Act 35 (6月 12日) ~ Transcript

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Episode Introduction

Mamoru: Hey! Are you alright?! Hey! Hey! Pull yourself together! Hey!

*          *          *

Luna: Usagi-chan. It's still early evening.

Usagi: But I have to go buy Minako-chan's live concert tickets tomorrow. [The tickets are] only sold over the counter, so if I don't go early, they will sell out.

Luna: That [concert]—you're going with Chiba Mamoru, right? Even though the princess and the prince's relationship is forbidden, you won't listen even a little bit.

Usagi: Can’t you just give us your approval already? Since we’ve already made our choice.

*          *          *

Mio: This place is...

Mamoru: It's the hospital. You suddenly fainted in the streets.

Mio: You're the one who helped me?

Mamoru: Since you fainted in front of my bike.

Mio: I see. Thank you.

*          *          *

Beryl: Endymion. Soon, this hand will reach out [for you]. We won't let the princess interfere.

*          *          *

Usagi: Good night.

Act 35

(phone ring)

Usagi: Hello? Ah. Yeah. What's the matter?...Eh? A girl fainted? Why?

Mamoru: They're running tests [on her] right now. Well, the bike didn't hit her, so I don't think she's hurt.

Usagi: Hmmmm...Why?

Mamoru: ...Were you asleep?

Usagi: Hm?...Oh, yeah. The live concert tickets...

Mamoru: Anyway, since it looks like no one from her family is coming, I'll stay [with her] here for a little longer...Usagi? Usagi? Usagi?

Usagi: Hmmmm.

Mamoru: (laughs) Bye then. Good night.

Door Tag: Special room

*          *          *

Artemis: Minako. Receiving only basic treatment won't work forever. The doctor also told you that your condition is not good, right?

Minako: [Wasn’t this] the first thing we decided? That we wouldn't use up time [for things that are] unnecessary?

Artemis: But—

Minako: We have a mission that we've inherited from the past life, right? That's the reason we are alive. So that the past doesn’t repeat itself...

Mamoru: I won't believe it. I have decided that. That's why I came home. To prove it together with you. There’s no way that the planet will be destroyed.

Minako: He's wrong. I’ll have to stop them after all.

*          *          *

Nurse: Visiting hours are ending.

Mamoru: Yes, okay.

Mio: Hey! Will you meet up me another time? I want to thank you.

Mamoru: You don't have to thank me.

Mio: I want to! Please! I guess you don’t want to...*

Mamoru: I didn't do anything that big. Get well, then.

*          *          *

Beryl: Yes, that’s how you were, Endymion. In your eyes, I was always invisible.** From now on, it's going to be different.

*          *          *

Kunzite: It's an obsession.*** She's dragged a love that was unrequited from the the present.

Zoicite: I can’t laugh at it. It’s the same for everyone who has had a past life.

Kunzite: But we might be able to use it [against her]. If we get our hands on the Master, he could become a card against Beryl.

Zoicite: Kunzite!

Kunzite: At last, I've found a way to fight.

Zoicite: I have to protect the Master. But [doing it] far will I get...?

*          *          *

Artemis: Endymion! Why is he here in this place?!

Minako: Wait!

Artemis: You are—!

Zoicite: So the Sailor Senshi are also going after the Master? What a nuisance.

Minako: Venus Power! Make up!

Venus: The Senshi of love and beauty, Sailor Venus! In the name of Venus, I'll punish you! Venus Love Me Chain!

Zoicite: It won't be like last time.****

Artemis: Venus!

Zoicite: Don't come near my Master.

Venus: Master?

Artemis: You remember the past life too?

Zoicite: And if I did?

Venus: Tell that to that master of yours—not to come near the princess.

Zoicite: Why?

Venus: You know, don’t you? The planet will be destroyed.

Zoicite: So we are thinking the same thing. Venus. As a fellow guardian, I have something to say.

*          *          *

Human Luna: What the hell is with Usagi? What time does she think it is? Sleeping so early.

