Ayaka Komatsu

A teen model who was also chosen as the live action "Sailor Venus"

From the November 2003 issue of Up to Boy, featured as article No. 1 in the "Now Catch" section
By Aoki Koji - Translated by Wasurenagusa and edited by N.

Komatsu Ayaka

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Q: You made your debut as an actress in Odoru Daisousasen THE MOVIE 2. What was your part?

Ayaka: I played a role where I was the victim to a notorious vampire's attack and end up going to the Wangan Police Station. I practiced and reread the script a number of times, but when I was surrounded by all the detectives, I got nervous—I almost forgot my lines! (laughs)

Q: That's because you were surrounded by such famous actors during your first acting experience. What did you think when you saw the others act right in front of your eyes?

Ayaka: I thought that Eri Fukatsu may be small in size, but when she acts, it's so powerful that she's larger than life. I was surprise by it. I want to be just like her.

Q: You still live in Iwate Prefecture, but what led you to come to the entertainment industry?

Ayaka: I have been reading fashion magazines since I was in third grade and thought I'd like to be a model too. But I thought that, because I live in Iwate, it would be impossible. Then I saw in CANDy that it was okay for applicants to be from Iwate. So I thought, This is it! After I applied, a roll of film was sent to me, and they told me to "use the whole roll." When I used the roll and sent it back, I got through.

Q: So that means your childhood dream came true.

Ayaka: I really didn't imagine I could be a model, so it was like a dream. I'm also happy that some girls would send me fan letters.

Q: After your first appearance in Up, men might send you fan letters next time. What's your type of guy?

Ayaka: Kind, not uncertain about things, someone who would understand and accept my selfishness. On looks…if he's a little bit taller than me, then that's okay (laugh). Among famous people, I like Yosuke Kubozuka.

Q: Wouldn't it be great if you could work with him someday? Starting this fall, you will regularly be on the drama Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. You're going to play "Sailor Venus." What do you think about wearing the costume?

Ayaka: At first, I didn't know if the costume would suit me, but the other girls are also wearing almost the same thing, so I got used to it. Now, it almost feels as if normal clothes are the weird ones (laughs)

Q: I think there are also going to be a lot of actions scenes. Do you have good reflexes?

Ayaka: I'm good at physical activity, I love it! I have confidence in my strength. Sailor Venus and Minako, the civilian form of the character, are quite different from me, so I'm trying my best to separate the role from myself and act it.

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