Act 33 (5月 29日) ~ Transcript

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Episode Introduction

Mamoru: I won't believe it. I’ve decided that. That's why I came home. To prove it—together, with you. There’s no way that the planet will be destroyed.

*          *          *

Luna: No! No no! I told you that the love between the princess and the prince is ill-fated, didn’t I? It's an important rule.

Rei: Usagi, are you serious? Are you really with Chiba Mamoru?

Usagi: When you put it so plainly, it’s somehow...

Luna: Absolutely not! Things will turn out the same they did in the past!

Makoto: Luna, calm down.

Luna: But...

Ami: You two don't believe it, right?

Usagi: Mm-hmm. He said that the planet wouldn't be destroyed. He made me a promise—that we would fight it together. That's why we're going right ahead with it,* without keeping it a secret from all of you.

Ami: Then, I also won’t believe it.

Usagi: Really?

Makoto: If you’re that prepared to face the worse, [guess] there’s nothing we can do about it.

Rei: I disagree. [Forget] the past life, it's the present [I’m talking about]! Is it okay to be with a man? He might betray you.

Usagi: I'm sure there won't be anything like that!

Rei: That's why we must be careful. So that nothing will happen to our precious princess.

Usagi: Huh?

Luna: W-wait a sec, Rei-chan!

Rei: It's useless to tell you to "stop", right? You even tried to go to London.

Makoto: Protecting the princess is hard.

Ami: Usagi-chan, it's a relief, isn't it? Since you really like him!

Usagi: Ami-chan! All of you! Thank you! All right! We'll do our best! Oh!
Don't make me do it by myself!

(girls laugh)

Luna: [I guess] this means that our teamwork is getting better...(sighs)

Act 33

Jadeite: Zoicite. Why do you oppose Beryl-sama? She gave us our lives!

Zoicite: The kind we didn't want.**

Jadeite: Aside from serving Beryl-sama, I don't wish for anything else.

Zoicite: You’re wrong. You must have felt it too—the memories of the past life, when you met Master Endymion. The Master is the one whom you serve. You were the youngest, and you treated the Master as your older brother. Remember it!

Jadeite: Shut up! To me, there’s only Beryl-sama!

Nephrite: Why can't I remember? Neglected by Beryl-sama... And I don't even have memories of the past life.

*          *          *

Rei: Ultimately, it turned out to be a karaoke party.

Ami: But it was fun! And Usagi-chan seems so happy!

Rei: Then.

Ami: See you again tomorrow.

*          *          *

Ami: I'm home! I'm home!

Blackboard (Mama's note): Welcome home. I have to stay at the hospital for about two days. Your practice exam grades—[well done], as expected. You are Mama's pride, Ami. From Mama.

Ami (writes): Thank you for working [so hard].*** You are my pride too, Mama. I will do my best in order to become a doctor like Mama. Ami.

*          *          *

Rei: I'm home.
I'm home.

*          *          *

Luna: Usagi-chan! It's a youma's aura! Ugh, that hurts! (gasp) Rei-chan! Ami-chan! Mako-chan!

*          *          *

Youma: Ugaaaaaaaaaaa!

*          *          *

Ami: Rei-chan! Where's the youma?

Rei: It’s gone. There's no aura either, it seems to have escaped.

Policeman: You two! What are you doing at this hour?

Rei: We really were just studying together, and it got a little late, that’s all. You don't have to call our families...

Policeman: Look, I get it, so tell me your addresses. I'll send you home.

Rei: We really are okay! Right?

Ami: Yes! We'll go by ourselves...

*          *          *

Beryl: As I thought. I don't know why, but Queen Metalia's power is on the move.

Kunzite: If things stay as they are, Metalia's power will become Beryl’s. I have to think of a plan.

*          *          *

Usagi: I'm sorry about yesterday! I got there too late. I think Mako-chan also had a hard time.

