Act 23 (3月 13日) ~ Transcript

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Episode Introduction

Usagi: Ami-chan, her heart changed after having been captured by the enemy, attacked us. But I really can't bring myself to fight Ami-chan. Though Ami-chan has become an enemy and my heart is so full of sadness... Rei-chan, Mako-chan, and I were still able to have faith. If we combine our powers, surely...we will be able to bring back Ami-chan.

*         *         *

Hina: Is somebody inside?!

Mamoru: Wait here for a bit. You...

Zoicite: Master... Endymion. There is no mistake. Master, it's you.

Mamoru: You... That time...

Zoicite: Master... Endymion...

Zoicite: I want you to remember...a time when you were called Endymion.

Act 23

Mamoru: Me? Who are you? You know about me?

Zoicite: Long ago... Combine your souls quietly.

Hina: Mamoru... Is there a problem? I'll come in!

Mamoru: Wait!  Hina...

Hina: Sorry.

Mamoru: Let's grab a cup of coffee outside for a sec.

Hina: Okay...but...What was that?

Mamoru: Huh?

*        *          *

Nephrite: That piano...

Beryl: So Zoicite has returned.

Jadeite: Zoicite?

Beryl: It must be because Queen Metalia's power has gotten stronger. We are getting one more step nearer to resurrection. Jadeite, you did a good job gathering energy.

Jadeite: For Beryl-sama, I will gather more energy!

Beryl: Nephrite, sooner or later, I want to see something that proves your existence worthwhile.

Nephrite: Yes! I would like a little more time to find the Illusionary Silver Crys—!

Jadeite: I don't think time is the problem.

Nephrite: Jadeite... I can't believe he's siding with Kunzite!

Dark Mercury: If you want to do it too... I'll ask him for you.

Nephrite: Shut up. Who would work under him?

Dark Mercury: Then good luck. But—don't mess with the Sailor Senshi. They're my game.

Nephrite: The nerve.

*         *         *

Luna: If we want to bring back Ami-chan, Luna: we need your powers. Luna: When Sailor Moon released her power, Luna: Sailor Mercury started changing back.

Ami: Usagi...chan...

Luna: If we could just make the Senshi power stronger—

Rei: To do that, we all have to awaken on our own as well. Rei: Like Usagi.

Luna: That's right. The Senshi power surely is a much bigger power.

Makoto: (nods)

Rei: (nods)

*         *         *

Venus: Just a little more...Remember all of your powers.

Rei: But how?

Rei: Good afternoon! Nana-chan, you've left the hospital!

Nana's mother: Yes, thank you.

Rei: That's wonderful.

Nana: Aino Minako...

Nana: came to visit Nana's hospital!

Rei: What?

Rei: Aino Minako?

Audience: So cute! (claps)

Nurse: Make a line.

Girl 1: Please sign this!

Minako: Here you go! Get well soon!

Girl 1: Okay!

Girl 1: Thank you!

Girl 2: Excuse me.

Girl 2: Please sign this!

Rei: Huh?

Rei: Ah!

Rei: Aino Minako is over there.

Mother: You're a star from Minako-chan's agency too, right? You're Mars Reiko-san, right?

Rei: What?

Mother: That's what Minako-chan said.

Rei: Wha—?

Mother: Good luck!

Minako: Bye bye!

Rei: What does this mean? Me, a star?

Minako: You promised that you wouldn't follow me.

Rei: I thought there might be something wrong because I heard that you come here every month.

Minako: To get a physical check-up, and while at it, cheer up hospitalized children.

Rei: Every month?

Minako: To take care of my health.

Minako: By the way,

Minako: I didn't expect Sailor Moon to be the first to awaken.

Minako: I thought you'd be the first.

Rei: You're saying that I'm supposed to be the leader, but I'm an embarrassment, right?

Minako: That's right. To awaken one's power...

Minako: ...the heart is also important.

Minako: Maybe you're lacking something as a leader.

Nurse: Excuse me! I was told by Minako-chan that Mars Reiko-san would be holding a mini concert.

Rei: Huh?

Nurse: The children are so happy about it, right?

Children: Right!

Rei: What do you mean by doing this?

Minako: It's your punishment.

Nurse: Excuse me~! What do you need for the stage?

Rei: B-but I'm not famous!

Nurse: Ah—that's not a problem, right?

Children: Right!

Nurse: When you're hospitalized, there aren't that many things to look forward to. That's why it would make the children very happy. Well, then! (to children) Let's go! We are looking forward to it!

Minako: With your leadership abilities, why don't you ask the others for help?

Rei: I won't use my friends for something like this.

Minako: Really? Well, I have a physical check-up. Good luck, Mars Reiko-san.

*         *         *

Rei: I'll do this. So what? It's just a concert.


Rei: Agh!


Rei: Argh! As if I'll let myself be defeated!

(boom! boom!)

*         *         *

Minako: Maybe, I teased her a little too much...

