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Episode Introduction

Makoto: An idol, Kuroki Mio, has transferred into Usagi's class. She seemed a little strange, and Usagi got caught in a bad situation, but...

Mio: I'm sorry! I wanted to have Usagi all to myself...I like Usagi-chan so much!

Usagi: Mio-chan-so stupid! Even if you hadn't done this, we're classmates! So [of course] we're friends!

Makoto: Anyhow, it was all settled. The school and the Crown are the same as before. But that's [not enough to give me a sense of] security. The only one who hasn't awakened to their Senshi powers is me. Doesn't mean that I'm impatient, but to tell you the truth, I wonder, "Why only me?"...Why? It's a question that has been inside me for a long time.

Act 31

Motoki: Yes! It's live action instead of anime.* Right? Wonder if Mako-chan will come to this. Mako-chan! Welcome.

Makoto: Motoki-kun, what happened?

Motoki: I did this [to myself] from moving.

Makoto: Are you okay?

Motoki: Yes.

Makoto: Moving...The one moving is you?

Motoki: Yes. I started living alone.

Makoto: Heh...

Motoki: But [I broke my arm] as soon [as I moved]. I can't cook well either...This sucks.**

Makoto: Really... Ah, I'm cooking curry today, so if tomorrow's okay, I'll bring it.

Motoki: It's okay?!

Makoto: It's not delicious if you only cook for one. I always cook a lot.

Motoki: I'll take it!

Makoto: Then I'll bring it.

Motoki: Mmk! YAYYY! Chance!

*         *         *

Usagi: What are you doing?

Human Luna: Mako-chan hasn't awakened to her Senshi power, so it's training.

Rei: With potatoes?

Luna: Mako-chan hates them!

Makoto: If they're in a croquette, it's okay, but if [I eat them plain], they're all mushy, and it feels like they're caught in my throat.***

Usagi: Really? They're delicious!

Ami: I kinda know the feeling.

Rei: But, does that anything have to do with [being a] Senshi?

Luna: We don't know what's hiding inside of Mako-chan, so I'm thinking of how to overcome all of her weaknesses.

Usagi: Hmmmm.

Ami: Ummm...It's a little hard to say it, but... I somehow feel doubtful about this...

Luna: But the Senshi power has a huge connection with psychological matters.

Rei: Venus said that too, but...I think that's different from your likes and dislikes.

Luna: Is that so, really?

Makoto: Wait! I'm willing to try anything right now. I want to be the same as all of you soon.

Usagi: Mako-chan, you're great! Eat more.

Makoto: (coughs)

Usagi: Mako-chan, are you alright?

Rei: Water, water!

Usagi: Water?! Ah! Ami-chan, transform into Mercury!

Ami: Okay! Mercury-!

Usagi: Ah, Rei-chan! Ah, are you okay?

*         *         *

(Moonlight Sonata plays)

Zoicite: So you now want to remember your past life?

(music stops)

Nephrite: Are you the only one who remembers that past life?

Zoicite: Jadeite doesn't know anything. But Kunzite...not only has he awakened, he also has his memories back.

Nephrite: I get it...If I also remember, Beryl-sama won't ignore me.

Zoicite: So that's it...Nephrite, your master is not Beryl. It's Master Endymion.

Nephrite: I'll choose my own master!

Zoicite: Fine. You'll understand when you remember. A long time ago, we the Shitennou had the duty of protecting this planet and its prince.

*         *         *

Artemis: There was a message from Luna saying that the awakening of Jupiter's power is not going well yet.

Minako: It's true that she's late, but...she'll surely awaken. That's the reason they were born [still] carrying their past lives...I, as well.

*         *         *

Usagi: Food~! Food~! Wow! All potatoes!

Ikuko: Yes~! Hello? Ah, Papa! What? A business trip again? I'll complain to your boss, I'll complain! Aha! Just kidding, just kidding! Don't mind what I said~.

Usagi: Papa! Bring a souvenir!

