Act 37 (6月 26日) ~ Transcript

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Episode Introduction

Human Luna: To make Chiba Mamoru/Endymion her own, Queen Beryl cornered him by using the Shitennou as hostages; to Endymion, the Shitennou are precious. But then, Sailor Moon went through a change!

Moon: Don't touch him!

Beryl: Stop her, Endymion! Get rid of this girl! You are mine now. If you say you won't—

Mamoru: Usagi. You can hear my voice, right? That’s enough. Come back! Usagi...Usagi!

Beryl: Endymion, come here!

Usagi: Mamoru!

Mamoru: It's alright. I’ll come back for sure.

Jupiter: Usagi!

Luna: Usagi-chan!

Human Luna: Though it is said that the love between the Princess and the Prince will destroy the planet...that they would part this way is...

*          *          *

Ami: Usagi-chan was like a different person.

Human Luna: It seems that the past life's Princess Serenity awoke just as is. It’s only that her appearance is different.

Ami: Usagi-chan...

Mars: This too...this too?! Is this too a burden we carry from our past lives?!

Ami: Usagi-chan!

Makoto: Are you okay?

Usagi: Yeah...

Usagi: Mamoru!

Usagi: I remember...he's gone...

Makoto: Usagi...

Rei: Usagi, cheer up! You can’t let that monster from the past take away the one you love.

Usagi: Yes. That's right. He said that he would come back for sure, after all. If I keep moping around, he'll scold me for being an idiot. It's alright.

Ami: Yes.

Makoto: You said a good thing.

Rei: It was nothing.

Usagi: It's alright...right?

Act 37

Mio: Go on, eat. It's delicious. There's no poison or anything in it either. When you finish, I'll bring you to Queen Metalia’s chambers.

Mamoru: Before you do that, bring me to Zoicite and the others. They’re okay, right?

Mio: Yes! One is gone though. I went and dropped him off somewhere. It's okay. The Shitennou are merely those who serve you, right?

*          *          *

Beryl: Queen Metalia's power is only getting stronger. Is it what I’ve been suspecting?

*          *          *

(sound of harp playing)

Usagi/Princess: Endymion.

Luna: Usagi-chan! Usagi-chan.

(sound of harp playing)

Human Luna: Usagi-chan! Usagi-chan! Which way did she go? Huh? This sound...Usagi-chan, where are you?!

*          *          *

Jadeite: Beryl-sama...even to me...

Beryl: The Shitennou are beings that I resurrected. With one word from me, they will stab themselves.

Jadeite: Why?! When I pledged my allegiance to her!

Zoicite: The one whom we must serve is not Beryl. I told you that it's Master Endymion. Remember it.

*          *          *

Ikuko: Usagi? How long are you going to sleep? Hey, Usagi! At least answer me!

Muffled voice: Mmm, okay, I'll be out in minute.

Ikuko: Your breakfast is going get cold. I made bittermelon omelets in avocado sauce.*

Luna: Ami-chan, thank you. Mama would have made a big fuss.

Ami: No no. More importantly, we have to find Usagi-chan fast.

Luna: Ah, yeah. Mako-chan said that she’d be coming here later too. Rei-chan said that she's going to go see Venus.

Ami: What should we do about Usagi-chan's Mama? It's impossible to keep up with this façade much longer.

Ikuko: Hey, Usagi! What in the world—?! You woke up? Hurry up and eat. I have to do the laundry, clean the house, etc. Ah! Some packages are coming, so look after the house, will you? I’ve lost my contacts, and I have to go buy some.

Luna: This could work.

Ami: Huh?

*          *          *

Ikuko: Usagi, eat fast.

(doorbell rings)

Ikuko: Yes!

Shingo: (sighs) Don’t get what the hell you guys are doing.

Ikuko: Ah, Mako-chan! It's been a long time! Have you eaten breakfast? Oh, what a shame, I made avocado omelets. Usagi, [it's] Mako-chan. I'm sorry everything’s a mess. Take your time, okay?

