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Episode Introduction

Usagi: Good morning!

Student A: Good morning.

Usagi: Good morning!

Student B: Good morning.

Usagi: Good Morning!

Human Luna: This is Luna!  A [teen] idol has transferred into Usagi's school! Her name—Kuroki Mio. Venus [warned] us that she had a bad feeling [about her], but...

(While Luna is talking:

Ami: Usagi-chan!

Usagi: Ah! Ami-chan! Yesterday's homework—

Naru: Usagi.

Ami: Usagi-chan...)

Momoko: The one who wounded Mio-chan—it was you, wasn't it?

Usagi: What?! There's no way I would hurt Mio-chan.

Naru: That's right. Usagi would never do something like that!

Kanami: But according to Mio-chan's story, you did.

Usagi: Mio-chan...

Mio: I know that Usagi-chan didn't mean to do it...I even told everyone that they were wrong, but...

Momoko: Mio-chan defended you. But we heard that when the monster appeared, you escaped alone, leaving an injured person [to fend for herself].

Usagi: That was—!

Usagi: Hide here. It'll be okay.

Mio: Okay.

Usagi: That... I can't tell them that I was fighting.

Momoko: So it's true. How disappointing.

Kanami: I didn't want to believe it at first, but...

Usagi: Mio-chan! I wasn't abandoning you, that was—

Mio: I know! You didn't really mean to leave me by myself.'s probably just that... Since I'm the rival of your beloved Aino Minako...

Girl A: So you thought it would be better for Mio to disappear.

Girl B: So mean... Usagi, that's cold.

Girl C: That's really mean.

Class: (murmurs in agreement)

Girl D: So low.

Mio: Everybody, stop it! If Usagi doesn't like it, I'll give up the entertainment world...

Usagi: Mio-chan!

Momoko: There's no need to do that!

Kanami: Yeah!

Usagi: That's not [what I want]! That was never my intention!

Naru: Everybody, wait!

Ami: Believe Usagi-chan!

Act 30

Motoki: Finding Kame.*

Ticket's Red Letters: A touching fantasy adventure, brought to you by the staff of Lord of the Kame: Return of the King.

Motoki: All right! Then all that's left to do is to set the right mood so I can invite her to the movie. And then we'll eat a slightly gourmet meal, and after that, mmm!! (puckers up)
Ah. No. Ah! (licks hand and pats down hair) Welcome.

Makoto: Good afternoon.

Motoki: Ah! Ahhhhhhhhh! Movie tickets! Finding Kame! These are very super-reserved seats! And it's two tickets! I wonder why?

Makoto: Here.

Motoki: Very super-reserved seats... We'll take a seat—.

*         *         *

Makoto: Usagi, cheer up. Even if they don't believe you, we're here.

Usagi: Yes! Naru-chan believes in me too. I'm okay!

Luna: That's right! Cheer up! If nothing else, let's do some training!

Rei: That again?

Luna: But it had an effect on Ami-chan, didn't it?

Makoto: I guess I'll do it. I'm the only one whose Senshi power has not awakened.

Usagi: Hey, what? What are you talking about? I want to do it too!

Luna: (smirk) Want to do it?

*         *         *

Usagi: (whines) I can't catch them!

Luna: That's good! That's good! Get it! Get it!

Usagi: Yes! I got it!

*         *         *

Kunzite: You seem to be in a good mood.

Jadeite: It's just your imagination.

Kunzite: Don't hide it. You're setting up something for the princess. (pulls out sword)

Jadeite: Don't forget. Right now, I'm the closest to Beryl-sama.

Kunzite: I see. So that's the grounds for your confidence.

Beryl's Voice: Kunzite, come here.

Jadeite: She's calling you.

*         *         *

Beryl: Will you stop with this monkey show? I know that you have memories of the past life. (holds up black rose)

Kunzite: Then, you must also know that [using that rose] is useless.

Beryl: Don't you realize? Queen Metalia's power is becoming stronger again. Because of that, I am as well. The reason I will leave you free is because I think that will be more advantageous [for my purposes]. However, if you do something unnecessary, at anytime—

Kunzite: What do you mean by unnecessary?

Beryl: Interfering with Zoicite!

Kunzite: Oh, I get it. So he isn't the only one who is waiting for the Master's awakening. But. Even when he awakens, to you, he—

Beryl: This is what is unnecessary!

Kunzite: Whatever you say.

Beryl: Endymion. The time when we meet is also getting close.

*         *         *



Kunzite: You betrayed us, and this planet perished.

