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Episode Introduction

Dark Mercury: You're pathetic. Do you actually think you can lay a hand on me in the condition you're in?

Kunzite: So, you've gone out of your mind. Fool.

Nephrite: Kunzite...

*         *         *

Mamoru: Who are you? Do you know about me?

Zoicite: I want you to remember... a time when you were called Endymion...

Mamoru: Endymion was... once my name. 

Act 24

Zoicite: The Master must awaken... So as not to let tragedy touch this planet again.

Beryl: Nephrite! You imprudent thing.

Nephrite: Forgive me, Beryl-sama! But, I-!

Beryl: I don't even want to look at you in such pathetic state. Don't appear before me for a little while. Out!

Nephrite: Beryl-sama!

Beryl: I'm telling you to get out of my sight!

Jadeite: Nephrite. Beryl-sama has given her orders.

*         *         *

Mamoru: I'm going to stop by at Motoki's place.

Hina: Okay.

Mamoru: Just take it easy. There's still two weeks left. Don't you have to pack your things too?

Hina: It's okay. Go!

Mamoru: (nods)

*         *         *

Beryl: Endymion... Sooner or later, we will surely meet.

Kunzite: What do you think you're doing?

Zoicite: Kunzite. So you've also awakened.

Kunzite: There's no need to awaken Master Endymion.

Zoicite: You remember the Master? And you can say such a thing? He was our master!

Kunzite: Yes, he was. Listen to me. Don't do anything unnecessary.

*         *         *

Usagi: Hello...

Mamoru: Hi.

Usagi: Why did I have to run into him? When I was trying so hard to forget about him?

Mamoru: Idiot! The light is still red!

Usagi: Who are you calling idiot?!

*         *         *

Motoki: Kamekichi! I'll make you clean for your date with Maririn. You want to go to the barbershop? Where are you going out?
Welcome! Well, this is a rare combination.

Mamoru: We just ran into each other outside, that's all.

Motoki: But it's perfect timing! I was thinking we should invite Usagi and the girls to your farewell party.

Usagi: Farewell party?

Motoki: Didn't I tell you? Mamoru is going to study at a university in England.

Usagi: R-Really?

Motoki: Amazing, isn't it? Ah! Mako-chan, welcome! So how's my new look? Notice anything different? Kaboom! Usagi-chan, farewell party. Farewell party!

*         *         *

Usagi: Studying abroad...

Luna: Usagi-chan...

Makoto: Usagi.

Usagi: Did you hear? Isn't it amazing? Studying abroad. His world seems to be so different from ours.

Makoto: I... I told you before... Not to give up if you fell in love with him. But-

Usagi: It's okay! I've decided to forget about him! It's true! The most important thing right now is to bring Ami-chan back. Right?

Makoto: (nods)

Makoto: You're the worst. Don't go near her again!

Makoto: That guy... It's better for him to disappear as fast as possible.

*         *         *

Nephrite: Like what you see?*

Dark Mercury: You being alone like that-I don't like it.

*         *         *

Mamoru: I...don't need this anymore.

Zoicite: Master... Come here...

Mamoru: Why am I here?

Zoicite: This is the night sky that we saw long ago. And this... is what you really loved. The moon. You are Master Endymion. You fought for this planet. Just remember it. You-

Mamoru: Stop! I am... I am Chiba Mamoru. I don't need any other past than that!

Zoicite: Master!

Mamoru: Don't call me by that name!

*         *         *

(phone rings)

Mamoru: Hello? Ah, Hina.

Hina: Mamoru, where are you? Huh? The science museum? What are you doing there?

Mamoru: There was a store around here that I wanted to go to. I'm coming home now.

*         *         *

Hina: Motoki-kun! Mamoru-did Mamoru come by?

Motoki: He went home awhile ago.

Hina: Really...?

Motoki: Is something wrong?

Hina: He called me from the science museum. The call was cut off. I haven't been able to reach him since!

Motoki: Maybe he's underground.

Hina: Maybe...But the way it was cut off was weird. He mentioned something like Kunzite...Gunzite...

Motoki: What's that? Call him again after awhile.

Hina: You're right...

Usagi: Excuse me?

Hina: Usagi-chan!

Usagi: Which science museum?

Hina: The one with the planetarium.

Makoto: Usagi! Wait!

Usagi: I have to go! He might have been attacked by the enemy!

Makoto: I'll go, so don't go any further!

Usagi: Why?!

Makoto: You said you decided to forget him!

Usagi: But-!

Makoto: Usagi!

Usagi: This is different!

Makoto: Usagi!

*         *         *

Kunzite: If Zoicite hadn't thought to do something weird... I would have left you alone until the end of days. It is sad. The man that was once Master Endymion is now so powerless.

*         *         *

Makoto: Nobody's here.

Luna: Be careful. I feel the enemy's presence. Usagi-chan! Above you!

Usagi: Moon Prism Power!

Makoto: Jupiter Power!

Usagi and Makoto: Make up!

Jupiter: Usagi! Go now!

Moon: What?

Jupiter: If it would make you happy, then go help him!

Moon: Mako-chan!

Jupiter: Just go!

Moon: (nods) Mako-chan!

Jupiter: Don't mind me! Just go!

Moon: He's not here...

*         *         *

Kunzite: said you were searching for yourself. That you were not afraid of knowing. 

Kamen: You have become the man that you feared you were.

Kunzite: That's your fault. You betrayed us, and this planet perished. I will avenge everything. First will be the Master: You.

Moon: Wait!

Zoicite: Kunzite!

Moon: Moon Twilight Flash!

Kunzite: I see...Sailor Moon. You are...

*         *         *

Mars: Now!

Jupiter: Supreme Thunder!

Mars: Youma Taisan! And Usagi?

Jupiter: ...(nods)

*         *         *

Kamen: This is because you protected me...I'm sorry.

Moon: It's okay. By the way... Have you seen a man?

Kamen: A man?

Moon: His height is exactly the same as yours. His name is Chiba Mamoru. He might have been attacked by the enemy! Did you see him?

Kamen: ...No

Moon: If I don't hurry and help him... !

Kamen: It's impossible (in your condition)! The enemy is gone! Just leave him!

Moon: I can't! He might be injured!

Kamen: Wait! Why does it matter so much?!

Moon: I told you before that there's someone that I wanted to give the muffler I made. That's him. That's why I have to help him!

Kamen: Impossible
Are you an idiot?!

Moon: Who are you calling an idio-

Mamoru: Idiot! The light is still red!

Usagi: Who are you calling an idiot!

Moon: Why did I never notice it before?

Act 25 Preview

Usagi: Chiba Mamoru is...Tuxedo Kamen.

Minako: I feel the time is near.

Beryl: Then where's the real one?

Mamoru: Hina?

Usagi: Just ask directly! I'm busy, after all!

Dark Mercury: Kunzite! She's my game.

Kunzite: Today's different. She's mine.

Kamen: Sailor Moon!

Girl: Mamoru!

*Translation note: The literal translation for what we have interpreted as, "Like what you see?" is, "A watcher," "A sightseer," "A visitor."
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