Artemis: I can't believe you...

Nurse: Aino-san, let's drip the infusion over there.

Minako: Yes ma'am...

Doctor 1: So it's still half a year left.

Doctor 2: Should we tell her?

Doctor 1: (nods) Yes.

Artemis: Minako!

Minako: ...I'm all right.

*         *         *

(Moonlight Sonata plays)

Zoicite: I want you to remember...

Zoicite: ...a time when you were called Endymion.

Mamoru: It's true...I feel I know that man Zoicite. Endymion was...once my name. But finding the past now... What would it change? I have already made my choice.

(sound of airplane flying by)

*         *         *


Usagi: Yes~? Hello?

Rei:'s... How are you?

Usagi: Huh? I'm fine, something wrong?

Rei: I...want you to help me.

Usagi: Help?

Rei: Yes.

*         *         *

Usagi: Rei-chan! I'm here! I can't believe you're going to have a concert! Here! And these too!

Luna: (giggles) So you've been hiding your talent up until now, huh?

Rei: It's not that. I'm not doing this because I wanted to.

Usagi: Let's make it a good stage!

*         *         *

Nephrite: Youma, come forth! I give you my power.

*         *         *

Artemis: M-Minako...

*         *         *

Rei: (sings) There is no such thing as God...But I want to believe in something...something that Sakura Fubuki melts in...during a misty moon night.

Usagi: Umm...

Luna: Umm...

Rei: ...It's not okay?

Usagi: You're singing is fine...

Luna: Err...

Usagi: Rei-chan. Your face is scary. Rei-chan, do you really not want to do the concert?

Rei: (shakes head) It's not that. I'm a disgrace.

Usagi: It's because you're not use to it!

Rei: That's not it. It's because I asked for your help with something like this... After this, it's natural that my Senshi power won't awaken.

Usagi: Rei-chan...

Luna: Oh no! It's almost time.

Usagi: Ah! You're right! Rei-chan, let's hurry!

Luna: Rei-chan!

*         *         *

Usagi: That's good!

Luna: Yeah! Amazing! Wow! You did it!

Usagi: Cute!! Good!

(music starts playing)

Usagi: Rei-chan... Maybe you don't want to hear this, but...I was glad when you called me for help. It's good to know that you trust me... Even just a little.

Rei: Trust?

Usagi: Because if you didn't believe in me, you wouldn't have called me. Good luck!

Luna: Go! Go!

Venus: Maybe you're lacking something as a leader.

Rei: What I'm lacking...


(sings) I'm clasping cold petals...As if eternity will go on...I felt I saw a rift in the clouds...Two dreams end with fingers touching...Tears falling on a day in spring...

Luna: Ah! It's a youma!

Usagi: What?
(mouths) I'm going to go, so you should come later on. Even if it's just one song! Sing for them!

Rei: (sings) Wind Flower, bring me to the illusionary Eden...Here, just a little, maybe I can be true to myself...There is no such thing as God...


Artemis: Minako!

Minako: Venus Power! Make Up!

Usagi: Princess! Moon Prism Power! Make up!

Venus: (nods)

Moon: (nods)

Venus: Venus...Love me...Chain!

Moon: Moon Twilight...Flash!

Moon: What is this?!

Artemis: Princess!

Luna: Sailor Moon! Oh no!

*         *         *

Nephrite: Now I've got you, Sailor Senshi!

Nephrite: How many times have I suffered because of you!

Artemis: Princess!

Moon: Rei-chan!

Mars: The Senshi of Fire and Passion, Sailor Mars! In the name of Mars...I'll punish you!

Nephrite: So you're still here.

Mars: Youma... Taisan!

Luna: Sailor Mars!

Moon: Rei-chan, I knew you would come!

Luna: Mars, your Senshi power has awakened!

Mars: Senshi power...

Venus: Yes. It seems that you've found what you were lacking.

Usagi: Because if you didn't believe in me, you wouldn't have called me. Good luck!

Mars: I friends...

Venus: But, it's not over. There is still much you must remember.

Artemis: You guys can do it!

Mars: Princess...

Moon: Rei-chan, you did it! Now if Mako-chan joins us too... I'm sure Ami-chan will come back!

Mars: (nods) Yes.

Moon: So to seal our wish, let's sing karaoke!

Mars: I hate karaoke.

Moon: What? But you sang!

Mars: That was a special case. I won't do it again.

Moon: Awwwwwwwwwwww~. Rei-chan~!

*         *         *

Nephrite: Don't look at me.

Dark Mercury: You're pathetic.

Nephrite: Agggggggggghhhhhhh!

Act 24 Preview

Beryl: Endymion...Soon we will surely meet...

Mamoru: I am...Chiba Mamoru! I don't need any other past than that!

Zoicite: Master!

Mamoru: Don't call me by that name! I'm going home now.

Kunzite: I will avenge everything. First will be the Master. You...

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