Shingo: Brat.

Usagi: Shingo says he doesn't want one!

Shingo: What?!

Ikuko: Be quiet! I can't hear Papa's voice!

*         *         *

Makoto: Mmm.

*         *         *

Motoki: Kamekichi, today is a big meal for you. It's home-made curry! CURRY!!!!!

Makoto: Good afternoon.

Motoki: Welcome!

Makoto: Here. Though I don't know if it will be good to your taste.

Motoki: Wow! Nice smell! Thank you!

Makoto: Then-.

Motoki: Ah, wait a minute! This is...well, a thank you...

Makoto: That's okay!

Motoki: No no. If you don't, I'll be dissatisfied. Okay?

Makoto: Really?

Motoki: Yes.

Makoto: Then...thank you.

Motoki: Ah, um, one ticket is for... (points to self)

Makoto: Ahhhh.

(both laugh nervously)

*         *         *

Ticket: Kame Fighter

Usagi: Mako-chan! I heard that you were going on a date with Motoki!

Makoto: That's not what it is! I gave him curry, and it's just a thank you from him.

Usagi: Reeaallllllyyy? Motoki-kun looked so happy. That attitude-it means he definitely likes you!

Makoto: Wait, stop it! I won't go. If it's talked about like that, Motoki-kun will also feel bothered.

Usagi: What are you saying? Don't you feel sorry for Motoki-kun?!

Rei: Why don't you go? I won't say anything.

Makoto: Your behavior says [it all].

Human Luna: Mako-chan, this is also Senshi training.

Makoto: That has nothing to do with this.

Usagi: Wait, wait! Cuter clothes would be better. Ah! That's right! Hmmm, my clothes don't look good on Mako-chan. How about Rei-chan's? Ehhhhh? This stuff is all you have?

Rei: I don't enter clothes that won't do us any good.

Usagi: Bo-ring. How about Ami-chan's?

Ami: Ah...well, no particular reason...ahahahaha...

Makoto: Enough. I'll go in my own clothes.

Usagi: Ehhhhh?

*         *         *

Motoki: As I thought, it isn't anime. Mako-chan! Hurry, hurry. It will start! Hurry! Let's sit here? The middle is still the best.

Usagi: That attitude-it means he definitely likes you!

Makoto: That...

Commercial: Fashion Jewelry. Jupiter.

*         *         *

Motoki: I didn't think it would be such a touching movie, right?

Makoto: Mmhmm.

Motoki: (cries)

Makoto: Here.

Motoki: Thank you. Mako-chan, you're really feminine.

Makoto: Huh?

Motoki: You can knit, you like children, you're great in cooking, you're kind, and so on. You have feminine traits. Is there a problem?

Makoto: Nothing. It's just that I've never been told something like that before.

Motoki: Really? I was right believe that a girl who lives alone is different. Plus-and I thought of this when I started living alone-when you are with parents, they're annoying but...(sound fades out)

So, what kind of home is your home?

Makoto: Huh? Ahhh, my parents died when I was small.

Motoki: I'm sorry!

Makoto: Not at all. I'm used to it...Well, then, I...

Motoki: Huh?

Human Luna: What are you talking about?

Makoto: Luna!

Human Luna: Mako-chan, that won't do! And you, Kamekichi-san, if you don't pull your act together, things will be difficult for us.

Motoki: No, see, Kamekichi is-

Human Luna: Go on a proper date.

Motoki: Yes ma'am.

*         *         *

Usagi: Then you made them continue their date!

Luna: Yes, I couldn't leave them alone! Mako-chan tried to go home early.

Usagi: How unexpected! I thought Mako-chan was strong when it came to love.

Rei: It's probably...different to be loved and to love...I'm sure.

Usagi: I don't really understand it, but it won't be good if we leave it at that! Let's cheer them up, secretly!

*         *         *

Makoto: I'm sorry. Luna is just a little strange-

Motoki: No, she helped me out-because now you won't go home yet.'s...if it's okay!?...

