Act 29 (5月 1日) ~ Transcript

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Episode Introduction

Usagi, Rei, Makoto, and Luna the Cat: (English) Welcome back, Ami-chan! (Japanese) Ami-chan, welcome back!

Ami: Thank you!

Luna the Cat: It's been really a long time since we've all been together.

Usagi: Then, one song to celebrate! Of course—Aino Minako's!

*         *         *

Manager: Minako-chan. It's a little hard to tell you, but...

Minako: What is it?

Manager: That commercial job I told you about before—it's gone.

Minako: Is there some kind of trouble?

Manager: No, it was taken by another girl. The one who's suddenly appeared and is getting big...

Minako: Ahhhh, that girl...

Cameraman: Look here.

Minako: I passed by her in the studio yesterday...I felt something from her.

Artemis: Minako.

Minako: Kuroki...Mio...I think it's impossible, but...

Act 29

Ikuko: Today, we'll be having squid-octopus-kimchi omelets!

Shingo: Ah—hey! It's Kuroki Mio.

Usagi: Huh?

Announcer: ...her new commercial has been released to the public.

Mio: A morning tea to replenish your body: GOO. Drink it with a guggu!*

Shingo: She's so cute!

Usagi: Whatever. She's nowhere near the same level as Aino Minako.

Shingo: Nope, she's winning.

Usagi: I told you, that's not true!

Shingo: I'm telling you, it is true!

Ikuko: Shingo, if your taste doesn't improve a little**, you'll be crying when you grow older. In this situation, Minako's the right answer.

Usagi: Yup!

Shingo: But they say that she might have more commercial deals than Minako.

Usagi: No way! Really? I can't believe it. Aino Minako's number one! I don't want to see this.

Shingo: Ah! What are you doing?! Hey!

Newscaster: Here we are! Obe Asuko's New World Report! Here in London...

Ikuko: Ah, London! Brings back memories of our honeymoon...

Usagi: London...That's where he is...

*         *         *

~ London ~

Boy: (English) Hey, Mamoru! Good morning! Are you sleeping? Let's get some breakfast!

Mamoru: (English) I'll be there in a minute. (Japanese) You again.

Zoicite: How long will you deny your past life? Your path has already been decided.

Mamoru: If everything has been decided by my past life, then what am I now?

Zoicite: You Master.

Kunzite: If he learns about his past life, he'll become frightened by his own crimes. How about just letting him die without knowing anything?

Zoicite: Can you really take away the Master's life? You, who was said to have had the deepest loyalty among the Shitennou?


Kunzite: This is also a kind of loyalty...perhaps.***

*         *         *

Beryl: I can see it. I will go down to Earth. The future of that planet... Endymion, we will surely meet soon. This time, for sure. Jadeite, how is it?

Jadeite: Because of the power you lent me, it's doing better than expected. It will surely get the Illusionary Silver Crystal.

Beryl: I'm looking forward to it. Even more so with my power mixed in...

*         *         *

Kanami and Momoko: Good Morning!

Naru and Usagi: Good Morning!

Naru: Ah, Kuroki Mio. She just appeared out of nowhere.

Usagi: I heard she's going to have more commercials than Minako-chan. Unforgivable! Minako-chan's way better!

Naru: I like Minako-chan better too.

Kanami: Me too!

Momoko: Me too!

Usagi: Right! Minako-chan's songs are awesome! I will support her even more, and Kuroki Mio can just...!

*         *         *

Haruna: (English) Everyone, today, let me introduce a new friend to you. (Japanese) Then...Okay, Mizuno-san, try to translate it, please.

Ami: (English) Let me introduce...(Japanese) Let me introduce a transfer student.

Haruna: Yes! Well done. Let me introduce a transfer student. But even if I tell you, it looks like you already know. Though she's a famous person, starting from today she will be a student in Class 1, just like all of you. Befriend her as a classmate!

Mio: I'm Kuroki Mio! Nice to meet you!


Momoko: No waaaaaaay! I can't believe it!

Class: (starts screaming in delight)

Momoko: Can I have your autograph?

