Act 21 (2月 28日) ~ Transcript

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Episode Introduction

Mercury: Mercury Aqua Mist!

Kunzite: Sailor Mercury. Starting today, you are mine!

Ami: Lately, we've fallen apart. But I believe that the four of us will be here together again.

Luna: (wakes up) Ami-chan?

Act 21

Makoto: Man...

Daichi: Sensei is the bride, so you sit next to him.

Usagi: B-bride?

Makoto: Aww...

Usagi: Is that so... ? I see...

Makoto: (sigh) What should I say to Usagi?

*         *         *

Shingo: Usagi! Hey...

*         *         *

Makoto: (rings doorbell)

Ikuko: Yes, who is it? Oh! Mako-chan! Y-you're Mako-chan, right?! I knew it! Hello!

Makoto: Hello...

Ikuko: You came to pick up Usagi?

Makoto: Yes, I thought we'd go to school together once in awhile.

Ikuko: Usagi seems to have a cold.

Makoto: Excuse me?

Ikuko: But it's nothing! She'll get better if she rests for a day. I'm so sorry! After you took all the trouble to come here.

Makoto: It's nothing.

Ikuko: Ah! Mako-chan, did you eat breakfast?

Makoto: Yes

Ikuko: I made omelets. Fresh! They're really delicious! Really, you know?

Makoto: I—no—I-it's okay.

Ikuko: Please!

*         *         *

Makoto: It's natural for her to feel down. Even so, that Chiba Mamoru...

Makoto: So it was you. Chiba Mamoru. You've known our true identities. Is that why you followed Usagi?

Kamen: ... Yes.

Makoto: Why?

Kamen: I was curious about the Illusionary Silver Crystal and the princess.

Makoto: You...what are you?

Kamen: (I am searching for them because) I would like to know that myself.

Makoto: Wait. Have you been using Usagi for that?

Kamen: So what if I did?

Makoto: (punch) You're the worst. I'll keep this from Usagi. But don't go near her again!

Makoto: I should have punched him one more time. I have to talk to Ami and look for a way to cheer Usagi up.

*         *         *

Minako: Please tell the manager that I'll fax the new song's composition tomorrow. Okay, then.

Artemis: Minako, I'm worried about the enemies' actions.

Minako: Huh?

*         *         *

Makoto: What?... Ami-chan.


Excuse me.

Naru: Yes?

Makoto: Have you seen Mizuno-san?

Naru: Ah, she's absent today.

Makoto: Really? A cold?

Naru: I don't know...there was no word from her.

*         *         *

Makoto: (rings doorbell) Is anybody home? What the... Ami-chan?






Ami-chan! Ami-chan, what happened?!Are you sick?!

Ami: I'm okay...I just can't get up...

Makoto: Maybe you have a cold? Where's your mother?

Ami: Business trip...Europe...

Makoto: So you're alone? Why didn't you call?


I wonder if Ami-chan can eat scallions?

Makoto: Should I add scallions?

Ami: Mmhmm...

Makoto: Eat up.

Ami: Mmkay.

Makoto: It's hot so be careful. You sure at a lot! So are you okay?

Ami: Mmhmm!

Makoto: Is there anything else you want?

Ami: The amusement park.

Makoto: What?

Ami: I want to go to the amusement park.

Makoto: What?

*         *         *

Makoto: Ami-chan, are you okay?

Ami: Yup!

Makoto: Are you real-

Ami: AHHHHHHHHHH! So fun! Mako-chan! I'm going to get wet!

Makoto: (sigh)

Ami: Here! (hands Makoto a ballon) Let's go! Mako-chan!

Makoto: I forgot to tell her about Usagi.

Motoki: Mako-chan!

Makoto: Motoki-kun.

Motoki: You're here too! I wanted Kame-kichi have some fresh air, so I brought him here. Are you alone?

Makoto: No, I'm with Ami-chan.


Ami-chan! Wait! Stop! Please stop!

*         *         *

Motoki: The hospital is close by. Is she okay?