Makoto: ...Ah! Look out! It was about to fall.

Motoki: Ah...that is dangerous.

Makoto: It will be okay here.

Motoki: Um…I-

Makoto: Soon-

Motoki: I'm sorry! Just listen. I've been intrigued by you. Ever since I receive this muffler, I've thought you were great.

Makoto: I'm sorry. I'm not like that at all. And I'm not feminine. I'm quite strong when it comes to fighting. There are even some people in school who are afraid of me.

Motoki: Mako-chan...

Makoto: I don't think it will work out at all. You'll be disappointed. It would be better if you gave up. I'm somewhat impossible.

Motoki: Mako-chan. I got it. Iya~, gosh, this sucks! This might be the first time I've been flat-out refused.

Makoto: Motoki-kun...

Motoki: But, I feel much better now. Well, then. Oh, and lastly-I still think Mako-chan is feminine.

*         *         *

Usagi: Hey! Motoki-kun? Is your date finished? Where's Mako-chan?

Motoki: I got turned down...

Usagi: What?

*         *         *

Makoto: Why...? Guys!

Artemis: Minako!

Makoto: Jupiter Power! Make up!

Jupiter: The Senshi of lightning and courage, Sailor Jupiter! In the name of Jupiter, I'll punish you!

*         *         *

Jadeite: Beryl-sama. The youmas appeared of their own volition and are behaving violently in town. Did anything come from you?

Beryl: No... Maybe, Queen Metalia's power is affecting this planet.

Jadeite: Queen Metalia's...power.

*         *         *

Jupiter: Supreme! Thunder!

*         *         *

Usagi: A youma? Why [are they appearing] like this-

Rei: Something feels little different. Their aura is weaker than that of youma.

Luna: At any rate, transform!

Usagi: Moon Prism Power!

Ami: Mercury Power!

Rei: Mars Power!

Human Luna: Luna Prism Power! Make up!

Girls: Make up!

Sailor Luna: Huh?

Mercury: Usagi-chan, behind you!

Moon: Venus!

*         *         *

Jupiter: This one is strong...I can't do this alone-I have to do it alone. Calm down. It's okay. I can do it alone. Up until now, I have done so.

Child Makoto: Why?

Makoto: Why?

Jupiter: Huh?

Moon: Mako-chan!

Mars: Makoto.

Mercury: Mako-chan!

Venus: The power of Jupiter is awakening.

Jupiter: Supreme! Thunder!

Moon: Mako-chan...

Mars: You did it, Makoto.

Jupiter: I...

Luna: What happened?

Jupiter: It's because I've always been alone.

Others: Huh?

Jupiter: I...understand. It was necessary for it to be like that. [For me] to end up alone, listening to the wind. All of it has been decided [for us] since our past lives. That's why I'm okay, alone.

Mercury: That-

Moon: What about us?

Jupiter: It doesn't mean I'll part with friends. I can't explain it very well, but the meaning of "I am alone" is very different. That's how it is, right? [The way] our present [is] has its reasons in our past lives.

Moon: Reasons in our past lives...

*         *         *

Nephrite: I can't see anything! I can't remember anything! What happened to my past life!?

Zoicite: Calm down. That attitude is what imprisons your heart.

Nephrite: Ha! Is all this just your made-up story?

Zoicite: Then meet him. Our master.

Nephrite: You. Are Master Endymion...

Kunzite: What is this gathering?

Act 32 Preview

Usagi: No way...Is this real?

Mio: There's a way to get to London.

Usagi: What? I'll try my best! London, London...London.

Man: Run.

Usagi: Yes! London, London.

Minako: You can't go!

*Finding Kame was an anime. Kame Fighter is live action. He's implying that live action is better than anime for a date. Kekeke. Back to the line.

**Literally "I give up." Back to the line.

***"Croquette" is a deep-fried French bun filled with food (like vegetables or fish). See a lovely picture here. Back to the line.

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