"Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" ~ The Cast

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Sawai Miyuu .:. Sailor Moon .:. Tsukino Usagi

Sawai Miyuu Birthday: October 23, 1987
Place of Birth: Kanagawa Prefecture
Blood Type: A
Height: 160 cm (5'3")
Hobbies: Reading, talking, making sweets
Special Abilities: Basketball
Agency: Box Corporation
Major works: Former model of Love Berry, played Youko Kimura in Kids Wars 5, played Shun Sugita in the internet short movie Shun (Season), commercials for Tokyo Disney Sea and computer software company IchiTarou 12 (Just System), DVD Me and You (or in box format The Complete Box Me&You), Photo Book Myu
Official Site: Miyuu Sawai Official Site
Official Blog: Miyuu Sawai's "My Heart"

Tsukino Usagi
Sailor Moon

Izumi Rika .:. Sailor Mercury .:. Mizuno Ami

Mizuno Ami
Sailor Mercury

Izumi Rika Formerly Hama Chisaki
Birthday: November 10, 1988
Place of Birth: Kyoto
Blood Type: A
Height: 162 cm (5'4")
Hobbies: Collecting cute pins
Special Abilities: Saza-nami, dressing up in a kimono
Agency: Sun Music Brain
Major Works:
Regular model for Ray
Former model of the now defuncted Melon
CD single Koi suru Soldier/Kanojyo ha ijiwaru
Under-15 Idol Variety program Junior de Go!
Official Site: Rika Izumi's Official Site
Official Blog: Rika Izumi's "Rika Letter"

Kitagawa Keiko .:. Sailor Mars .:. Hino Rei

Kitagawa Keiko Birthday: August 22, 1986
Place of Birth: Hyogo Prefecture
Blood Type: O
Height: 160 cm (5'3")
Hobbies: Reading, writing, singing
Special Abilities: Badminton, Swimming
Agency: Stardust Promotion
Major Works:
Former model of Seventeen
One of the Miss Seventeen 2003 models
Campaign Girl for Japan National Spring Traffic Awareness Week
Official Site: Keiko Kitagawa's Official Site
Official Blog: Keiko Kitagawa's "Keiko's Blog"

Hino Rei
Sailor Mars

Azama "Mew" Myuu .:. Sailor Jupiter .:. Kino Makoto

Kino Makoto
Sailor Jupiter

Azama 'Mew' Myuu Birthday: December 26, 1986
Place of Birth: Okinawa Prefecture
Blood Type: B
Height: 169 cm (5'6")
Hobbies: Dance, calligraphy, making sweets
Agency: VERTEX
Major Works:
Regular model for CanCam
Former model of Non-no
Former model of Seventeen
Former member of sing and dance group B.B WAVES
CD single "Lovin’ You Lovin’ Me"
Official Site: Mew Azama's Official Site
Official Blog: Mew Azama's "Mew Myuu"

Komatsu Ayaka .:. Sailor Venus .:. Aino Minako

Komatsu Ayaka Birthday: July 23, 1986
Place of Birth: Iwate Prefecture
Blood Type: A
Height: 159 (5'2")
Hobbies: Making sweets
Special Abilities: Japanese dance, table tennis
Agency: Amuse
Major Works:
Former model of the now defuncted CANDy
Starred in Odoru Daisousasen THE MOVIE 2
Idol Variety program Idol Michi
Commercial for Takara, "Popura 2"
Official Site: Ayaka Komatsu's Official Site
Official Blog: Ayaka Komatsu's "502" Blog

Aino Minako
Sailor Venus

Jyoji Shibue .:. Tuxedo Kamen .:. Chiba Mamoru

Chiba Mamoru
Tuxedo Kamen

Jyoji Shibue Birthday: March 15, 1983
Place of Birth: Nagano Prefecture
Blood Type: O
Height: 183 cm (6'0")
Hobbies: Music, gathering random trinkets
Special Abilities: Racket sports, darts
Agency: Candid
Major Works: Model for "Hotdog Press," "JUNON," etc., starred in Rina Aiuchi’s "FULL JUMP" promotion video, commercials for "NTT Docomo Chugoku" and and "AU"
Official Site: Jyoji Shibue's Official Site
Official Blog: Jyoji Shibue's Yaplog

Supporting Cast ~ Friends and Family

Koike Rina .:. Sailor Luna

Koike Rina Birthday: September 3, 1993
Place of Birth: Tochigi Prefecture
Blood Type: O
Height: 137 cm (4'6")
Hobbies: Jazz dance, drawing, piano
Special Abilities: Swimming, jump rope
Agency: Very Berry Pro
Major Works: DVD Koike Rina Oniichan to Issho, Shougakkou Yonensei, Juussai (Big Brother with Koike Rina, Elementary School Grade 4, Age 10)
Official Site: Koike Rina's Official Site
Official Blog: Koike Rina's Ameba Blog

Kikawada Masaya .:. Furuhata Motoki

Kikawada Masaya Birthday: June 1, 1980
Place of Birth: Saitama Prefecture
Blood Type: A
Height: 183 cm (6'0")
Hobbies: Music, shopping, pool
Special Abilities: Basketball, Tennis Agency: Sarah Project
Major Works: Light modeling, starred in movies White Out, Battle Royale 2 (as Shintaro Makimura), Tomie re-birth (as Shunichi Hosoda), 4 Movement (as Aruto), and the internet short movie Shun, etc.
Official Site: Kikawada Masaya's Official Site

