Act 25 (3月 27日) ~ Transcript

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Episode Introduction

Moon: Why... did I never notice it before? I...

Moon: His name is Chiba Mamoru...I told you before that there's someone that I wanted to give the muffler I made. That's him.

Moon: I...!

Kamen: Usagi!

Moon: You knew... I'm sorry! This was all a mistake! I...totally...

Kamen: I also... !

Moon: What?

Kamen: I also...

Moon: "I... also... "? That means... maybe...

Act 25

Kunzite: Why do you care about the Master now? He's a man who deserves to be taken out. Don't do something like this again. Got it?

Zoicite: That's an impossible demand. Especially, if you’re planning for destruction.

Kunzite: The one who lead this planet to destruction in the past was the Master—

Zoicite: You’re wrong! It was the princess... If it hadn’t been for her...

Kunzite: I'm going to finish off the princess too. Don't do anything else. If you refuse to listen to me... Well, you can see that I'm serious.

Zoicite: Kunzite. (shakes head) You've changed.

*         *         *

Jadeite: Beryl-sama, I’ve learned a little about Kunzite.

Beryl: Oh?

Jadeite: He won't reveal his true intentions but he seems to be targeting the real princess.

Beryl: The real one? So you're saying that other princess is fake?

Jadeite: Kunzite has his doubts [about her]. He thinks she’s a decoy.

Beryl: Is that how it is... Then where's the real one?

*         *         *

Minako: Sailor Moon and the others are awakening little by little.

Artemis: Yes. Fighting as senshi is bringing out their powers.

Minako: I feel that the time is near. Definitely.

Artemis: Yes!


Artemis: (gasp)

Minako: Yes?

Man: Minako-chan, we’re ready for you.*

Minako: All right.

Man: Hey... I thought I heard voices in here. So I guess it wasn’t the manager.

Minako: Really? I’ve been alone this entire time.

Artemis: (sighs in relief)

*         *         *

Hina: Ah! The key! 
What’s this?

*         *         *

Usagi: Chiba Mamoru is...Tuxedo Kamen.

Kamen: I also...

Usagi: "I also"...maybe...Oh, this is bad! My thoughts are full of him again! But...if he really...

*         *         *

(phone rings)

Mamoru: Motoki?

Motoki: Mamoru, about the farewell party today...

Mamoru: Ah. Is it already time?

Motoki: It’s not that. Hina-chan came and said that she wanted to hold your engagement party. She seems to be brooding over something.

Mamoru: Motok—Motoki?

Motoki: What?

Mamoru: What are you doing?

Motoki: Me? This is my trick for the farewell party.

Mamoru: (sighs)

Motoki: More importantly... Are the two of you fighting?

Mamoru: No?

Motoki: Hina-chan said that she found a girl's handkerchief in your house.
Well, honestly, I think this whole situation is okay to an extent but... Actually, I’ve really been thinking about it, and—Hina-chan’s father is the benefactor** who took you in and cared for you; Hina-chan believes in you completely. I know those are the reasons you have a weak spot for them.

Mamoru: Let go of me.

Motoki: But if you marry her just because she's the daughter of your benefactor, even though you don’t really love her—that, I have to question.

Mamoru: Motoki! Hina!

Motoki: AAGGHH! Kamekichi! Punch me!

Mamoru: Hina! Hina!

*         *         *

Jadeite: Kunzite, what is this interesting thing [you were telling me about]?

Kunzite: If you help me, you'll find out.

Jadeite: Don't misunderstand. This doesn't mean I’ve become your servant. [For that,] you can use your Sailor Senshi.

Kunzite: Well, she's fickle. When she feels like it, she will come out.
What have you got to lose by giving it a shot?

Jadeite: (makes a youma)

Kunzite: You’re bright—different from Nephrite.

*         *         *

Nephrite: I must have a victory at all costs! If I continue like this, abandoned by Beryl-sama, I will rot away.

Dark Mercury: You being alone like that—I don't like it.

Nephrite: To endure pity from a Sailor Senshi...(throws cape down)

*         *         *

Usagi: Just ask him directly, what he was going to say after "I also... "! Because I don't have time now to be troubled with this. I'm busy, after all!

Mamoru: Hina!


Usagi: Luna?!

