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Episode Introduction

Jupiter: Supreme!

Usagi: At last! Mako-chan's Senshi powers have also been awakened! (claps)

Jupiter: Thunder!

Usagi: The fact that she was the only one [who hadn’t awakened yet] was bothering her, so it's a relief [that it finally happened]! But...

Jupiter: I...understand. It was necessary for it to be like that. [For me] to end up alone, listening to the wind. All of it has been decided [for us] since our past lives. [The way] our present [is] has its reasons in our past lives. That's how it is, right?

Usagi: I’ve never thought about anything that difficult before, but...I wonder—is everything somehow related to our past lives? Including the situation between me and Chiba Mamoru...

*         *         *

Mamoru: Chiba Mamoru...Endymion... If there is nothing more to me than that... Usagi...are you also accepting the past life?

*         *         *

Luna: The love between the Princess and the Prince is ill-fated.

Usagi: That I would be it was decided from the beginning.

*         *         *

Nephrite: (slams hand down on piano) I can't see anything! I can't remember anything! What happened to my past life!?

Zoicite: Then meet him. Our master.

Nephrite: You. Are Master Endymion...

Kunzite: What is this gathering?

So you have an interest in our past lives as well?

Nephrite: Something wrong with that?

Kunzite: When you remember it, the only thing that will happen is that the one who rules your head will change from Beryl to that man.

Zoicite: That's disrespectful, Kunzite! You are to remember the Master from the past!

Kunzite: You're the one who’s supposed to remember! What the Master did...


Zoicite: And that is why—so as not to repeat the tragedies of the past—we must serve the Master!

Kunzite: Wrong! As long as the past exists, everything will be repeated. Before that happens, I must end it.

Nephrite: Kunzite! You get out! I am going to remember the past life.

Kunzite: It's not [your place] to butt in!

Nephrite: What?

Kunzite: Step back!

(Shitennou argue)

Jadeite: What are they talking about? What is “the past life”? Master?

Kunzite: The two of them can't continue...

Nephrite: Queen Metalia...

Kunzite: The Master is in danger!

Mamoru: Stop it...Stop it! Kunzite! Zoicite! Nephrite!...Jadeite! Why are so you chained to our past lives? Why can't you shake free of it?!
What just happened is...

Zoicite: Master, your memories...

Kunzite: Master, we can have you hidden in a corner the way it’s been up until now—so that until the end of days, you can live peacefully. But, if you won't do it...

Mamoru: Zoicite, you told me before. That I'm me.

Zoicite: (nods)

Mamoru: You could be right.

*         *         *

Motoki: No, look! (English) Jaaaapanese. (Japanese) Isn’t there anyone there who can speak Japanese? Someone who was lodging there—Chi-ba-Ma-mo-ru—

(click ~ bleep bleep bleep)

Motoki: Ah! I was cut off.

Usagi: Motoki-kun! What, did something happen?

Motoki: It's terrible! There was a message a while ago—Mamoru has gone missing in London.

Act 32

Usagi: I’m going to London! I want to look for him! He might have gotten involved in something.

Rei: Usagi, calm down.

Luna: Even if you transform, as you are now, you can't travel a distance that far yet.

Usagi: But—!

Ami: And Motoki-kun said that they’ve already reported it to the police!

Luna: You can't go! Didn’t I tell you that the love between the princess and the prince is ill-fated? You must forget him! The present is here so that the past will not repeat itself.

*         *         *

Beryl: Zoicite, do you know why you’ve been called here?

Zoicite: Don't know.

Beryl: Where did you take that man? Jadeite saw the image of his soul projected in your room. Where did he go after that? Answer me!

Jadeite: Zoicite, it is better to answer.

Zoicite: I can't answer. I don't know.

Beryl: Are your memories back?

Zoicite: Dunno.

Beryl: It can’t be that you took him to where the Princess—?

Zoicite: (laughs) Dunno.

Beryl: Are you trying to antagonize me? What do you think is the reason I have let you remain free?

Jadeite: Beryl-sama! He has already lost consciousness!

Beryl: You...


*         *         *

Pamphlet: London

Usagi: It’s so expensive...