Makoto: U-sagi?

Ami: (laughs nervously)

*          *          *

Minako: Right now, I have Artemis looking for the Princess. She hasn't come to me yet. Good job!

Turtle-man: Oy.

Rei: But why did the Princess suddenly...? Luna said that her appearance was different from the way it was in the past life.

Minako: Yeah, it really was different...I think maybe it was because of Endymion and what happened to him. But, that power...

Beryl: You disrespectful little...!

Minako: Artemis said it was too powerful.

Rei: Too powerful?

Minako: That princess...what on earth...?

Rei: What about during the war in the past life?

Minako: That war...

Staff: Minako-chan. Is this your friend?

Minako: She’s Mars Reiko, the new girl.

Staff: Hi!

Minako: I thought that we would practice with the script together.
'Why? Why won't you answer me? Please, answer.'

Script booklet cover: Kame-Fighter vs Ika-Kick (Turtle-Fighter vs. Squid Kick)

Minako: 'Please, answer.'

Rei: 'Ku...kupi.'

Minako: You're bad at this.

Script: Nakonako: 'Kupi.'

Minako: Your not putting emotion into it. First, let’s start with your appearance.

Rei: (sighs)

*          *          *

Makoto: I when she disappeared, she was the princess.

Human Luna: Yes. No mistaking it.

Ami: Then what about the harp sound that you heard, Luna?

Human Luna: It might be that the Princess is playing it.

Makoto: A harp, huh? She's really different from Usagi, it feels.

Human Luna: Anyway, we've got to look around one more time at the place where I heard the harp's sound.

Ami: But who's going to look after the house?

Human Luna, Ami, Makoto: First it's Rock, then Rock, Paper, Scissors! Are we still even?

Human Luna: I did it!

Makoto: You're not allowed!

Human Luna: Whaaaat~?

Ami, Makoto: First it's Rock, then Rock, Paper, Scissors! Even! Even! Even! Even!

Ikuko: Usagi, I'll trust the house to you. Mama will be back home in the evening.

Nasal voice: Oookay.

Ikuko: Huh? What's with that voice?

Makoto: (nose pinched) I’ve just...caught a little cold. (forces a cough)

Luna: (whispers) Mako-chan, Mako-chan. This one, this one, this one!

Sign: More like Usagi-chan!

Signs on bed: Be more spontaneous; Not good, Mako-chan; Mako-chan, throw yourself away; You are Tsukino Usagi

Makoto: (nose pinched) I-I've caught a cold! Wa~i! Wa~i!

Ikuko: Wai? Go straight to sleep. My eyes are getting worse. Usagi seems bigger to me! Astigmatism?!

Makoto: (breathes in relief)

*          *          *

Ami: Usagi-chan! Usagi-chan! Usagi-chan! Usagi-chan!

*          *          *

Zoicite: Master, there is no need for you to stay here for our sake. Escape now.

Mamoru: If I’d meant to abandon you, I wouldn’t have obeyed Beryl from the start.

Zoicite: Master.

Kunzite: How grateful we should be for your kindness.

Zoicite: Kunzite.

Kunzite: I don't intend on being in your debt.

Mamoru: That's not my intention either. You were planning on getting revenge, right? That I betrayed you, that the planet was destroyed—what does it all mean?

Kunzite: What are you going to do about it once you know?

Mamoru: I don't know. It might be that I let you kill me without protest. Or it might be the opposite.

Kunzite: Is that how it is. How different from before. Then, be killed without protest.

Zoicite: Stop it!

*          *          *

Minako: The war in the past life started from an uprising on Earth. It was said that the troubles on Earth were the fault of the Princess and Endymion.

Rei: Because they fell into a forbidden love?

Minako: (nods) Back then, the one behind the troubles was Queen Metalia. And the one who led the people of Earth using [Metalia’s] power was Queen Beryl.

