Act 36 (6月 19日) ~ Transcript

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Episode Introduction

Minako: I need you, baby baby. Turn off the lights.
Baby baby! Kiss me.

Usagi: It’s Minako-chan!

Minako: Baby baby! Wake up to this romance.
Baby baby! Put your cheek against mine.
Baby baby! It’s whimsical, isn’t it?
Look...I can see my hopes...

Audience: (screams)

Staff: Minako! Minako!

Usagi: What’s going on? Minako-chan. Minako-chan!

Act 36

Usagi: What? Is it impossible to go see Minako-chan?

Makoto: Is it that bad?

Manager: No. [She just has a little] anemia from a case of exhaustion, so it's nothing to worry about—but she doesn't want to see anyone right now. Sorry.

*          *          *

Usagi: Awww, I wanted to visit her and cheer her up. Now that I finally know that she's a teammate, being unable to do anything [to help her] is...

Ami: She’s been putting distance between us and herself since before, so...

Usagi: Even though I'm a huuuge fan of hers, I didn’t notice [that she was a Senshi] at all! You’re all awful! Not telling me. You thought I'd go fan-crazy, didn’t you?

Ami: Sorry.

Usagi: Even though I probably would have.

Rei: Venus...

*          *          *

Beryl: Have you not realized by now that it is useless to defy me? That your lives have not yet been forfeited—be grateful for that! Now... about Endymion...

Jadeite: Forgive me! If Kunzite hadn’t interfered with me...

Beryl: It's okay. Once Endymion's memories come back, I have other plans. Maybe it’s better this way. Nephrite. You’re there, aren’t you? Come out. It has been a long time. Have you lost a little weight?

Nephrite: Beryl-sama.

Beryl: Perhaps you’ve been hating me.

Nephrite: No! If you allow me to be at your side again, I will pledge my allegiance to you more than ever!

Beryl: The Shitennou are treasures, after all. I suppose I must treasure [you].

*          *          *

Usagi: Will you go shopping with me tomorrow? Yes! Got it! Then, 11 o'clock!...Okay! Bye.

Ikuko: Usagi~! That was your boyfriend, right? I know that you have one lately!

Usagi: Huh?

Shingo: (spits)

Ikuko: You don't have to hide it from Mama, don’t hide! What kind of boy is he? What's his name?

Usagi: What kind...? His name is...Chiba Mamoru.

Ikuko: Mamoru? Then you call him Mamo-mamo, don't you?! Ah, Mamo-rin?

Shingo: Ew!

Usagi: I don't call him that!

Ikuko: Then, Usagi is Usa-usa?! That’s so hot! AHAHA!

Usagi: I told you, I don't call him that!

Shingo: Ugh, how disgusting!

Usagi: I said it’s not true, didn’t I?

Shingo: Ew, so disgusting. Ew, disgusting. Ewww, ewwww.

Usagi: His name…I haven’t come out and said it yet. When I see his face, something...

*          *          *

Usagi: What should I buy [Minako] when I visit her? If she’s tired, things that are pretty to look at are best! Ah. Ah! Ma—

Ikuko: You call him Mamo-mamo, don't you?

Usagi: Mamo-

Ikuko: Mamo-rin?

Usagi: (sighs) Heeey!

*          *          *

Minako: Come in. Is something wrong? Come on in.

Rei: Are you okay? I heard you’re exhausted.

Minako: I'd like to say that I'm okay, but I asked you to come here so I could tell you the truth—since I can’t do with out your help anymore.

Rei: What do you mean, “the truth”?

Minako: About my sickness. It’s probable that I might only live for 2 or 3 more months.

Rei: What?

Minako: It’s something I knew about before I became a Sailor Senshi. But that’s not the problem—the problem is that before we defeat the enemy, there's a possibility that you might be short one Senshi. Me, the leader.

Rei: Wait a minute. Telling me so suddenly—there's a possibility that you will recover, right?

Minako: Even if I have an operation, the possibility of success is near 0%. It's like it's all so planned and staged, it's laughable

Rei: It's not something to laugh at!

Minako: That's why I stopped using up time [for things that are] unnecessary...ever since I remembered my past life. Because I knew that this is something that I must do. I'm going to use the remainder of my life to complete our mission from the past. But sometimes, I think [things] will be like this.* That's why I wanted your help.

Rei: Wait. Is it really necessary for you to try so hard as a Senshi? If there is even a small chance—

Minako: As long as I have my life, I don't want to waste it! Mars, do you know why we were reborn still carrying our past lives? It’s so that the past does not repeat itself, right? The Princess and Endymion are going against that purpose. I want you to be careful—because the enemy is getting stronger. What a pitiful face! It's alright! I can still fight, you know. I can’t trust everything to you just yet.

*          *          *

Usagi: A photobook was a great idea! The scenery in the hospital is so boring. I wish Minako-chan would get better. This is nice! Wait a minute! Look at this! Take a look! Hey! HEY!

Mamoru: What is it! You’re so embarrassing!

Usagi: I just thought that this clock was nice...

Mamoru: Look, you. Why don't you call me by my name?

Usagi: What? No particular...

Mamoru: It can’t be…that you forgot it, can it?

