Act 26 (4月 03日) ~ Transcript

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Episode Introduction

Mamoru: Princess...?  
It's just like it was in my dream...

Venus: Princess Serenity.

Usagi: I... am the princess?

Luna: A long, long time ago, the Earth was under one country, and there was a kingdom on the Moon. Both countries were beautiful—brimming with light and greenery. In that era, the Prince of the Earth and the Princess of the Moon fell in love.

Act 26

Venus: Princess Serenity—at last you have awakened.

Serenity: Huh?

Artemis: It was necessary for you to fight in order for you to awaken as Senshi. Forgive me for having been so strict.

Venus: And for using your name to pose as a double. Starting today, I will return to being a regular Senshi.

Serenity: Venus...

Jupiter: Yes...since you're the princess and all. We have to act properly.

Mars: You're right. I feel like I certainly would have spoken more formally to you in the past.

Jupiter: Princess...

Serenity: W-wait! Stop it please! Mako-chan, Rei-chan. Even though you call me Princess, I don't feel it in me at all.

Venus: Haven't you remembered?

Serenity: Not a thing.

Artemis: What! But you've clearly awakened!

Serenity: Even if you say so...

Venus: Mars, Jupiter, how about you?

Jupiter: It's not clear, but somehow...

Mars: Me too.

Artemis: Luna, it's your turn from now on. Teach her thoroughly to act as the princess—so that her memories will come back.

Luna: Me?

Artemis: It's your strong point. Your memories are also starting to become clearer, right? Up until now, I've been slowing them down... so I'm sorry.

Luna: So that was it...

Venus: Well—make an effort, then.*

Mars: Wait! There's no need to be a decoy anymore. How do you feel about working with us?

Venus: I have my own ways. As the leader.

Mars: You told me I was the leader!

Venus: That was just until I returned [to the position]. You're the substitute.

Jupiter: Hey, how long has it been since you two have been so hostile to each other?

Mars: It's not like that.

Venus: The problem now is Mercury, right? We must bring her back soon.

Artemis: I intend to give you all a gift. Use it. Luna—be firm.

Luna: I will.

Usagi: Hey... how am I supposed to change clothes?
Ah, I'm back!

*         *         *

Beryl: Take a look. Even with just a fragment of the Illusionary Silver Crystal, Queen Metalia has been filled with energy.

Jadeite: Yes! But that the princess' tear is a fragment of the Illusionary Silver Crystal—what does that mean?

Beryl: The Illusionary Silver Crystal...may be inside the princess' body. Until now, I have been deceived, but that will never happen again. Jadeite, you're the only one I can trust. I give you the order.

Jadeite: I understand. Leave it to me.

*         *         *

Kunzite: How is it there?** 

Nephrite: If you weren't here, it would be excellent.

Kunzite: I'll tell you something interesting. The real princess is Sailor Moon.

Nephrite: What?!

Kunzite: So that means you've been after the fake one. The princess has the Illusionary Silver Crystal. It may be worth it a little to go after her. But then again, I don't think the princess is foolish enough to let someone like you get his hands on the illusionary Silver Crystal.

Nephrite: You bastard!!!

Kunzite: (laughs)

Nephrite: Shit! Why must I take this ridicule?! The Illusionary Silver Crystal... I'll get it!

Kunzite: It never gets boring, ridiculing him.
Zoicite again. He is trying to stir hidden memories.


Zoicite: The Master nearly lost his life. As I thought... it is dangerous for him to be involved with the Princess.

*         *         *

Serenity: Thank goodness...

Mamoru: That was what I've been searching for—the Illusionary Silver Crystal and the Princess. On top of that... Usagi is...

Zoicite: Yes. The Princess and Master—you have been bound together since your past life.

Mamoru: Zoicite.

Zoicite: But, your bond to the princess is cursed. If you don't cut the link now, a second tragedy will...


Mamoru: Yes?

