Act 34 (6月 05日) ~ Transcript

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Episode Introduction

Human Luna: Seems like some things have become very serious: Ami’s school transferal and the fight between Rei and her papa.

Ami's mother: I think it would be better for you to transfer schools.

Ami: What?

Rei's father: (slap) Don't go and make Mama as miserable as you want! What do you know!?

Human Luna: Usagi-chan, the others, and I are worried, but...

*          *          *

Young Rei: Mama...Mama!..Mama...Mama!...

Act 34

Usagi: If the youma was targeting Rei...what's the reason?

Luna: When the youma first appeared, Rei-chan said that she fought it alone, right? It might be because of that.

Makoto: So it's the youma's revenge, huh?

Usagi: Then Rei-chan is in danger!

Makoto: We’ll guard her. having a hard time with her father right now, it seems. If we say that to her, she won’t like it, so we won’t [mention it]...

Usagi: Right.

Luna: It also worries me that we can't contact Ami-chan. If she went with her mother to the interview, it’s fine, but [otherwise]...

Makoto: She did say that she wasn’t planning on transferring.

Luna: It couldn’t be...that she ran away from home?!

Makoto: It’s possible.

Usagi: No way!? I'll go and take a quick look—to see if Ami has returned. Mako-chan, look after Rei-chan please. I'll come back soon.

Makoto: Got it.

Usagi: Rei-chan!

Makoto: What happened?

Rei: I thought I’d stay here for awhile.

Usagi: What?!

Makoto: What is it? Is it your father?

Rei: He's pestering me. Waiting in front of the shrine again.

Makoto: If you stay here...what will you do about meals?

Rei: Ah...I'll go and buy something later.

Makoto: Then, I'll cook you something.

Rei: That’s okay.

Makoto: Besides, I’m free.

*          *          *

Beryl: Jadeite, the thing that we’ve set after the princess—there's a man I want it to target first, even more than the princess.

Jadeite: Is it...Endymion?

Beryl: It is enough for you to just look at me. Don't think of useless things.

*          *          *

Mamoru: Zoicite?

Zoicite: Master. The fact that you’ve decided to fight—it’s wonderful. However…that princess—

Mamoru: It’s no use saying anything to me when it comes to Usagi. More importantly, I want to know more about the past life: [about] what happened, all of it.

Zoicite: The door to your memories is already open. Now, all you need is time.

Mamoru: Time...

Zoicite: Master, be wary of things around you. Queen Beryl might plan to do something.

*          *          *

Rei: Isn't this a little too much?

Makoto: Nah, it's fine. Then I'm going home. That's best, right?

Rei: Makoto.

Makoto: Yeah?

Rei: Thanks.

Makoto: You’re welcome.
Motoki-kun. Um, is it possible for me to borrow a room?

Motoki: Huh? But junior high school students are not allowed at this hour...

Makoto: There's a bit of a situation... Look, it's not for playing around, so...!

Motoki: Hmm...then…that’s right! There's the back room!

Makoto: Ah, thanks.

*          *          *

Rei: Ami-chan.

Ami: Rei-chan. So you're here. Is it okay for me to stay too?

Rei: It's okay, but what's wrong?

Ami: I didn't go to the interview. I didn't even say anything to Mama. might sound unbelievable to you, but up until now, I've never fought with Mama nor gone against her. I love Mama, and [every time] I did my best, I was happy that she’d be happy for me. That's, I don't know how to talk to Mama. I might be scolded or hated...

Rei: That you’re trying to do it—to talk to your mother properly—I think it's amazing.

Ami: Huh? [But I'm only trying] because you did it...

Rei: Me? I'm probably just lashing out. By the way, Makoto cooked me a meal.* Do you want to eat?

Ami: Huh? Mako-chan did? Wow, it looks delicious!

Rei: When it comes to [cooking], we can't compare to Makoto.

Ami: Rei-chan, since we're all alone, why don’t we have a party?

Rei: What???

*          *          *

Text message from Ami: Please don't worry. After I have some time to think, I'll come home.

Young Ami: To Mama. Ami will also do her best and become a doctor.

*          *          *

Rei: Well, let's go.

Ami: Yeah.

Rei: Ready?

Ami: Go. It looks good on you! Shall we?

Rei: Yeah!

Ami: So cute!

*          *          *

Note on picture album: Mental Arithmetic Tournament Champion!

Note under picture: The Angel of our home, Ami.

