Act 22 (3月 6日) ~ Transcript

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Episode Introduction

Moon: Ami-chan, stop!

Mars: Remember us!

Dark Mercury: Oh, I remember. Sailor Moon. Sailor Mars. Sailor Jupiter. I'll defeat you, and I will be stronger!

Jupiter: Ami-chan, please stop...

Moon: Ami-chan! I'm begging you. Please, come back.

Luna: I can't believe it! Even Sailor Moon's powers aren't working!

Kunzite: Sailor Mercury has received a sample of the Power of Darkness—and has been reborn. It doesn't look like she's ever coming back.

Moon: That can't be true...You're lying!

Dark Mercury: It was fun up until yesterday. Goodbye, my friends.

Kunzite: This is enough for today.

Artemis: It can't be...How can something like this...?

Jupiter: Ami-chan...

Act 22

Beryl: A Sailor Senshi...Kunzite! How will something like this contribute to our organization?

Kunzite: With the reawakening of the Darkness, of course. Zoicite has not yet awoken. It's been sad with one of the Four Generals gone, has it not?

Beryl: This girl will replace Zoicite?

Dark Mercury: Please withhold your judgment on its improbability until after I defeat the Sailor Senshi. Kunzite, I may have been reborn, but...I will not be anybody's subordinate. Remember that.

Jadeite: Kunzite...what is he planning to do? 

*         *         *

Luna: Ami-chan knitted them for all of you.

Makoto: Why? Why Ami-chan?!

Luna: It's because I didn't bother to pay attention. If I had been more aware...

Rei: No. It's not just you. We're at fault too...

Usagi: If she had given as a call, we would have come to help at once...

Luna: Lately...don't you think that we've been falling apart? But Ami-chan...she said, “We will be together again some day.”

*         *         *

Ami: Mako-chan, what do you think of this color!

Makoto: Sorry, ask me later.

Makoto: When I first became friends with everyone, I was so happy. And then, just like that, I started taking it for granted.

Rei: Nothing's going to get done if I sit around here. I'll be on the look out for any movements of the enemy.

Rei: What was I talking about, working alone.

Usagi: Lately...I haven't really talked that much with Ami-chan. All I've been thinking about is Chiba Mamoru...  

*         *         *

Hina: I made a great hamburger today. But the sauce is a little lacking, I think. I just learned it in cooking class.
(waves) Hel—loooooo? Is there a problem?

Mamoru: Sorry. I was on another planet for a minute.

Hina: You know, is it okay for you to keep your promise of studying abroad and marrying me even though you still haven't learned about your past? Won't you regret inheriting Father's company?
That's what I thought...

Mamoru: No! I can't break my promise with your father. And...maybe it's better not to chase the past.

Mamoru: Because if I chase it...I'll be seeing her again for sure...

*         *         *

Usagi: I have to forget about it!

Usagi: Ami-chan...

*         *         *

Usagi: How am I going to explain to the teachers and everyone else about Ami-chan...

Girl 1: ...Ami-chan...

Girl 2: Ami-chan...

Usagi: Ami-chan?! Ami-chan!

Naru: Usagi. Don't address Mizuno-san as if you were so familiar with her.

Ami: Good morning, Tsukino-san. I didn't want to miss school so I made this place a little more comfortable.

Usagi: No way...

Ami: I don't plan on fighting in school but...don't let your guard down.

Usagi: Ami-chan...

*         *         *

Jadeite: Kunzite! You said you're going to investigate that princess. Is that princess a fake?

Kunzite: I don't know. But I learned from capturing Mercury that the Sailor Senshi think she is the real one.

Jadeite: Then why are you—?!

Kunzite: Even in the past, you were simple-minded.

Jadeite: What?

Kunzite: But! This will continue until we have them cornered. It's something to throw out whenever they're in trouble. Nephrite is too heated up over what's right in front of him. If you want to actually achieve something...I can help you.