Ochi Chieko .:. Osaka Naru

Kawabe Chieco a.k.a. Kawabe Chieko
Birthday: February 24, 1987
Place of Birth: Tokyo
Blood Type: A
Height: 165 (5'4")
Special Abilities: Dance
Agency: Stardust Pro
Major Works: Former model of Love Berry, starred in Taiga drama Toshiie to Matsu (as Chiyo), the Idol Variety program "Koi suru Ichigo Paradise," movie Mou Hitori Iru (as Yuka), and Musical Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (as Sailor Mercury), DVD "POP!", Photo Book "15," CM for Calbee "Waffle"
Official Site: Ochi Chieko's Official Site
Official Blog: Ochi Chieko's Ameba Blog

Matsushita Moeko .:. Kusaka Hina

Matsushita Moeco Birthday: December 19, 1982
Place of Birth: Hyogo Prefecture
Blood Type: A
Height: 158 (5'2")
Hobbies: Drawing, Karaoke
Special Abilities: Drawing, Swimming, Knitting
Agency: Oscar Pro
Major Works: “The 7th Japan National Bishoujo Contest” Multimedia Prize Winner
Official Site: Matsushita Moeko's Official Site
Official Blog: Matsushita Moeko's "Moeco Page"

Han Keiko .:. Luna (voice)

Han Keiko Birthday: April 5, 1953
Place of Birth: Tokyo
Blood Type: O
Height: 152 (5'0")
Hobbies: Yoga, drawing, making dolls, singing
Special Abilities: Can cross her eyes, but only with one eye, speaking English, fortunetelling, driving
Agency: 81produce
Major Works: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Anime Series (as Luna), Mobile Suit Gundam (as Lalah Sune)
Official Site: Keiko Han's Official Site

Yamaguchi Kappei .:. Artemis (voice)

Yamaguchi Kappei Birthday: May 23, 1965
Place of Birth: Fukuoka Prefecture
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Tate, drawing
Special Abilities: Computer
Agency: Theatrical Company 21st Century Fox
Major Works: Inuyasha (as Inuyasha), Ranma 1/2 (as Ranma Saotome), a more complete list can be found at Anime News Network
Official Site: Yamaguchi Kappei's Official Site

Moriwaka Kaori .:. Tsukino Ikuko

Moriwaka Kaori Birthday: December 11, 1963
Place of Birth: Hokkaido
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Reading, Hula dance
Agency: Polystar
Major Works: former member of girls rock band "GO-BANGS", Musical A Cinderella Story, etc.
Official Site: Moriwaka Kaori's Official Site
Official Blog: Moriwaka Kaori's "Blueberry Days"

Takeshi Naoki .:. Tsukino Shingo

Takeshi Naoki Birthday: March 28, 1993
Agency: Theatrical Company Tohai Corporation
Official Site: Takeshi Naoki's Official Site

Supporting Cast ~ The Villians

Aya Sugimoto .:. Queen Beryl

Sugimoto Aya Birthday: July 19, 1968
Place of Birth: Kyoto
Height: 168 cm (5'6")
Hobbies: Traveling, eating while walking
Special Abilities: Dance
Agency: Office Aya
Major Works: A bunch of X-rated stuff
Official Site: Aya Sugimoto's Official Site
Official Blog: Aya Sugimoto's "Beauty Blog"

Alisa Yuriko Durbrow .:. Mio

Alisa Durbrow Birthday: April 16, 1988
Place of Birth: Saitama Prefecture
Blood Type: O
Height: 160 cm (5'3")
Hobbies: taking/collecting pictures in "Purikura" booths, shopping
Special Abilities: Able to be friends with animals fast, baton
Agency: Junes
Major Works: Former model of CANDy, TV appearance; Channel BB V Jump TV MC regular, NHK Tensai Terebi-kun Wide, Takara commercial “e-kara web”, video & DVD Just a Princess, Alisa, Photo Book "Just a Princess", "14-sai, suhada no Alisa"
Official Site: Alisa Durbrow's Official Site
Official Blog: Alisa Durbrow's "Da~! Da~!"

Jun Masuo .:. Jadeite

Jun Masuo Birthday: October 5, 1986
Place of Birth: Kanagawa Prefecture
Height: 164 cm (5'4")
Hobbies: Biking to places
Special Abilities: Guitar, Blow harp
Agency: Office Watanabe
Major Works: Ultraman Gaia (as the young version of the leading character, Wagamu), NHK drama Heart
Official Site: Jun Masuo's Official Site

Matsumoto Hiroyuki .:. Nephrite

Matsumoto Hiroyuki Birthday: May 31, 1980
Place of Birth: Aichi Prefecture
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Cooking, walking, watching movies, snowboarding
Special Abilities: Basketball
Agency: The Orange Prisoners
Major Works: Shiseido "Jereide" commercial, NTT Docomo "FOMA" commercial, movie Devilman, musical A Taste of Honey (as Jeff)

Yoshito Endou .:. Zoicite

Yoshito Endou Birthday: January 7, 1981
Place of Birth: Kanagawa Prefecture
Special Abilities: Piano
Major Works: Was a member of a band until last year but has now gone solo

Kubodera Akira .:. Kunzite

Kubodera Akira Birthday: January 20, 1977
Place of Birth: Tokyo
Blood Type: A
Height: 177 (5'9")
Hobbies: Watching movies, plastic toy models
Special Abilities: Imitating
Agency: Beside
Major Works: Some modeling, an actor of Theatrical Company And Endless etc.
Official Site: Kubodera Akira's Official Site