Rei: Huh? Usagi already went to sleep?

Human Luna: She's going to buy Aino Minako's live concert tickets tomorrow.

Makoto: Ah!

Ami: Huh?

Rei: Hm?

Human Luna: Two tickets [to go] with Chiba Mamoru. I've been worrying about this, but I think there's no way Venus and Artemis will approve of Usagi-chan and Chiba Mamoru.

Makoto: You think so?

Human Luna: Since Venus is so strict.

Rei: You’re probably right. But why is Venus trying so hard [to perform her duties] as a Senshi?

Ami: It might be because she’s the one who remembers the past the most.

Rei: That's true, but even so...

Makoto: Bye!

*          *          *

Zoicite: In the past, neither we nor [the Senshi] were able to stop the Master and the Princess.

Venus: Yes. That's why the tragedy...

Zoicite: The tragedy. We have to stop it.

Venus: You're right...

Zoicite: Queen Beryl is going after the Master. I of course intend to protect him, but I can't say that I have completely escaped from Beryl's grasp. That's why, when worst comes to worst, I want you to help the Master.

Venus: Me?

Zoicite: In exchange for this.

*          *          *

Board: Aino Minako's Surprise Live Concert: Limited tickets. Sold out.

Usagi: Ehhhhh! There's not a single concert ticket left?!

Woman: That's right.

Usagi: Really?!

Woman: That's right.

Usagi: REALLY?

Woman: ...

Usagi: There's at least one more ticket, right?

Woman: There are none left.

Usagi: NO WAY!

Makoto: Where is it...? There it is! Excuse me, do you have Aino Minako's live concert tickets?

Woman 2: It's sold out.

Makoto: WHAT?! You don’t even have one ticket left?!

Woman 2: That's right.


Woman 2: Excuse me! Can you please be quiet?

Makoto: Ah, yes.

*          *          *

Usagi: Awwwww, and I really thought that the two of us could go see the live concert.

Minako: Usagi-chan.

Usagi: Minako-chan!

Minako: Get in.

Usagi: What?

Minako: Hurry!

Usagi: Ah, yes! It's like a dream! I can't believe that Minako-chan called out to me! And this is the fourth time we've talked!

Minako: I'm sorry for dragging you [inside]. We were about to be noticed.

Usagi: No problem at all! To ride in Minako-chan's van...! AGGHH! If I don’t calm down…! Ouch!

Zoicite: If someone listens to this music box, they will forget everything about the person they love. It won't work if the heart is guarded. She won't put up her defenses if you [are the one doing it].

Usagi: This is so cool! Agghhh!

Minako: Usagi-chan. I was wondering if you would accompany me to lunch.

Usagi: Huh? No way! It’s really okay? But what should I do, in this attire...? Is it okay even if I’m not wearing a dress?

Minako: It's an ordinary restaurant.

Usagi: I'm so happy!

*          *          *

Usagi: Wow, I'm so nervous that I don't know whether I'm hungry or not.

Minako: You can eat slowly.

Usagi: Um…I’ve wanted to thank you for so long.

Minako: What? Me?

Usagi: Well...Actually, there's a person I really like, and things weren't going well at all, so there were times when I thought, “I guess it's no use.” But in times like that, your songs—shall I say—cheered me up. When I sang your songs, my spirits would rise, and I'd be able try my best! Now things are going extremely well, and I think it's due to you! Thank you so much for singing. Ahh! What a relief to have said it! Itadakimasu!***** Uhhh...which fork should I use...?

Artemis: Minako...

*          *          *

Mamoru: Why are you here?

Mio: Mamoru-kun. I wanted to thank to you. Believe me.

Mamoru: I told you that you didn't have to, right?

Mio: Please!

Mamoru: Hey! Wait a sec!

*          *          *

Zoicite: I've miscalculated! That's the shadow of Queen Beryl!

*          *          *

Usagi: Mmm! Delicious!

Minako: I have to do this. I am here to complete my mission, after all.