(piano plays)

Mamoru: My name and everything else have been given to me by others and my past life. That's why...I wanted to be someone that wasn't [what others had decided for me].

Zoicite: And you think you can find that here? Master...

*         *         *

Usagi: Good morning!

Kanami and Momoko: Good morning...

Ami: Usagi-chan.

Usagi: Ah! Good morning! It's alright! It's alright!

Naru: Usagi, good morning!

Usagi: Good morning!

*         *         *

Usagi: Eating on the rooftop is nice!

Ami: Mako-chan's late.

Usagi: Naru-chan said that she'd come out later too. She doesn't want to eat with Mio-chan, she said.

*         *         *

Mio: What did you want to talk about?

Naru: The story [you told the class] about Usagi deserting you—I can't believe that's true.

Mio: I can't either. But I don't think that Usagi meant anything bad.

Naru: No, that's not what I mean. There must have been other circumstances, right?

Mio: You really trust Usagi-chan that much?

Naru: I do. So will you tell me the truth?

Mio: You have always stood by Usagi-chan, haven't you?

Naru: O-oww!

*         *         *

Mio: (sings—tentative translations)
Step by step, one by one.
Take a firm step.
Boring days are piling up.
Spiiiin, spin, world!
Worry only about the past,
And act like strangers...

(stops singing)...Excuse me? Can I take a break?
I'm so happy that Aino Minako-san has come!

Minako: I was watching you without reserve—I'm sorry.

Mio: It's an honor! Please let me know when I mess up!

Minako: Seems like your wound wasn't that bad.

Mio: Huh? Ahh, you knew?

Minako: I have an acquaintance at Juuban Junior High School, so [I hear] this and that.

Mio: Wow!

Minako: Why [did you transfer to] Juuban Junior High School? It's inconvenient for your line of work.

Mio: Really?

Minako: What junior high did you go to before?

Mio: (cries)

Man: Mio-chan, what's wrong?

Mio: It's nothing! She didn't say anything mean. Minako-san gave me advice!

Man: Hey, now, Minako-chan. Bullying the new girl?

Man B: How dignified.

Minako: No...

Mio: No! It's a harsh act of love!

*         *         *

Usagi: Good morning!

Momoko: Good morning.

Momoko and Kanami: Teacher, good morning!

Mio: Usagi-chan!

Usagi: Ah, Mio-chan.

Mio: I'm sorry. It's my fault that you are being accused by everyone. Maybe the way I said it was bad...

Usagi: There's nothing we can do about it. Someday, they'll understand. And there are people who believe me.

Mio: But there are some people who even got a bad image of Aino Minako...

Usagi: So it's actually true...

Mio: So! To fix things, let's do a live concert!

Usagi: Live concert?

Mio: We'll have Aino Minako do a private live concert. Once they hear her sing live, their bad image of her will go away!

Usagi: Huh? That's impossible! There's no way she'd do it.

Mio: It's alright! You have me, don't you? To tell you the truth, I've already talked to her about it. She's free today!

Usagi: Really? Awesome!

Mio: We'll tell everyone it'll be around 6:00.

Usagi: A live Aino Minako

Mio: Hey! Let's pretend that you pulled this whole thing together to entertain everyone. That way, you'll be able to become friends with all of them again.

Usagi: Mio-chan...!

*         *         *

Usagi: Mio-chan, pull a little more on that side.

Mio: Okay! About this much?

Usagi: Yes!

Momoko: I can't believe Usagi got Minako to do a live concert.

Kanami: Ah! Looks like people from other schools have come too!

Momoko: It's because it's Minako!

Usagi: Wow...they've come!

Mio: If Minako-san's popularity heightens, that would make me happy too.

Usagi: You really are very kind.

Mio: Really? Ah! By the way, Mizuno-san and Kino-san, I think, from Class 6—they said they wouldn't make it.

Usagi: Really?

Mio: Looks like they don't think it's possible for you to open a concert like this. That's a little cold, no?

Usagi: What? Really? That's awful.

Mio: Just let it go. After all, you have me!

Usagi: (nods) Yeah!

Mio: It's almost time... Minako-san is late...

Crowd: AHHHHHHHHH! Minako!!!! (applause)

Mio: Usagi-chan? Can I borrow your cell phone?

Usagi: Sure. Here.

Kanami: Isn't this a little weird? It hasn't started.

Momoko: It's already past 6:30.

Crowd: Minako! Minako! Minako!

Mio: She's not answering! Maybe she stood us up!

Usagi: What?

Mio: This is a common occurrence in the entertainment world—picking on the new person. Is it possible that I was fooled by Minako-san?