*         *         *

Mamoru: Hina. Hina!

Hina: Leave me alone! It would be better if I disappeared, right?

Mamoru: Hina.

Hina: I'm... really an idiot, aren’t I? Since I was little, I thought it was only natural for me to be with you. I never once asked you how you felt about me! Well, that's enough! Why don't you go be with somebody you actually love!

Mamoru: Hina!

Usagi: Where's it attacking from?!

*         *         *

Kunzite: So you came.

Makoto: Have you done this to lure us here?

Kunzite: Who knows? Jadeite, take care of them.

Rei: Mars Power!

Makoto: Jupiter Power!

Rei and Makoto: Make up!

*         *         *

Mamoru: Hina.

Hina: Mamoru... Mamoru. Be with me, always... My papa is your benefactor. If it weren’t for him, Mamoru...that's why, even if you hate me, be with me. Please.

Mamoru: Don't talk that way. Since I was a child, I’ve treasured you—you, who has always been by my side. That feeling is genuine. That's why...until you say you don't like it, I will stay with you.

Usagi: Hurry... Run.

Mamoru: Usagi...

Usagi: Hurry! Run away!
I was so hope even a little. All I was thinking about was myself, again...I forgot that Hina-san would get hurt.
Moon Prism Power! Make up!

*         *         *

Moon: Wait!

Jupiter: Usagi!

Kunzite: Your opponent is me.

*         *         *

Mamoru: I'll be back.

Hina: was Usagi-chan.

Kamen: This is...the last time.

*         *         *

Kunzite: Jadeite! The princess is here. Greet her respectfully.

Venus: Sailor Moon, you should go help the people outside!

Moon: Huh?

Venus: We'll be okay, so hurry! Mars, Jupiter, let’s go!

Mars: I suspected, you are...

Kunzite: I didn't expect you to make it this easy.

Moon: Ami-chan...

Ami: It’s been awhile, no? U. Sa. Gi.  Chan. Dark Power! Make up!

Venus: Oh no... They have been targeting Sailor Moon from the start... !

Luna: Sailor Moon!

Dark Mercury: Kunzite! She's my game.

Kunzite: Today's different. She's mine.

Kamen: Sailor Moon!

Moon: (screams)

Kunzite: Master. Good work.

Dark Mercury: Kunzite. I don’t like being interfered with.

Kunzite: Mercury. Control your greed.

Dark Mercury: I also hate being ordered around.

Kunzite: Really...A thing like you...

Moon: Why?

Mamoru: unable to return your feelings.*** But at least...

Moon: No! Snap out of it! No...this!!

Serenity: Endymion!

Mars: Venus...

Venus: She has awakened.

Kunzite: Just as I thought.

Jupiter: Usagi...

Artemis: Remember! Remember who the princess is!

Luna: Yes...I remember! Venus is the leader of the Sailor Senshi...

Mars: Our Princess is...

Jupiter: The Princess is...

Serenity: Please. Open your eyes.

Beryl: Oh! This is the power of the Illusionary Silver Crystal!

Kunzite: Let's go.

Mamoru: Princess...

Serenity: The Illusionary Silver Crystal, please...

Mamoru: It’s just like it was in my dream...

Serenity: Thank goodness...

Venus: Princess...Serenity.

Serenity: What? I'm the princess...?

Act 26 Preview

Venus: Starting today, I will return to being a regular Senshi.

Serenity: Venus...

Jupiter: This is...?

Artemis: I meant to give you a gift—from me.

Mamoru: I will try to find out who I am... one more time.

Nephrite: Sailor Moon. No—the Princess.

Luna: The love between the Princess and the Prince is ill-fated.


*The man said, "Onegai simasu," which literally means, "I make a request," but the phrase is quite versatile and can be used to politely notify someone that it is time to do something--it's kind of like saying, "I request your presence." Back to the line.

**The Japanese word used here for "benefactor" is "onjin," which holds a much deeper meaning than just "benefactor." It also connotes "lifesaver" or "someone to whom you owe your life." Back to the line.

***The word he used was "kotaeru," which means "to answer," but "return" fits better in English. What is meant here isn't that he doesn't feel the same way, but rather that something does not allow him to return her feelings. Back to the line.

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