Makoto: Yeah, she's sleeping. I'm sorry.

Motoki: It's okay! Thank you for this. You were the only one who gave me something for Valentine's Day.

Makoto: That was really nothing.

Motoki: Ah! I know it was a gift of obligation! But I'm still happy.

*         *         *

Doctor: There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with her, but we'll run some tests.

Makoto: I leave her in your care.


Usagi that condition. Rei is working alone... It's okay not to call them just yet.

*         *         *

Rei: With that many youma apparitions appearing and disappearing so quickly... The princess was being targeted again. Or there's another reason...?


That moment...I thought I felt something but...

*         *         *

Luna: Usagi-chan? Let's go outside and get some air. It will feel good.

Usagi: (shakes head)

Shingo: Usagi? I'm giving this to you, so be grateful.

Usagi: Shingo...

Usagi: This is a little thank you...

Usagi: I have to be happy!

*         *         *

Makoto: You're the worst... Don't come near her again!

Mamoru: I...keep saying that it's all to protect her... but it was all an excuse to be near her.

Mamoru: One more month left.

Mamoru: Maybe it's time I made some decisions about everything.

*         *         *

Motoki: Here you go.

Makoto: Thank you.

Motoki: Is it really okay? No! I mean—Kame-kichi said that. He gets it right most of the time. One, Two, Three, Four...

Makoto: (smiles)

Motoki: At last, she smiled.

Makoto: Huh?

Motoki: Well, I have to go to work.

Makoto: Ah, I'm sorry. You were a great help.

Motoki: Ah! Put out your hands. Here's this... and this... and this and this and this. It just looks like the tests will take some time.

Makoto: Thank you

Motoki: Let me know about the results. Even if it's nothing.

Makoto: Okay.

Motoki: ....Well, then—(wave). Ah! Kame-kichi!

*         *         *

Beryl: Kunzite, what were that interesting thing you were talking about? Is it progressing?

Kunzite: I will be able to show you in a little while. But to think that Beryl-sama was concerned about it—I am gratefully happy.

Beryl: I wasn't really thinking about it. Kunzite, what's going on in your head? It's not for me. What are you aiming for?

Kunzite: The same thing you are hoping for. The return of Queen Metallia.

Beryl: And after that?

Kunzite: Whatever you wish.

Nephrite: As if you can trust him. He is planning to take over, Beryl-sama, I'm sure of it!

Beryl: If he is that simple-minded, then there's nothing to fear.

Jadeite: Nephrite, if you don't watch your step, he'll beat you in getting to the princess.

Nephrite: Impossible. What can he do?

Kunzite: It is time.

*         *         *

Makoto: What is this...? Ami-chan!

*         *         *

Men: Hey! You!

Makoto: What is happening?

Rei: What?!

Usagi: Ami-chan?!

*         *         *

Makoto: Ami-chan, where are you?

Makoto: Ami-chan, where are you?


Stop! Ami-chan!

Kunzite: Why have you come?

Makoto: Don't mess with me! Jupiter Power! Make up!

Jupiter: In the name of Jupiter, I'll punish you!


Ami-chan, stay here

Kunzite: Looks fun. I'll play.

Jupiter: Supreme! Thunder!


I won't let you control Ami-chan! If this continues...Ami-chan, run. I'll take care of—Quickly!



Moon: Ami-chan, Mako-chan!

Jupiter: You...What did you do to Ami-chan!

Kunzite: Show them.

Ami: Dark Power! Make up!

Luna: Oh no! How can something like this happen?!

Jupiter: Ami-chan...This is joke, right?!

Dark Mercury: Who am I going against first? Or will it be three together? Running... is futile.

Act 22 Preview

Ami: Good morning, Tsukino-san.

Moon: Ami-chan, please stop!

Mars: Please remember us!

Dark Mercury: I remember. Sailor Moon. Sailor Mars. Sailor Jupiter. I will defeat you, and I will be stronger!

Venus: Sailor Moon! I order you to fight!

Dark Mercury: It was all fun until yesterday. Good bye... my friends.

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