The Download FAQ

Most people download the most recent episodes from IRC or through Bit Torrent. Those who want to download through IRC may find a wonderful download FAQ at Sailor Dream. Instructions for the IRC impaired, however, may be found here.

How to download through Bit Torrent

Written by Nuku, moderator of the LASM Yahoo Group and staff at #PGSM
(Except the yellow parts; only main staff yell in yellow)

Q: Where on earth do I get bit torrent?
A: There are several places to get bit torrent. By far, the best two clients out there are bit tornado and Azureus. Bit tornado can be found at Azureus is a bit different, and you have to have java installed to work it. Azureus can be found at

Q: Uhm, It's not in my start up and there's no icon on my desktop.
A: Bit torrent doesn't work that way. It's a program where you have to get the actual file before the program opens.

Q: So, how does it work?
A: Its really simple. Find a site that has bit torrent downloads, and click on the link to download it. A pop up should appear, asking where you want to save the torrent file. Save it to the desktop, or to a special folder. Then double click on the torrent file and pick a place to save the file.

Q: Files done, lets shut it down!
A: Hold on a sec. Many websites nowadays will automatically BAN your IP address if you are found to be downloading a file, then hopping off when its done. Keep the bit torrent window open as long as you can. This is called "seeding." Bit torrent downloading speeds and file-getting rely on people who have more of the file than the new person downloading it. It's file sharing basically. You're all connected and helping each other out. Most sites will say how long you should seed a file. Some will suggest leaving it open as long as you can, while others will specifically say to keep it open until you've fully shared one upload.

Q: Can I use the file while its downloading?
A: It depends. Generally no, since the downloads come in pieces. Try listening to a song while downloading a bit torrent file. It skips around a lot, and jumps. It does not download in any order, per se... so be careful.

Q: Well, where can I get PGSM bit torrents?
A: There are a few sites out there offering it.

Raws (unsubtitled)
#pgsm ~

TV Nihon

Q: Ok, so...I cant use bit torrent or IRC. Am I out of luck?
A: Not exactly! There are a few places to where you can download the episodes by using the old fashioned way: direct downloads!

Eternal Tear Drop

Eternal Tear Drop

Q: Okay, but what I'd really like is some music.
A: You can also download music for PGSM at these sites, although you should really just BUY THE PRODUCTS:
Pretty Guardians
TV Nihon (by way of Bit torrent)

A few people have also made music videos, which you can find here:
Anime Music Videos
Pretty Guardians