Mio: Usagi-chan! What are you doing?

Usagi: Mio-chan!

Mio: Taking a trip?

Usagi: No, with just my allowance, it looks totally impossible.

Mio: Ohhhhh. Do you want a ride? I'll take you.

Usagi: (nods)

Mio: I see. So your friend is missing in London. You're going to go and look [for him]?

Usagi: I can't just do nothing.'s so far...

Mio: That friend is the person you told me you liked before, isn’t it?

Usagi: Huh?

Mio: If it was just any friend, you wouldn't go to these extents.

Usagi: I was...just...worried...

Mio: There is a way to get to London.

Usagi: Huh? Really?
It's my first time in a TV station! But, how am I going to go to London?

Mio: You'll find out soon enough.

(fans scream)

Mio: Looks like he's here.

Usagi: Huh? Wow. It's the real Yuuto.

Mio: Yuuto.

Yuuto: Good Morning. This is the girl?

Mio: Yup.

Yuuto: Hmmm. Well, she's possible. And yeah…(whispers with Mio)

*         *         *

Usagi: Huh? Personal assistant?

Mio: The shooting of the drama that Yuuto is [starring] in takes place in London. You're going tonight, right?

Yuuto: Right.

Mio: So you will become his personal assistant, and then you can go with him.

Usagi: that possible?

Yuuto: There is nobody who argues with what I do.

Usagi: Thank you!

Yuuto: There is a lot of work to be done before the departure. This will be a day's salary.

Usagi: Yes.

Yuuto: And can't you do something about your clothes? I can’t be comfortable with a junior high student following me, no matter what the reason.

Usagi: I’ll go and change right away!

Mio: So, good luck! I have a music show filming with Minako-chan after this.

Usagi: Oh, I see! Mio-chan, thank you so much! Give my regards to Minako-chan.

Mio: (whispers) He's selfish, so don't do anything to worsen his mood. He won't take you [to London], otherwise.

Usagi: Okay. I understand.

*         *         *

This should do. Luna, everyone, I'm sorry. I want to go no matter what. If something happened [to him], I want to help.

Lady: You. Yuuto-san is calling you. The dog has urinated.

Usagi: I'll be right there! I'll do my best. London, London...London.

*         *         *

Makoto: Really? Chiba Mamoru is...Usagi's doing well at holding back.

Luna: That's because, even if she makes the effort [to go], ultimately those two are the ones who will be in pain. It's that kind of love.

*         *         *

Yuuto: I heard your boyfriend is in London?

Usagi: He's boyfriend.

Yuuto: Hmmmm.

Man: Excuse me! Yuuto-san, it's time. Please.

Yuuto: Got it!

Usagi: London, London.

*         *         *

Yuuto: Good Morning. Good Morning.

Staff: Good Morning.

Yuuto: [The show] is live, so you’ve got to be careful.

Usagi: Ah, yes. He says it's live. So you must be careful.

Staff: Five seconds, four, three—

Kobayashi: Kobayashi

Ibayashi: [and] Ibayashi's

Both: True Love Confessions!*

Kobayashi: Good Afternoon! Today's True Love Confessions guest is—the guy who is currently ranked number one as the most desired boyfriend—Yuuto-san!

Both: Yeah!

Usagi: Ah!

Kobayashi: He's so cool, right~?

Ibayashi: Right~.

Koboyashi: Anyway, successful in singing, dramas—

Usagi: That's no good! It's live, so you must be careful. Got it? You must be still.

Kobayashi: (nervous laughter) An unexpected guest—

Usagi: AH! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

*         *         *

Ikuko: Usagi!? Hey! Hey! Usagi! Mama! Mama! Ikuko! Ikuko! Call out to me! Making up and going on TV, AHAHAHAHA!

*         *         *

Mio: Aha, Usagi-chan is doing her best!

Minako: You pulled something again.

Mio: Eh? All I did was introduce her to Yuuto, just like Usagi asked. She said she really wanted to go to London.

Minako: Excuse me. I need to take a little break.

Staff: Ok! Got it!

*         *         *

Usagi: I'm really sorry!