*         *         *

Luna: The Prince of Earth and the Princess of the Moon. The two of them loved each other deeply, but because it was a forbidden love... calamity called upon calamity, and a war started between the Moon Kingdom and the Earth. Finally, the Earth was destroyed by the Darkness. The Moon Kingdom also crumbled.

Usagi: And that princess is me...?

Luna: That's right. It was who you were before you were born from your mother. It was an extremely long time ago, though.

Rei: It's what you call a past life.

Usagi: Past life...

Makoto: But it's so strange—that I've never been there yet still know about the Moon world.

Rei: We all have the same memories. That we met each other was also not by chance, I'm sure.

Usagi: What about Ami-chan? Did she remember too?

Luna: I hope so...

Rei: But what a surprise that the Princess was Usagi. Venus may have been more fitting...

Usagi: Rei-chan!

Makoto: But it's because of Usagi... that he is safe.

*         *         *

Hina: You'll be out soon, they said. Thank goodness.

Mamoru: Yeah.

Hina: Your baggage is all ready.

Mamoru: Thank you.

*         *         *

Luna: Venus was right when she said not to go near Tuxedo Kamen. The love between the Princess and the Prince is cursed. In our past lives, it was said that [their love] was the reason the Moon and the Earth fell.

Makoto: That's what I don't get. Why would a planet be destroyed over something like that?

Luna: We won't know until Usagi-chan or Tuxedo Kamen's memories come back. At any rate, Usagi-chan and Tuxedo Kamen are not allowed to go near each other.

Usagi: Yes, you're right.

Mamoru: Since I was a child, I've treasured you—you, who have always been by my side. That feeling is genuine. That's why...until you say you don't like it, I will stay with you.

*         *         *

Rei: I've got to run.

Motoki: Thanks for visiting...

Usagi: Did anything happen?

Makoto: Motoki-kun, what happened?  

Motoki: Mako-chan! I'm such a horrible person!

Makoto: Huh?

Motoki: I went and said something awful to Hina-chan.

Usagi: To Hina-san?

Motoki: Ahhh, I've made her think ill of me, and in that state [of hating me], she's leaving for London the day after tomorrow.

Makoto: The day after tomorrow!? Then, Chiba-kun too?

Motoki: Yes.

*         *         *

Mamoru: Is there a problem?

Hina: Nothing. I'll go home.

*         *         *

Usagi: So it's the day after tomorrow
I'm home!

Ikuko: Welcome back! Hands! Wash your hands!

Usagi: Don't treat me like a child. I'm a princess!

Ikuko: Yes! Excuse me, Princess Usagi.

Usagi: It's hot!

Shingo: There isn't a country on earth that Usagi could be princess of.

Usagi: That's right. It's the Moon!

Shingo: You're the rice cake.***

Usagi: What?!

Shingo: Stop it! I'll lose! Bring it back! Hey! Hey, Usagi!

*         *         *

Nephrite: I will destroy the princess!

*         *         *

Takai: Maririn, that's good. Maririn, smile! Your eyes look good!

Makoto: Hey, Takai-kun, where's Motoki-kun?

Takai: (hiccups) He's sending off his friend who's going to study abroad. He went to the airport.

Makoto: What? It wasn't tomorrow?

Takai: It looks like Motoki-kun was mistaken. (hiccup) He rushed out awhile ago.

Makoto: (flashes him her pass)

*          *            *

Usagi: How long has this been here...? Ah! Mako-chan, look! It looks like something we could use for karaoke!

Makoto: I get it—move fast!

Usagi: Huh?!

Makoto: Narita Airport, please.

Taxi Driver: Got it.

Usagi: What? Why?

Makoto: The departure is today.

Usagi: What... ? It's okay—driver, please stop the car.

Makoto: Don't mind her, just go.

Usagi: Mako-chan...

Makoto: You might not see him again! Even if you don't talk to him, let's send him off. If you have something to say to him something, say it.

Usagi: But that...

*         *         *

Mamoru: Where's your suitcase?

Hina: (rips ticket in half)

Mamoru: Hey!