*          *          *

Zoicite: Kunzite, the Master came with Beryl for us. The Master is the same as he was in the past.

Kunzite: Come, Master. Master, how many times have I told you? A sword of violence does not suit you. You keep up with that, and there's a possibility that you'll be mistaken for an enemy.

Endymion: What's wrong with that? I can defeat the enemy.

Kunzite: No. The Master's sword must be a sword of survival.

Endymion: There's your lecture again. And if so? Is your sword a sword for protecting me?

Kunzite: Our sword is a sword with which we die for the master.

Endymion: Once more.

Jadeite: Master...

Kunzite: The past...disappeared on that day of destruction.


Kunzite: I'll erase everyone who had a part in it. Naturally, that means myself as well.

Mio: What are you doing? Kunzite. If you lay a hand on Mamoru-kun, I don't know what will happen to you. Mamoru-kun, let's go Metalia's chambers.

*          *          *

Ami: Usagi-chan! Usagi-chan! Usagi-chan! Usagi-chan!

Nephrite: B-beryl-sama...

Nephrite: Huh?!...(laughs manically) Queen Beryl.

*          *          *

Beryl: Welcome, Endymion.

*          *          *

Minako: Finally, Queen Beryl invaded the Moon palace. That day, something destroyed Earth. The Moon was destroyed too.

Rei: That something. Wasn't it Queen Metalia?

Minako: That, I don't know. It might be that only the Princess and Endymion know—

Staff: Is there an Endymion in here? Did something change? Has something been added?

Minako: 'One word to say I love you.'

Rei: 'Kupipi.'

Staff: (claps)

(buzzer sounds)

*          *          *

Beryl: At last. How I have waited to welcome you here.

Mamoru: Is this enough to satisfy you?

Beryl: You would not I have wanted to have you as mine since our past lives. Back then, you were the symbol of everything. Power, wealth, happiness... beauty. Everything that my heart wanted was there.

Mamoru: Seems like a willfully created delusion to me. I'm just a human.

Beryl: But that Princess...

Princess Sailor Moon: You’re the one who is disrespectful!

Beryl: Look, Endymion. That is what has been giving me power since the past. Queen Metalia! When her power completely awakens, I will be free to do whatever I want with this planet.

Mamoru: Queen Metalia...

Beryl: But...

*          *          *

(sound of harp playing)

Ami: Guys!

Human Luna: Got it.

(sound of harp playing)

Makoto: I can hear it. Where is she?

Minako: Where's the Princess?

Ami: We still haven't—

*          *          *

Beryl: I have always thought of it as rather mysterious. Why is it that, even without energy, Queen Metalia's power is getting stronger? To the extent that this planet is bringing out youma?

*          *          *

Rei: Be careful. It's the same kind of youma as that time before.

Minako: Transform! Venus Power!

Rei: Mars Power!

Makoto: Jupiter Power!

Ami: Mercury Power!

Four: Make up!

Human Luna: Luna Prism Power! Make up! We did it!

Mercury: All of the youma are focusing on the same place. I think it's from where the sound of the harp is coming from.

Jupiter: What?

Venus: Let's go.

*          *          *

Beryl: Princess...The one who was influencing Metalia was the Princess!

*          *          *

Princess Sailor Moon: (plays a stringless harp)

Mercury: Usagi-chan...

Mars: No, that’s not her. It's the Princess.

Princess Sailor Moon: Endymion.

*          *          *

Beryl: Endymion, get rid of the Princess. With your own hands. It is the Princess who brings calamity to this planet.

*          *          *

Princess Sailor Moon: It was I...who destroyed the planet.

Act 38 Preview

Princess: No matter how many times I am reborn, I cannot be with Endymion.

Mamoru: Usagi...

Usagi: But—I—!

*Yes, “bittermelon,” as explained here. Back to the line.

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