Usagi: That [can't be]! She'll surely come soon!

*         *         *

Crowd: Minako! Minako! Won't it start yet? Minako! Won't it start yet?

Usagi: It's going to be 7 soon. What should we do? What should we do?

Mio: It looks like it's already over. We can't keep them waiting like this. I'll apologize to them. I'll just say that it was my fault.

Usagi: Wait! I will go.
Um...Actually... I'm sorry! Minako-chan couldn't make it...

Crowd: WHAT?! What do you mean by that?! That's horrible?! Usagi! Minako! Bring her out! Minako! Bring her out!

Mio: (cackles) Ahhhh, Minako, you're worst! Usagi-chan is losing her friends—how pitiful! (laughs) Usagi-chan, it's alright. Cause you have me. Me, who hates you to the core. Let's be friends.

Crowd: Minako! Bring her out!

(lights go out)

Crowd: Huh? (murmurs)

(music in the distance)

Momoko: What's that?

Minako: Everyone! I'm sorry I'm late!

Crowd: (screams)

Usagi: Minako-chan!

Mio: No way! Why?

Minako: (sings—tentative translations)
I love you, baby baby!
Turn off the lights.
Baby baby! Kiss me.
Baby baby! Wake up to this romance.
Look! Don't hide it.
Look! It's going to begin.
Today, the weather is fine.

Usagi: Mio-chan, Minako-chan has come!

Mio: Yeah...

Minako: (sings)
You are reflected in my window.
I engrave my love into my diary
(points at Mio) As usual.
But for some reason, I feel a little distant.
You, in my heart, have been locked within.

Usagi: So cute!!!

Minako: (sings)
That I met you by chance was a miracle—
Not an accident.
We embrace, and it excites my skin.
I need you, baby baby!
Turn off the lights.
Baby baby! Kiss me.
Baby baby! Wake up to this romance.
Baby baby! Put your cheek against mine.
Baby baby! It's whimsical, isn't it?

Usagi: Mio-chan, can you stay here? I...there's something...

Mio: (nods)

Minako: (sings)
Baby baby! But even so, it's fun.
Look! I can see my hopes!
Look! How brilliant they are!

*         *         *

Moon: I'll never let you interrupt the live concert!

Moon: I'll never let you interrupt the live concert!

Moon: Moon Twilight! Flash!

*         *         *

Usagi: Minako-chan! That was great! (formal speech) Um, do you remember who I am?

Minako: Usagi-chan, right? Thanks for the cake you once gave me.

Usagi: Kyaaa!! She remembers! I'm so touched!! Waaaai! I did it! I'm sooo happy!

Mio: Why?

Minako: Why? Didn't you ask me to come?

Mio: I asked no such thing!

Minako: Really? You planned to hold my concert without having asked me? You never meant to call me from the start, did you?

Usagi: it true?

Minako: This time was okay because I caught wind of this, but take caution. The reason your friends didn't come is because they were deceived as well.

*         *         *

Makoto: Usagi is late...

Ami: Yes...

*         *         *

Mio: I'm sorry! I wanted to have Usagi all to myself...I like Usagi-chan so much! Please, forgive me! (??) I like Usagi-chan!

Minako: Is that what you really feel? What is your goal?

Usagi: Mio-chan—so stupid! Even if you hadn't done this, we're classmates! So [of course] we're friends!

Mio: Usagi-chan...

Minako: Wait a minute. You believe her that easily?

Usagi: I will believe. It's hard when no one believes in you.

Mio: Usagi-chan...

(phone beeps)

Usagi: Hello? Mako-chan? I'm sorry. Listen—. Huh? Rei-chan is angry? I'm really sorry! I'll go soon!

I'm sorry, I have to hurry! Mio-chan, see you again. Minako-chan , thank you for today! Good luck from here on too!

Mio: Usagi-chan is a good person.

Minako: Yes, she is. But I'm not. Don't play games with that girl again.**

Mio: I'm regretting [my actions]! Thank you*** for today!

Act 30 Preview

Human Luna: First, I was thinking we should overcome all the things that we have a hard time dealing with.

Motoki: YEEEEEEEAH! It's homemade curry rice.

Usagi: Don't you feel sorry for Motoki-kun?!

Motoki: Hurry.

Jupiter: It's because...I've always been alone.

*Kame means turtle—the title of this movie is a parody of Finding Nemo. Back to the line.

**She literally says, “Don't do anything weird to that girl again.” Back to the line.

***She says, "Otsukaresama desita," which is a phrase used in acknowledgement of someone's hard work; often said after someone has done something well. Back to the line.

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