Makoto: (yawn) AHHH! AH! Ahah! Ahhh...

Usagi: But I can’t believe you got caught by the police.

Ami: Yeah...Thank goodness that Mama was working overnight, but... I wonder if that policeman will call home?

Usagi: Yeah, that really might be something to worry a bit about.

(phone rings)

I'm sorry. It's a text message.

Usagi’s Cellphone: Chiba Mamoru

Naru: Usagi! What are you smiling at?

Usagi: I'm not smiling!

Naru: How suspicious!

Mio: What's suspicious?

Naru: Hey, what do you think you’re you doing with another person's cell phone?

Mio: Scar~y. By the way, Osaka-san, how is your condition?

(phone rings)

Naru: I’m fine, thanks.

Mio: Thank goodness! I was worried!

Ami’s Cellphone (text message): Mama.
Stop by at the hospital on your way home. Mama.

Naru: It wasn’t really anything.

Mio: Really?

(bell rings)

Usagi: Ah! We'll end up being late! Let's hurry!

*          *          *

Motoki: No. Way. You’re back? Why?

Mamoru: Well, because of this and that...

Usagi: Good afternoon! Kept you waiting.

Motoki: Wait. What's this? What does it mean? WHAT?!

*          *          *

Usagi: Here.

Mamoru: You're pretty bad at this.

Usagi: Then I won't give it to you after all! Give it back! Hey, give it back—!

Mamoru: That hurts! Stop! Stop it, it hurts!

(both laugh)

*          *          *

Beryl: Endymion. As I feared...

*          *          *

Ami: Mama!

Ami's mother: Ah, Ami. I don't have much time.

Ami: What is it? Did something happen?

Ami's mother: There was a call from the police station. About last night.

*          *          *

Man: Miss! This is the first time we’ve met. I work as your father's secretary. I am Nishizaki Shoushi. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Rei: What?

Nishizaki: I was sent to pick you up. Your father is waiting. He wants to eat and talk with you. Here, go ahead.

Rei: What are you talking about? Why?

Nishizaki: Uh—actually... There was a call from the police station.

*          *          *

Ami's mother: I contacted your cram school too. I was surprised to hear that you’ve had many absences lately.

Ami: T-that's...

Ami's mother: "We will have no secrets between the two of us. We will talk about anything. If we can't talk, we will write it on the message board." Those were the rules, right?

Ami: ...I'm sorry.

Ami's mother: Mama was also in the wrong. As I suspected, this hasn’t been good for you. I’ve been thinking about it since awhile back, but...I think it would be better for you to transfer schools.

Ami: What?

Ami's mother: I thought that a regular school would be okay until the end of your junior high years, but ultimately, you were [badly] influenced by some things.

Ami: That’s not it! School has nothing to do with this—

Ami's mother: Then, what is it?

Ami: It's...

(Ami's mother's beeper goes off)

Ami's mother: Sorry. It'll be all right. Concentrate on your studies, okay? You will become a doctor, right? It's Mama and Ami's dream, after all.

*          *          *

Rei: I have nothing to say to Papa! He's just worried about his political image getting hurt anyway.

Nishizaki: That's not true! The boss is very worried,****** and he is even thinking of taking you in! As it should be. Since you're father and daughter. Well, let's go.

Rei: Go home. I don't plan to meet him or live with him!

Nishizaki: Ah! Miss! Wait! Miss!

Rei: What is this? Why now? He didn't do anything back then.

Younger Rei: Mama...Mama!

Rei: Leaving Mama alone like that. I won't forgive him.

*          *          *

Usagi: What? So they did contact you?

Makoto: Seriously? What did your parents say?

Rei: Not much. It doesn't matter what he says.

Usagi: How about you, Ami-chan? Were you scolded?

Ami: (shakes head) Mm-mm.

Usagi: Really? That’s a relief.

Ami: She told transfer schools.

Usagi: What?! Why?

