Act 20 (2月 21日) ~ Transcript

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Episode Introduction

Makoto: Wait. This conversation isn't over.

Ami: These days, it seems like Rei-chan has been hiding something. While Rei's secretiveness has made Mako-chan angry...

Usagi: He's still cool...

Ami: Chiba-kun actually has a fiance, but...Mako-chan and I haven't been able to break it to Usagi. Usagi herself is worrying over whether or not to give Chiba-kun the muffler she made, but...

Act 20

Nephrite: I've taken the Illusionary Silver Crystal.

Mars: Akuryo Taisan!

Nephrite: With this, Queen Metallia will be under Queen Beryl's control.

Mars: Wait!

Venus: Get down!

Nephrite: What have you done to the Illusionary Silver Crystal?!

Venus: You really thought I'd hand over the real thing that easily?

Kunzite: It is strange.... That princess...The Sailor Senshi. I want one.

*         *         *

Ami: It seems lately, we are falling apart. But I believe that the four of us will be here together again.

Opening Song

Minako: Why are you here?

Rei: I wanted to talk to you one more time. That's why I searched for you.

Minako: I told you not to pay attention to what I do, didn't I?.

Rei: I couldn't be satisfied with what you were doing! It seems're using yourself as bait. There's something wrong. Are you really—?

Minako: You have to remember it on your own.

Rei: What?

Minako: When you awaken as a senshi on your own...You will be able to understand everything. I...That is what I'm waiting for.

Rei: Wait!

Minako: Don't do anything useless, like following me. You are the one who could be the leader of the Senshi. You know what to do as a Senshi.

Artemis: Minako. Are you all right?

*         *         *

Nephrite: I have failed to obtain the Illusionary Silver Crystal. Forgive me!

Beryl: Nephrite. Don't you think there is a limit to failure?

Jadeite: But we were right about the princess. We never could have known that she'd prepare fakes of the Illusionary Silver Crystal.

Kunzite: Or maybe fakes are all she has.

Jadeite: What do you mean?

Kunzite: Nothing.

Nephrite: When are you going stop sitting there, doing nothing but watching and jumping to conclusions? Make even a little effort for Beryl-sama!

Kunzite: No need to worry. I'm planning something interesting. You just take a break for a little while.

Nephrite: I won't take orders from you!

Beryl: Something interesting? What is that man thinking?

*         *         *

Motoki: You're not the only one who's in a love situation.

Makoto: Good afternoon.

Motoki: Welcome! The muffler's warm! Thank you!

Luna: Ahh! Oop! Sorry Ami-chan.

Ami: It's okay.

Luna: I won't be mischievous again.

Ami: Mako-chan! Look at this color!

Makoto: Sorry. Ask me later. I still think I should tell Usagi.

Ami: About Chiba-kun?

Makoto: It's not bad to fall in love with someone who is engaged, but isn't it better to at least know? What do you think?

Ami: If you think it's a good idea...I'm not good at that sort of thing.

Makoto: Got it. I'm going now.

Luna: Usagi-chan was just getting over she'll be devastated all over again.

Rei: Makoto, went out in a hurry. What happened?

Ami: Um...she has something to do.

Rei: And Usagi?

Ami: Just...this and that. But I don't think she has forgotten about the enemy.

Rei: That's okay. I'm on the lookout.

Ami: Hmm?

Rei: I've learned that I must be strong as a Senshi. In order to do that, I have to fight on my own as much as I can.

Luna: But Rei-chan, we've been working together. That's the reason we've been able to fight!

Rei: It's not enough! The princess is fighting alone. Nothing will get done if I stay here. I'll look around for any movements of the enemy.

Luna: Lately, we are falling apart. It's not a good trend.

Ami: At some will get back to normal.

*         *         *

Kamen: If you love him... don't give up so easily. A time might come when you'll be able to give it to him.

Usagi: If Tuxedo Kamen says it's possible, I can almost believe it.

Ikuko: Usagi? A friend has come to visit!

Usagi: Okay!

Ikuko: Come inside.

Usagi: Hikari-chan!

Hikari: Good Afternoon!

Ikuko: She was worried about you! I'll go make some Cafe Ole!

Hikari: Don't worry about it, please! I will be leaving soon.

Ikuko: Really? You're little, but so proper! Usagi, you should follow her example.

Usagi: So you have a date with Daichi-kun? Looks like things are going smoothly!

Hikari: But we can't go far if it's just us children. Usagi-chan, will you come with us?

Usagi: Me?

Hikari: It's not a date if Mama comes.

Usagi: Isn't it the same if it's me?

Hikari: Daichi-kun says he's bringing Hina-san's boyfriend.

Usagi: What? You mean...Chiba Mamoru? But what about Hina-san?

Hikari: She has something to do. So it would be a double date!


*         *         *

Hikari: Daichi-kun!

Daichi: Hikari-chan!

Usagi: Good afternoon.

Mamoru: You're coming too? Haha, just don't get lost.

Hikari: It's okay. I'm with her.

Daichi: I'll look for her too.

Usagi: You're all mean!

Hikari: Daichi-kun, when we get there, let's play badminton!