Ami: She's extremely popular, huh?

Haruna: Okayyy! Who wants a picture with Mio-chan?

Girls: Me, meeeee!!

Naru: Me too!

Usagi: Ah! What are you doing, Naru-chan? You said that Aino Minako was better!

Naru: No, no. The nearby idol is better than the far off star. Sorry. Excuse me, can I squeeze in? Sorry~ Sensei, please!

Haruna: Ready...set...!

Usagi: She's Minako's rival!

Ami: But, she's our classmate.

Usagi: Even so...

*         *         *

Girls: Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!****

Usagi's team: Let's fight! OH!

Mio's team: Let's do our best! OH!

Naru: Catch, Kanami.

Kanami: Hai! Hai! Hai!

Mio: Hai.

Girls: Wow!

Naru: Were you in a volleyball club?

Mio: No, it was just sheer luck!

Usagi's team: Usagi, are you alright?

Momoko: But...Mio-chan is so cool!

Ami: Usagi-chan! Are you alright?

Usagi: It's okay, it's okay. Because I won't lose to Aino Minako's rival.

Momoko: Let's fight!

Girls: OH!

Mio's team: Let's fight! OH!

Mio: Here we go!

Girls: (scream)

Ami: Usagi-chan, good luck!

Mio: I'll go! Hai! Hai! Hai!

Usagi: Here, I got it!

Naru: That must hurt, Usagi~!

Girl: Mio-chan!

Mio: Hai!

Usagi: Ready...Set...!

Mio: I'm sorry! Did I hit you?

Usagi: No, not at all.

Naru: Kuroki-san, you're so great!

Mio: Really? It was really just luck.

Usagi: How mortifying...!

Girl: Usagi, let's do our best!

Usagi: Okay!

Girl: Everyone—fight!

Usagi's team: OH!

Mio: Let's go!

Girls: Oh! Good luck!

*         *         *

Luna: Here! This is the one-year passport! I have it, right and proper!

Motoki: Look, I told you, okay? Small children can't come in by themselves, if you're not with your papa and mama!

Luna: I'm not small.

Motoki: Heh? You are small.

Luna: Not small.

Motoki: Ah! Mako-chan!

Makoto: Ah, Luna.

Luna: You're right on time.

Motoki: Huh? You know her?

Makoto: Yes.

Ami: What's the matter?

Luna: I wanted to use this once, [like you guys,] but this Kamekichi-san says no.

Motoki: K-kame-kichi? Kame-kichi is here! I'm Furuhata Motoki.

Makoto: Anyway, you wanted to use it? Then, here!

Luna: Here!

Motoki: Okay, go on.

Makoto: Motoki-kun, sorry.

Motoki: Not at all!

*         *         *

Usagi: Toss! Attack! Ouch! Ow ow ow...

Mio: Tsukino-san.

*         *         *

Minako: Huh? Juuban Junior High? Kuroki Mio?

Manager: Yeah. Sounds like she transferred or something. Good Morning!

Minako: Good Morning!

Staff: Good Morning!

*         *         *

Usagi: Ummm...Do you...need something?

Mio: you dislike me?

Usagi: Huh?

Mio: Because your eyes are scary, the way they look at me. I knew it—you hate me...

Usagi: W-wait! I wouldn't say I particularly hate you...

Mio: Then, will you be my friend?

Usagi: What?

Mio: You don't want to...

Usagi: No no!...I'm sorry. It's because I'm an Aino Minako fan. That's why I subconsciously act this way towards you. But, you are my classmate. So of course, we are friends.

Mio: Really? Then is it okay if I call you Usagi-chan?

Usagi: Sure.

Mio: Yay! Then now we are friends!

Usagi: Minako-chan, I'm sorry! I became friends with your rival.

*         *         *

Ami: Oooph!

Makoto: Ha!

Rei: What are you doing?

Makoto: It's Luna's special training or something.

Rei: Training?

Ami: Yes. (nod)

Luna: It's to awaken Mako-chan and Ami-chan's Senshi powers. To enhance their concentration.

Rei: Concentration?

Luna: You've done this before, in your past lives.