Kobayashi: I can't believe this.

Usagi: I'm sorry!

Yuuto: It’s okay, isn’t it, Mori-P?**

Staff: VTR is about to be on two minutes!

Mori: Well, we can't do anything about it.

Kobayashi: Then, let's do our best.

Yuuto: Buy a puppy snack for him.

Usagi: Yes!

Yuuto: The organic food from the store Gonta, okay? If you run, it will take fifteen minutes.

Usagi: Okay.

Yuuto: So run.

Usagi: Yes! London, London...London. London

Minako: What are you doing in a place like this? What did Kuroki Mio say to you?

Usagi: There's...a situation...

Minako: It's better if you go home now. I'll tell Yuuto.

Usagi: No! I really must...I'm sorry! I'm in a hurry!

Minako: Artemis, alert Mars and the others.

Artemis: Got it!

*         *         *

Usagi: I...have got to...

Man: Idiot! What are you doing? Are you okay?

Woman: Yes!

Mamoru: You idiot! [The light’s still] red!

Usagi: Who are you calling an idiot!

Crosswalk Voice: It is now green.

Usagi: I want to see him!

*         *         *

Makoto: Usagi is?

Artemis: Seems like it’s all to go to London but... I see. (sighs) Chiba Mamoru is... Luna, we can't let the two be near each other.

Luna: I know. I thought Usagi-chan understood...

Ami: I think Usagi-chan really loves him.

Rei: But we can't let her go.

Makoto: Because it will make them more sad, right?

Artemis: Right. And also to prevent the destruction of this planet.

*         *         *

Yuuto: Let's go then. It's time for the flight.

Usagi: Yes! London, London. London, London.

Minako: Wait!

Usagi: Minako-chan!

Minako: You can't go!

Mio: Usagi-chan, go while you have this chance, hurry!

Minako: Usagi! No!

Usagi: Minako-chan, I'm sorry!

Minako: can’t be that...?

Mio: Yes?

Policeman: Is something wrong?

Mio: Nothing. I just bumped into Minako-san. Right?
Don't worry. She won't go to London...

*         *         *

Usagi: Are we going by boat?

Yuuto: Oh, please.*** For some reason, I don't really feel like going to London. Shall I throw away the ticket?

Usagi: You can’t! Wait! Wait!

Yuuto: Here! Aww! Here! Ahhhh…!

Usagi: You’re so cruel!
A little more...Please, just a little more
Why is a youma—? The ticket—

Endymion: Regain your senses!

Usagi: No way...Really?

Endymion: Usagi, transform!

Usagi: Moon Prism Power! Make up!

Endymion: Now!

Moon: Moon! Twilight! Flash!
I heard that you were missing...

Endymion: I came home without telling anyone.

Moon: I thought that maybe something had happened...thank goodness.

Mamoru: I’ve made my choice. I won't run anymore.

Mamoru: Do you remember everything about our past lives?

Usagi: Nothing at all... (points) How about...?

Mamoru: A little.

Usagi: Really...

Mamoru: Our relationship will destroy this planet. To those who don't want the past to repeat itself, we are a bad omen.

Usagi: Mm-hmm.

Mamoru: Do you believe it?

Usagi: But even so—!

Mamoru: I won't believe it. I’ve decided that. That's why I came home. To prove it—together, with you. Oh...that muffler from back when—if it’s still around, is it okay for me to...have it?

Usagi:'s not okay. It will be...summer soon...

Mamoru: Idiot. That’s not a problem.

Usagi: Who are you calling an idi...

Mamoru: There’s no way...that the planet will be destroyed.

Minako: Destiny...can't be changed.

Act 33 Preview

Jupiter: Rei! Don't do anything reckless!

Rei's father: Even if you have to use force, bring Rei back.

Ami: Mama!

Ami's mother: Ah. Ami—

Rei: What?

Man: Your father is waiting.

Ami's mother: I think it would be good to transfer schools.

Ami: What?

* Literally "Love's Truth Talk." Back to the line.

** "P" is short for producer. Back to the line.

*** Literally, "Impossible." Back to the line.

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