Daichi: Sure!

Daichi: Hikari-chan, the chocolate was delicious.

Hikari: And you're great at playing games.

Daichi: I'll teach you about games next time.

Hikari: Thank you! You're so kind!

*         *         *

Daichi: Thanks!

Hikari: Thanks!

Usagi: Thank you.

Hikari: Daichi-kun, let's go!

Daichi: Okay!

Mamoru: Hey! Don't go too far.

Daichi and Hikari: Okaaaaay!

Usagi: Don't think too much about it! He'll think it's strange. W-we should speed up! We might get separated from the children.

Mamoru: That's a funny way of walking.

Hikari: Usagi-chaaaan! Here, faster!

Daichi: Faster!

Usagi: We're coming!

*         *         *

Usagi: I'll go next!

Daichi: Huh? Onee-chan (big sister) will take a turn?

Usagi: Of course!

Mamoru: Usagi!

Hikari: Are you all right?

Daichi: Are you all right?

Mamoru: Yeah. Got it!

Hikari: Daichi-kun's it!

Usagi: Escape!

Hikari: Here you go, Daichi-kun.

Daichi: Thanks!

Usagi: There are so many dishes to eat!

Hikari: What will you eat? A hamburger?

Daichi: Yup!

Mamoru: Itadakimasu. (it is Japanese custom to say “I will receive the food” prior to each meal). Hey, it's pretty good!

Usagi: My turn to eat! Mmm, it's delicious!


That was fun!

Hikari: I know!

Mamoru: Was it fun for you too?

Daichi: Yup!

Makoto: What is going on? I was thinking of telling Usagi about his engagement...

*         *         *

Rei: I guess...I won't be able to see it that easily...

Woman on the street: (scream) There was a monster here! Please believe me!

Rei: What was that? I feel their auras are disappearing as well...
The illusions of youma...But why?

*         *         *

Jadeite: Kunzite! What do you plan to do by releasing the illusions of the youmas?!

Kunzite: Don't worry about it.

Jadeite: If you cause a disturbance, the Sailor Senshi will be on alert, and it will be hard to gather—

Kunzite: Jadeite. Don't strain yourself. If you always work with Nephrite, you will see failure.

Jadeite: What?

Kunzite: Have you never had any doubts about the princess?

Jadeite: About the Princess?

*         *         *

Artemis: Minako, let's rest for awhile here.

Minako: But...

Artemis: Your load will become too heavy for you if you go on.

Minako: But we knew about that.

Artemis: Ah...but you're...

Minako: Thank you. Even if only Mars would be worth it.

Artemis: There are chances...but it's not good to get carried away with emotions.

*         *         *

Kunzite: I want to test my doubts about the princess. In order to do that, we will use the Sailor Senshi.

*         *         *

Usagi: I'm tired.

Hikari: Oh, let's go ride that thing over there!

Usagi: I can't! Just give me a minute, please!

Mamoru: You two go. We will be waiting here.

Daichi and Hikari: Okay!

Mamoru: Would you like something to drink?

Usagi: Sure!

Makoto: The children are gone! There are no obstacles right now!

Usagi: Thank you.

Makoto: Now this is a nice atmosphere! This may be...!

Usagi: This is like a dream...If I act now, I may be able to give it to him. Um...

Daichi: My tutor is here!

Mamoru: Hina?

Hina: I was able to finish what I had to do early.

Daichi: Here, sensei.

Hina: Daichi, what are you doing?

Daichi: You're his bride, so you sit next to him.

Usagi: B-bride?

Hina: Not any time soon...not until after we graduate from college.

Usagi: Is that so...? I see...

Mamoru: Is something wrong?

Usagi: Mm-mm! I—I remembered something I have to do!

Hina: Really? I thought we'd go out to eat.

Usagi: I'm sorry! Another time!

Hina: Take care!

Makoto: Usagi...if you were to find out like this, it would have been better if I had told you myself.

*         *         *

Usagi: I was so stupid. To hope a little...
Moon Prism Power! Make up!

*         *         *

Hina: Where are you going?

Mamoru: I'll be right back.

*         *         *

Rei: Just as I have thought...They're all illusions. But...why?

*         *         *

Ami: They're done!

Luna: (sleeps)

*         *         *

Makoto: So it was you. Chiba Mamoru.

*         *         *

Ami: Kunzite!

Kunzite: I thought, if I were to get one, it would be you. But before I begin, I'll let you know—it's useless to call your friends. They won't get here in time.

Ami: Mercury Power! Make up!

Kunzite: It's useless!

Mercury: Shine Aqua Illusion!
Mercury Aqua Beam!

Kunzite: Sailor Mercury! Starting today, you are mine!

*         *         *

Moon: What does this mean?

Act 21 Preview

Ami: I want to go to the amusement park!

Makoto: What?

Ami: Mako-chan!

Beryl: What were the interesting things you were talking about?

Kunzite: It will soon be time.

Makoto: Ami-chan!

Jupiter: I won't let you put Ami-chan under your will!

Jupiter: You! What have you done with Ami-chan?!

Kunzite: Show them.

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