sir.

Mamoru: I might be able to find it here--the Illusionary Silver Crystal.

*         *         *

Luna: I feel something... Something's here!

*         *         *

Naru's mother: I'm sorry. I think I'm going to be working late again tonight.

Naru: It's okay! Want me to make you a snack for tomorrow? What should I make?

Naru's mother: Hmm, I could go for one of your delicious katsu sandwiches. (1)

Naru: I'm right on it.

Naru's mother: Thanks, hon. Then, good night.

*         *         *

Usagi: (yawns) Good niiight....
Hm? Huh? This is-- This morning, it-- How did it--?

Luna: Usagi-chan.

Usagi: Huh?!

Luna: Usagi-chan.

Usagi: (shrieks)

Luna: Don't be scared! My name is Luna. I've been looking for you.

Ikuko: Usagi? Something wrong?

Luna: Please, just listen to what I have to say.

Usagi: No, it's nothing.

Luna: Usagi--a colossal evil is starting to stir within the earth right now. The only ones who can fight this evil are the princess and her four guardian Senshi. (2) And you are one of those Senshi.

Usagi: What? A Senshi? ...Oh, I get it! This is a dream! This must be a dream, because this can't be happening.

Luna: B-b-b-but--wait a sec! Usagi, I'm begging you! Fight with us!

Usagi: This is a dream! A dream!

Luna: Don't you care about what happens to the planet?

Usagi: ...sheep number three, sheep number four, sheep number five...

Luna: You know, I can't believe it either--that such a plain, ordinary girl like you could be a Senshi. But the crescent moon on my forehead tells me that you're the one! When you start to believe it, contact me with this. And...I wouldn't go to that jewelry exhibit if I were you. It's dangerous.

*         *         *

Naru's mother/Youma: This place is staff only.

Naru: Mama, what are you talking about?

Naru's mother/Youma: Oops, I thought you were someone else. What are you doing here?

Naru: What do you mean? I brought this.

Naru's mother/Youma: What is it?

Naru: Don't you remember? You told me to bring it by last night.

Naru's mother/Youma: Ah. That's right...

Naru: Tell me what's in it. You were the one who asked me for it...

*         *         *

Usagi: is...Saturday. All right! No school! Mama, let's go shopping~!

*         *         *

Naru: Tell me what's in it. What you asked me for last night.

Naru's mother/Youma: Everything's fine--just hand it over. Mama's busy.

Naru: No...You're not Mama! Who are you...?

Naru's mother/Youma: It's Mama.

Naru: No!
Please help me, Mama's acting strange, Mama's--

Jadeite: The show is starting soon. As soon as all of the women are dazzled by the beautiful jewels, drain all of the energy you want. For our queen, Queen Beryl.

Luna: This is awful! Something has to be done!

*         *         *

Luna: Oww~! Usagi-chan!

Usagi: Naru-chan, I'm coming right now! (yelps)

Luna: Usagi-chan, what are you doing?

Usagi: I couldn't get in because I didn't have a ticket, so...

Luna: A-at any rate, get off me!

Usagi: Sorrrry.

Luna: What are you doing here? I told you it was dangerous, didn't I?

Usagi: But...But...I don't know why, but I keep sensing that Naru-chan's in danger. Even though I don't know why...But I have to hurry and save Naru-chan!

Luna: Usagi-chan, you sense it because you're a Senshi.

Usagi: Huh?

Luna: In spite of everything...I think I'm beginning to understand why you're a Senshi. Usagi-chan--let's save Naru-chan together.

*         *         *

Luna: Try to get a shot of one of the models with the cell phone.

Usagi: Whoa! What's this?

Luna: It'll let you transform into whatever you take a picture of. Now we'll definitely get in, right?

Usagi: Way cool...
Thank you.

Luna: (giggles)

*         *         *

Crowd: What's going on? What's this? (screams)

Naru's mother/Youma: I will take your energy.

Usagi: Wait!

Naru's mother/Youma: You! Why is it that you're unaffected?

Usagi: That's because--because... Luna? Why?

Luna: Because you're a Senshi!

Usagi: Oh, okay. Because I'm a Senshi!

Naru's mother: A Senshi?

Usagi: Eww! What is that?

Luna: It's a youma!

Usagi: No way! Nooo!

Luna: Usagi-chan! Now!

Usagi: Okay! Moon Prism Power! Make up!

Moon: For love and justice, I am the sailor-suited pretty guardian Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!

Jadeite: Sailor Moon? What the hell?

Moon: What is all this? Amazing!

Luna: Sailor Moon, it's coming!

Moon: No!
I hate this, I hate this, I'm scared!

Luna: It's okay, calm down! You'll know how to fight--because you are a chosen Senshi.

Moon: Moon Healing Escalation!
I did it!! This is awesome!

Luna: You did it, Sailor Moon!

Moon: Luna!

Luna: Look out!

Moon: Uh...Um...

Kamen: I didn't find what I was looking for--but at least I saw something interesting.

Moon: Thank you for saving me! Um...and you are...?

Kamen: Tuxedo Kamen. (3)

Moon: Tuxedo...Kamen? How strange...but, somehow...he's so dashing.

*         *         *

Naru: Huh? Was it all a dream?

*         *         *

Beryl: Who is this? One who dares to get in my way. Unforgivable.

*         *         *

Moon: I am...Sailor Moon.

Luna: Yes! One of the Senshi who protect the princess. The battle will begin--starting now.

Moon: I don't know if it's because I'm excited or worried but for some heart is pounding.

Act 2 Preview

Luna: We've found her! The second Senshi!

Ami: Me...?

Usagi: Ami-chan's one of the Senshi? What luck! She's smart, she's a fan of Aino Minako, plus she's cute...!

Beryl: If we keep gathering energy, it won't be long...the day of earth's destruction is coming.

Ami: I...I don't want to become a Senshi.

Usagi: Ami-chan!

1. "Katsu" is breaded pork. Back to the line.

2. "Senshi" is Japanese for "soldier, guardian." We just use Senshi in our transcripts because we like it better. Back to the line.

3. "Kamen" means "mask." Again, we use Kamen because it's just oh-so-much sexier. Back to the line.

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