Ami: Umm…Mm-hmm.

Makoto: [She thinks] that it's the bad influence of your friends?

Ami: There were times when I couldn't go to cram school because I had to fight. An interview for a new school has already been scheduled. She told me that we’d go together today.

Usagi: Today?! Are you really going to transfer—

Ami: I don't want to! But, I just can't think of a way to tell Mama...

Rei: If you don't like it, all you have to do is just say it.

Ami: But she’s doing this for me. I don't want to disappoint her.

Rei: She's just forcing her own ideas onto you. Since parents do whatever they want. Your mama is the same too.

Ami: Don't talk about my mama that way!

Rei: Then, why don’t you just eat right out of her hand?*******

Luna: Rei-chan, Ami-chan!

Makoto: Stop! Why don’t we go outside and eat cake?

Usagi: Agreed!

Luna: Then I'm going too.

*          *          *

Usagi: Hmmm...where shall we go?

Human Luna: I want yummy ice cream and yummy cream-puffs and yummy crepes and yummy milk and yummy fish!

Usagi: I want ice cream! So where are we going?

Rei: Papa...

*          *          *

Rei's father: It seems that the police made a big fuss.

Rei: It doesn't matter.

Rei's father: It does matter. You're my daughter. Come with me. I'll hear your side of the story.

Rei: I have nothing to say to you.

Rei's father: Rei...

Rei: Can you guys go ahead?

Usagi: Huh?

Makoto: Usagi.

Usagi: Rei-chan...I wonder if something happened with her and her father...?

Luna: Feels like it.

Ami: Rei-chan can say it that bluntly... Even to her Papa.

*          *          *

Rei: Don't tell me we're father and daughter now. Who was the one who left me at the shrine?! You abandoned me. Even while Mama [was dying]...leaving her by herself...You weren't there when we wanted you to be there... You’re the worst!

Rei's father: It's my job. [That’s what it was] when Mama [was dying], [that’s what it is] with you. How many times have I told you that?

Rei: Don't blame it on work! Why? Mama and didn’t care what happened to us!

Rei's father: That’s enough of this conversation. All you have to do is eat with Papa.

Rei: Not a chance. Mama would have said that too. Getting married to you, dying that way—she was pitiful! Miserable!

Rei's father: (slap) Don't go and make Mama as miserable as you want! What do you know!?

Rei: The one [who made her miserable] was you.
Don't come again.

*          *          *

(people scream)

Mars: Stop right there! Mars Power! Make up! The Senshi of Fire and Passion, Sailor Mars! In the name of Mars, I'll punish you!

Rei's father: It's my job. [That’s what it was] when Mama [was dying], [that’s what it is] with you.

Younger Rei: Mama...Mama!

Rei's father: (slap) Don't go and make Mama as miserable as you want! What do you know!?

Moon: Stop right there!
Rei-chan, are you okay?

Mars: I'm fine. I'm going home.

Moon: Rei-chan...

Jupiter: That youma just now—I get the feeling that it was only targeting Rei.

Moon: What?

*          *          *

Rei's father: Nishizaki, even if you have to use force, bring Rei back.

Nishizaki: Huh? But—

Rei's father: Understood?

Ichizaki: Y-yes.

Act 34 Preview

Younger Rei: Papa!

Ami: Mama, there's something that I want to do even more than studying. Being with my friends.

Rei: Why didn't you come to the hospital that day?

*She says “doudousiyou,” which means “do without hesitation.” Back to the line.

**Literally, “It’s a form we didn’t wish.” Back to the line.

***She writes, “Oshigoto otsukaresama.” “Ostukaresama” is a phrase used to indicate acknowledgement of hard work. “Shigoto” means “job” or “work.” Back to the line.

******Nishizaki calls Rei’s father “Sensei,” which is a title used to raise the status of one’s employer. Back to the line.

*******She says “iinari,” which implies complete submission.

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