*          *          *

Makoto: Yeah, Ami-chan came here too, so it's okay. You can stay home, Usagi. it. Bye.

*          *          *

Rei: Later, then.

Ami: ‘Kay.

Nishizaki: Miss. I'm really sorry. I don’t want to do this, but it's the boss’s orders.**

Rei: I'll see him. But—not at a restaurant. At the church.

*          *          *

Nishizaki: Looks like the boss is already on his way there. Whew, I’m saved! I was almost fired.  What a relief, what a relief.

Rei: All I’m going to do is talk to him.

Nishizaki: It’s enough. The boss just wants an excuse to see you. We’ll keep what I’m about to say right here: he wanted to talk to Miss so much that he thought up all of these things. Public-opinion polls, press interviews, for example... That's why, when the call came from the police station that night, I think I saw him [looking] happy...

Rei: That’s [what it was]? Then why...

*          *          *

(phone rings)

Makoto’s voice: Usagi!

*          *          *

Rei's father: What are you doing, calling me out to this place? If we're going to meet, there are more suitable places. What is it?

*          *          *

Moon: The father and daughter are making an effort to have a conversation, so don't you interfere!

Jupiter: If it's revenge [you want], we'll take it.

*          *          *

Rei: Why...Why didn't you come to the hospital that day?

Rei's father: What a pest you are. What, if there had been a reason, would you be able to forgive me?

Rei: It depends on the reason.

Rei's father: It was because of work. I was extremely busy. It’s no different from the reason that I left you in the care of others.

Rei: Then—

Rei's father: I'm not telling you to understand.
Rei. There's an interview. We will eat as father and daughter. Please attend.

Young Rei: Papa...Papa! Papa!

Rei: Maybe...after a little more time has passed...

Rei's father: Really.

*          *          *

Young Ami: Mama!

Ami: I’ll be able to tell it to her straight.*** Mama!

Ami's mother: What a relief...that Mama is still able to find you.

Ami: Why are you here?

Ami's mother: I remembered when I was looking at old pictures—you really liked it here. Back then, Papa was still with us.

(phone ring)

Luna: (phone) Ami-chan, please hurry! Usagi-chan and the others are struggling!

Ami: Mama, I'm sorry. Right now, there's something that I want to do even more than studying, together with my friends...even if [it means that] I earn your scorn.

Ami's mother: Go ahead.****

Ami: Yes [ma’am]!

*          *          *

Mars: Wait! I'll punish you!

Mercury: Youma! Over here!

Moon: Ami-chan! Rei-chan!

Mars: Usagi, Makoto, we'll all attack it at the same time.

Moon: We did it!

Jupiter: You two...are you okay now?

Mars: We're fine.

Mercury: Sorry we had you worried.

Moon: And the school transfer?

Mercury: No transfer! [We'll be] together foreeever!

Moon: Thank goodness! Then...let's go. Everyone, let's do our best!

All: Oh!

Moon: You did it! Thank you!

*          *          *

Ami's mother: Bye, then. I might not be able to come home for two to three days.

Ami: Got it. Take care! Mama! When I’m finished with what I'm doing right now, I'll still strive to be a doctor.

Ami's mother: As long as that's what you choose, it’s fine. Take care!

Ami: Okay! I’ll be back!*****

*          *          *

Mamoru: Hey! Are you alright?! Hey! Hey! Pull yourself together! Hey!

Act 35 Preview

Minako: So that the past doesn’t repeat itself...

Zoicite: Don't come near my master.

Venus: Tell that your master—not to come near the princess.

Usagi: I go help...

Mio: Please!

Mamoru: Hey!

Zoicite: I have something to say.

*The word Rei uses, “obento,” is used to describe a meal that one packs to take somewhere, like on a hike, to school, etc. Back to the line.

**Nishizaki calls Rei’s father “Sensei,” which is a title used to raise the status of one’s employer. Back to the line.

***She says, “Tyanto hanaseru,” which literally translates to, “Properly…I can tell her.” Back to the line.

****The phrase she uses is, “Itterassyai,” a saying one (often parents) uses to see someone off. It is a very powerful way for Ami’s mother to let Ami go, because the phrase also carries with it the meaning of, “You’re welcome back home anytime.” Back to the line.

*****Ami, in turn, answers the “itterassyai” with the requisite “ittekimasu,” which is almost always said in response and literally means, “I will go and come back.” Back to the line.

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