Hina: Mamoru, you've been with me for a long time—but I guess you still don't know how much pride I have.

Mamoru: What?

Hina: That you don't even love me... that you say you only treasure me—I've realized that [to marry you] makes me pathetic. I've decided not to study abroad! But don't worry about your studying abroad. Papa is expecting you alone. Whether you will marry me is a different story.

Mamoru: Wait! Then I can't go either!

Hina: I want you to go! And not be in Japan.

Mamoru: Hina...

Hina: You said that until I told you I didn't like it, you'd be with me, right? Well, I don't like it anymore. Bye, then! Someday, I hope we meet again as family members who grew up together.

Mamoru: Hina! I really do treasure you!

Hina: I know!

*         *         *

Makoto: Ah~! We won't make it!

Usagi: (whispers) A youma.

Makoto: Usagi, I'll go take care of it, so you—

Usagi: I can't do that! I'm getting out!

Makoto: The receipt?

*         *         *

Motoki: There! Thanks goodness I made it.

Mamoru: Motoki. I told you, you didn't have to come, right?

Motoki: I didn't come for you. [I came for] Hina-chan.

Mamoru: Hina went home. She gave up studying aboard.

Motoki: What?! W-Why?

Mamoru: She said that going with me—she didn't like the idea anymore.

Motoki: Then—this is my fault!

Mamoru: No, it's my fault.

Motoki: What will you do?

Mamoru: I...

*         *         *

Makoto: Stop there!

Usagi: Moon Prism Power!

Makoto: Jupiter Power!

Usagi and Makoto: Make up!

Moon: The Senshi of Love and Justice, the sailor-suited pretty soldier, Sailor Moon!

Jupiter: The senshi of Lighting and Courage, Sailor Jupiter! In the name of Jupiter—

Moon: In the name of the Moon—

Moon and Jupiter: We will punish you!

*         *         *

Mamoru: I...

Motoki: I... ?

Mamoru: I...

Zoicite: The Princess and Master—you have been bound together since your past life.

Mamoru: ... will go. To evaluate whether this and everything else is ultimately all part of a destiny that was decided long ago... and to try to find myself once again.

*         *         *

Jupiter: Usagi, go! You can still make it!

Nephrite: Sailor Moon! No, Princess! I will destroy you with my bare hands!

Jupiter: Usagi!
This is...

Artemis: I intend to give you all a gift. Use it.

Jupiter: I get it...! Usagi, now! Hurry!

Moon: I won't go! I'm the Princess!

Jupiter: Usagi...

*         *         *

Mamoru: Bye, then.

Motoki: Stay healthy.

Mamoru: Ah, tell Usagi—

Motoki: Huh? Usagi-chan?

Mamoru: Nothing. It's okay.

*         *         *

Nephrite: I will defeat you, and I will show my power to Beryl-sama!

Moon: Mako-chan, let's do it together.

Jupiter: (nods)

Moon: Moon Twilight Flash!

Jupiter: Jupiter Thunder Bolt!

Jupiter: Usagi...

Moon: Let's go home.

*         *         *

Usagi: These warm feelings are part of life... as long as I stay as who I am.
That's life—I want to continue loving you. 
Right in front of my eyes
Is the place where this very moment lives
And I am running through it.

*         *         *

Dark Mercury: Who are you?

Act 27 Preview

Usagi: I've kept it until now...To tell you the truth—

Girl: I don't think you can imagine it, but to tell you the truth, I'm—

Makoto: Zashiki Warashi?!****

Girl: No! I am—

Dark Mercury: Why don't you resist a little more?

Moon: Ami-chan...

Girl: Stop right there!

Usagi: A Sailor Senshi?

Girl: This can't be real!

*The term she used was "sikkari," which literally means "to be firm." Back to the line.

**The literal translation is, "How is your comfort?" Back to the line.

***In Japan, there is a myth that a rabbit sits on the moon and makes rice cakes. Back to the line.

****"Zashiki Warashi is a "child-like form of a spirit." Find more on it here. Back to the line.

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