*         *         *

Juuban Girls: Itadakimasu! (Again, it is a custom to say “I will receive the food” prior to eating).

Naru: Lunch from the convenience store again?

Luna: It's shocking. We never thought she'd actually show up at school.

Usagi: Did we always leave Ami-chan alone? Like this? If I have to fight against Ami-chan, I...I'll stop being Sailor Moon

Luna: Usagi-chan...

Artemis: That's not an option!

Luna: Artemis!

Artemis: Luna, this is an awful situation.

Luna: I'm sorry. I was here, but...

Artemis: It's already happened, we can't help it. Since she's become an enemy, we have to fight Mercury. That's a message from the princess.

Luna: But! She's a friend!

Artemis: We can't defeat anything by staying quiet! This is also for the Earth!

*         *         *

Rei: It's impossible to fight with Ami-chan!

Makoto: I can't do it!

Luna: As Senshi, what the princess said is right, but...

Luna: A youma's aura! I feel it near here!  

*         *         *

Usagi: For now, let's fight the youma that we can see!

Makoto and Rei: Right!

Usagi: Moon Prism Power!

All Three: Make up!

Mars: Let's split up.

Jupiter: We'll sandwich him.

Moon: Got it.

Ami: Tsukino-san!

Moon: Ami-chan...

Ami: Can you fight me? Dark Power! Make up!

Mars: Usagi!

Dark Mercury: Where do you think you're looking? You're opponent is me. Isn't that right, Tsukino-san?

Mars: Usagi!

Moon: Ami-chan. Princess!

Venus: Sailor Moon! Get your act together!

Dark Mercury: It's an honor to face off with the princess.

Venus: Mercury, stop this. If you don't, I'll have to take you down.

Dark Mercury: Sure you will. If you can.

Moon: Princess, stop please!

Dark Mercury: I never knew the princess was this weak.

Venus: Sailor Moon, you must fight!

Moon: What?

Venus: You can't let yourself be defeated!

Moon: But...

Venus: It's your duty!

Mars: Usagi!

Venus: Stop!

Usagi: I...I won't fight against Ami-chan. Ami-chan, I'm sorry I didn't notice that you were captured...I'm so sorry for leaving you by yourself. Thank you for this! I was always thinking only of myself.  But I won't do it anymore. I can't fight like this. That's why... Ami-chan...let's go home to the Crown together.

Dark Mercury: Is that your last speech?

Venus: Sailor Moon's powers...

Ami: (faintly) Usagi...chan...

Kunzite: Mercury, come!

Moon: Just now...I...

Venus: It's your powers. They are starting to awake. Just a little more. Remember all your powers.

Mars: Our...powers

Moon: Ami-chan...

Jupiter: Usagi! Here. 

Moon: Thank goodness.

Jupiter: Maybe it was because of that light.

Mars: Ami-chan taught us that...that we must not fall apart.

Jupiter: Yes! We have to get Ami-chan back soon and be together again.

Luna: Let's do our best! I'm sure the real Ami-chan is waiting for us!

Moon: Yeah!

*         *         *

Beryl: Queen Metalia's power has grown again. This time we will reach the Earth. For sure.

*         *         *

Hina: Let's go to the amusement park!

Mamoru: Sure.

Hina: But the jet coaster there sure is scary.

Mamoru: You sure like those kinds of things.

Hina: ...A CD? Is somebody inside?!

Mamoru: Wait here for a bit.

Zoicite: Master...Endymion.

Act 23 Preview

Rei: I want help me.

Usagi: What?

Girl: Sign this please!

Rei: Huh?

Minako: Good luck, Mars Reiko-san.

Makoto: But I want to hear Rei's song.

Rei: Uwa!

Minako: Don't you think you're lacking something as a leader.

Rei: As if I'll let myself be defeated!

Usagi: So cute!!!

Rei: I'll do it. So what? It's just a concert.

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