Rei: Really? In our past lives?

Ami: I also feel like I kind of recognize this...

Luna: Ami-chan's memories of her past life are on the verge of coming back. Your power as a Senshi should awaken now, since you've fought quite a lot—you just haven't had a chance [to awaken] yet.

Makoto: But, will this really—?

Luna: Believe me.

Makoto: Okay.

Luna: Here. Here.

Rei: Ah!

Ami: Wow...

Luna: As expected!

Artemis: Everyone! Listen up! It's a message from Venus.


Luna: What?!

Makoto: What do you mean, strange feeling? From Kuroki Mio?

Artemis: Yes, Minako is worried about it. She felt it when they passed each other once.

Ami: Minako?

Rei: Ah, I'll tell Ami-chan, too. Sailor Venus' real identity is...Aino Minako.

Makoto: Yes, Sailor Venus is Aino Minako. But, Usagi would go nuts, so we haven't told her yet.*****

Ami: I see...

Artemis: Anyway, it's worrisome that she's in the same school as the princess. All of you—be careful.

*         *         *

Mio: Usagi-chan? Is there someone you like?

Usagi: What?

Mio: There is, isn't there? We're friends, so why don't you tell me?

Usagi: Ummm...mmk...

Mio: What kind of person is he?

Usagi: What kind...? He's hard to get close to, but he's somebody you can trust... Even though his expression is a little lonely, when he smiles, his face is so kind! But he'll call you "stupid" without hesitation, and...maybe, I've known him since long, long ago.
Are you alright? What's the matter?

Mio: All of the sudden— What was that? (nervous laughter)

*         *         *


Mio: (scream)

Usagi: Mio-chan! Mio-chan, run! Mio-chan! I have to take Mio-chan somewhere fast! Are you okay?

Mio: Yes.

Usagi: Hide here. It'll be okay.

*         *         *

Mars: Stop right there.
It's useless. We have to do something about that cloak.

Usagi: You guys! Moon Prism Power! Make up! Moon Tiara! Boomerang!

Mercury: Usagi-chan! That youma's cloak—[nothing will get past it] if we don't combine our powers.

Moon: Got it.

Luna: Mercury, that was it. Don't forget the technique you used just now.

Mercury: What just happened is...

Luna: Luna Sucre! Candy!******

Mars: Usagi, one more time.

Moon: Got it. Moonlight Attractive! Attack!

*         *         *

Mio: Thank you.

Usagi: Just to make sure, it's best to go to the hospital.

Makoto: Looks like it's just Venus' imagination. There's nothing particularly suspicious.

Rei: You're right.

Usagi: Does it hurt?

Mio: No, it's okay.

*         *         *

Usagi: Good Morning!

Ami: Usagi-chan!

Usagi: Ah! Ami-chan! Yesterday's homework—

Naru: Usagi.

Ami: Usagi-chan...

Kanami: Usagi, what does this mean?

Usagi: What are you talking about?

Momoko: The one who wounded Mio-chan—it was you, wasn't it?

Usagi: What?!

Momoko: That's so mean. So low of you.

Usagi: W-wait!

Girl A: I can't believe this.

Girl B: So low.

Girl's voice: Usagi.

Act 30 Preview

Mio: It's nothing!
If Usagi-chan doesn't like it, I'll give up the entertainment world!

Usagi: I'm sorry!

Mio: Usagi-chan, it's all right!

Minako: I'm sorry I'm late, everyone!

*The word Mio used for what we have translated as "replenish" literally means "to moisten;" "Guggu" is a Japanese expression that signifies the sound of gulping, the act of drinking something down in one hard gulp. Back to the line.

**Literally, "If your looking eye doesn't improve a little..." Back to the line.

***Here, he is most likely suggesting that letting the Master die without knowing may also be a way of fulfilling the duties of the Shitennou. Back to the line.

****A phrase indicating good will. Often said to express one's intention to make an effort. Back to the line.

*****She literally says, "Usagi is like that, so we haven't told her yet." Back to the line.

******"Sucre" is French for "sugar." Back to the line.

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