Usagi: That’s not it!

Mamoru: You couldn't even read my name.**

Usagi: That's a story from waaay back when!

Mamoru: Hey, [I’m only saying it] because it's possible with you.

Usagi: What is this?! Always making me out to be an idiot. You don't have a clue about how people feel!

Mamoru: What was that?

*          *          *

Usagi: Huh? Why [are you giving me] this?

Mamoru: In exchange for the muffler. Since I haven't given you anything back yet.

Usagi: No way...Thank you.

*          *          *

Beryl: Endymion, in the past, no matter how much I wished for it, I wasn't able to get my hands on you. This time around, I will get you! Right before your eyes, Princess!

*          *          *

Mamoru: You!

Mio: Come with me. Mamoru-kun's precious Shitennou are waiting.

*          *          *

Beryl: Come, Endymion. And then, the Princess!

*          *          *

Ami: Usagi-chan, what's the matter?

Usagi: Somebody is calling me...I have to go!

Makoto: Usagi!

Luna: Usagi-chan!

*          *          *

Rei: Okay, got it.

*          *          *

Mamoru: What are we doing here?

Mio: At last. After ten thousand years...Endymion…

Beryl: Endymion! How long have I waited for this moment—the moment we meet again!

Mamoru: You are...! If I remember correctly...

Beryl: So you remember me a little. Yes...since I have been watching you all this time.

Mamoru: What?

Beryl: So you have arrived?

Mamoru: Usagi!

Moon: What is this? What does this mean?

Venus: Beryl! What is it you’re planning?

Beryl: Princess! Say farewell. Starting today, your Endymion is going to be mine.

Moon: What?

Mamoru: What?

Beryl: We will take Queen Metalia's power, and, together with me, he will reign over the lands.

Mamoru: Speak for yourself!*** Why would I [do such a thing]?

Beryl: (laughs)

Kunzite: (grunts)

Zoicite: Master!

Jadeite: Beryl-sama!

Nephrite: What is thi—

Beryl: The Shitennou are beings that I resurrected. With one word from me, they will stab themselves.

Kunzite: What?

Beryl: Endymion, if you don't want the Shitennou dead. Come to me!

Moon: That's—. How horrible! Why are you doing such a—

Beryl: Endymion, since the ancient times of our past lives, I have been thinking of you. Only you.

Mars: Past lives...

Beryl: You will come! You cannot throw them away. The vassals who pledged allegiance [to you]—

Kunzite: How stupid! I am no longer—

Mamoru: Stop it!

Beryl: Come here, Endymion.

Moon: Wait! This is meaningless! Even if you threaten him, you can't change someone's heart!

Beryl: Silence her!

Venus: Protect the princess!

Moon: Guys!

Luna: Everyone! Regain your strength!

Artemis: Are you alright?!

Moon: It’s horrible...

Beryl: Endymion! How long are you going to keep me waiting?

Mamoru: Wait! Okay, I’m coming.****

Beryl: That's right. Come here.

Nephrite: Why is he—?

Jadeite: Is he going to help us?

Zoicite: Master! Don't, master! Go back!

Moon: This can’t...
Don't touch him!

Beryl: What the...?

Mamoru: Usagi!

Luna: Usagi-chan!

Beryl: What is this? What is this?! (cackles)
(gasp) What are you doing?! Get rid of her!

Jupiter: No. That's not Usagi.

Mars: Then that’s…

Venus: It's the Princess. Princess Serenity.

Mamoru: Usagi.

Beryl: Princess. Don't feel so good about yourself. Now, I am equal to you [in power]—no, even more so! Didn’t you hear me? First, get back. Put down your sword! You disrespectful little...!

Princess Sailor Moon: You’re the one who is disrespectful!

Luna: Princess.

Beryl: You little—! Stop her, Endymion! Get rid of this girl! You are mine now. If you say you won’t—

Nephrite: B-beryl-sama...

Jadeite: Nephrite!

Beryl: Endymion!

Princess Sailor Moon: Endymion.

Mamoru: Usagi. You can hear my voice, right? That’s enough. Come back! Usagi...Usagi!

Usagi: Huh? I...

Mercury: Usagi-chan!

Beryl: Endymion, come here!

Usagi: Mamoru!

Mamoru: It's alright. I’ll come back for sure.

Usagi: Mamoru...

Jupiter: Usagi!

Luna: Usagi-chan!

Ami: Usagi-chan...

Mars: This too...this too?! Is this too a burden we carry from our past lives?!

Act 37 Preview

Usagi: Endymion.

Human Luna: Usagi-chan! Where are you?!

Beryl: Look, Endymion.

Mamoru: Queen Metalia.

Ikuko: Hey, Usagi! What the hell?!

Makoto: (in Usagi mode) Wai! Wai!

*She means that she will be too sick to fight sometimes. Back to the line.

**A reference to Act 2, when Usagi picked up Mamoru’s name tag and read the kanji out loud as "Chijou Ei." Back to the line.

***Literally, “Don’t say whatever you want!” Back to the line.

****Literally, he says, “I understand,” but in this case, it’s a phrase of compliance, indicating that he will do what is asked. Back to the line.

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