Usagi: Minako-chan. What's the matter?

Minako: Oh!

Usagi: Are you alright?

Minako: Princess.

*          *          *

Mio: It’s this way. Come.

*          *          *

Minako: Zoicite.

Zoicite: Queen Beryl is trying to capture Master Endymion. Venus! It's a condition of exchange! Help the Master...

Minako: But...Princess! Where are you going? Wait! Princess!

Usagi: I go help...

Minako: (gasp) What?

Zoicite: Venus! Right now, our first priority is helping the Master! Let go of the Princess. What are you doing?! If you don't hurry, the Master will— Venus!

Minako: Princess. Please. For the sake of the planet, forget about him. I'm sorry...

*          *          *

Mio: Kunzite.

Kunzite: I won't let you have the Master.

Jadeite: Don't interfere!

Kunzite: You bastard.

*          *          *

Usagi: (sings) These warm feelings are part of life...As long as I stay as who I am.
That’s life. I want to go on loving you.

Usagi: When I sang Minako-chan's songs, my spirits would rise, and I'd be able try my best!

Usagi: (sings) Right in front of my eyes...
Is the place where this very moment lives...

Minako: I [also] it feels to forget. That's why...******

Usagi: And I am running through it.

Minako: [You love him] that much...?

*          *          *

Mamoru: Usagi.

Kunzite: The spell is broken.

Mio: Impossible.

Moon: Moon Twilight! Flash!

Kunzite: Princess.

Endymion: Kunzite! I don't have any intention of fighting you!

Kunzite: Even now? What are you talking about?

Venus: Venus Love Me Chain!

Moon: Venus!

Kunzite: This is...

Beryl: That’s enough!

Jadeite: Beryl-sama!

Moon: Ah! Were you okay?

Endymion: Yeah.

Venus: Princess. This is an apology for today. Bye, then.

Moon: What is this?

Endymion: Those are live concert tickets, aren’t they?

Moon: Live concert tickets? Ah. AH. AH! Aino Minako's live concert tickets! I’m so happy! I thought I'd never get my hands on them! But, why did Venus [give me these]?

Endymion: Probably because it's her concert, right?

Moon: Huh?

Endymion: It can’t be...

Moon: What?

Endymion: You didn't know?! I’ve known it since back when she was still Sailor V.

Voices: Minako! Minako!


*          *          *

Audience: Minako! Minako! Minako!

Minako: I love you, baby baby! Turn off the lights.
Baby baby! Kiss me.
Baby baby! Wake up to this romance.
Hey, don't hide.
Hey, it's going to begin.

Usagi: It's going to start!

Mamoru: I got it, I got it.

Usagi: We have to hurry!

Mamoru: Calm down.

Usagi: Hurry! Here! Quickly, quickly! Thanks! Hurry!

Minako: I need you, baby baby. Turn off the lights.
Baby baby! Kiss me.

Usagi: It’s Minako-chan!

Minako: Baby baby! Wake up to this romance.
Baby baby! Put your cheek against mine.
Baby baby! It’s whimsical, isn’t it?
Look...I can see my hopes...

Audience: (screams)

Staff: Minako! Minako!

Usagi: What’s going on? Minako-chan. Minako-chan!

Staff: Minako! Minako!

Usagi: Minako-chan!

Act 36 Preview

Moon: Why such a—

Beryl: Princess! Say farewell. Ahahahaha.

Moon: Endymion.

*Literally, “I guess it’s impossible,” but it’s implicitly impossible because he won’t want to. Back to the line.

**Literally, “Your eyes never saw me.” Back to the line.

***He says “syuunen,” which indicates “deep attachment.” Back to the line.

****He’s referring to Act 12, when Venus easily defeated him, and he got turned into a stone. A little bitter, are we? Back to the line.

*****“I will receive this food,” always said before meals. Back to the line.

******Depending on what she means, this could also be: “Do you know...? That you are forgetting? Is that why...?” Back to the line.

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