HICBC Previews ~ Acts 21-30

Act 21 Preview (02/28/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 21 Preview

Upon finding out that Mamoru and Hina are engaged, Usagi suffers from a state of shock. Makoto goes to Ami's place to try to think of ways to cheer her up, but when she gets there, Ami seems to be acting strange. She unexpectedly expresses a desire to go to an amusement park, causing a bewildered Makoto to look upon Ami's high spirits with great skepticism. It’s as if Ami has become a completely different person. In the end, Ami ends up collapsing in complete exhaustion!

Act 22 Preview (03/06/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 22 Preview

Sailor Mercury has fallen into the hands of the enemy! Introducing herself as “Dark Mercury,” she declares her intention to bring down the other Sailor Senshi. Confused, the Senshi take a look back at the recent breakdown of their team. While everyone was selfishly acting alone, only Ami, while knitting mittens for each senshi, was patiently waiting for them to become one again. But now that Ami has become an enemy, the Senshi find themselves forced to fight Mercury in the name of justice. What will the girls decide to do?!

Act 23 Preview (03/13/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 23 Preview

Sailor Mercury has been captured by the Dark Kingdom and become an enemy of the Sailor Senshi. In order to save her, each Sailor Senshi must awaken the power that is sleeping inside of her. Rei, who as the leader of the Senshi must hurry to awaken, frantically looks for ways to break through. Meanwhile, due to Sailor Venus aka Aino Minako’s plans, it turns out that Rei has to sing a song in front of sick children in a hospital. Too bad Rei really can’t sing. Poor Rei chooses to…

Act 24 Preview (03/20/04) ~ HICBC

The Sailor Senshi still haven’t managed to bring back Ami, who has been captured by the Dark Kingdom and turned into an enemy. Because of the Ami situation, Usagi is trying hard to forget about Mamoru, who has a fiancée. So when she also learns that Mamoru is soon going to study abroad in England, she decides to give up on him completely.

Meanwhile, one of the Dark Kingdom generals, Zoicite, has started act strangely towards Mamoru. He appears before him sporadically and is trying to help him remember the past. The keyword he uses is “Master Endymion.” What is the connection between the dark forces, the Dark Kingdom, and Mamoru…?

At that time, Usagi hears that Mamoru is with Zoicite. But when Usagi goes to save Mamoru, the shocking scenario that awaits her is…!

Act 25 Preview (03/27/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 25 Preview

Having discover Tuxedo Kamen's true identity, Usagi can't hide her shock. Further, though she is unsettled after having accidentally confessed to Mamoru her true feelings, she is unable to let go of the tiniest bit of hope. Meanwhile, Mamoru's fiance Hina is trying to figure out whether or not he truly loves her. Mamoru desperately tries to hide his true feelings, but he unintentionally ends up hurting her. As the time to make a decision about their relationship draws near, Mamoru...

Act 26 Preview (04/03/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 26 Preview

Mamoru, who had been finished off by the Dark Kingdom, opened his eyes with the help of tears that Usagi spilled for him. Simultaneously, Luna, Mars, and Jupiter found out with certainty who the Princess really was. The Moon Princess was none other than Tsukino Usagi! Long ago, in Usagi and Mamoru's previous lives, the Moon Princess Serenity and Earth Prince Endymion were deeply in love--but their love was strictly forbidden. Before long, their relationship brought about the tragic destruction of the Moon Kingdom and the Earth. However, by means of a destiny that had started in that ancient era, the two crossed the boundaries of time to find each other once again!

Soon, Mamoru will leave for London with his fiance Kusaka Hina. What will become of his future with Usagi?

Act 27 Preview (04/17/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 27 Preview

As the Princess of the Moon and the Prince of the Earth, Usagi and Mamoru were deeply in the love with each other in their past lives. Even in their present lives, they are strongly drawn to each other, but their love is forbidden. In order to find out who he really is, Mamoru has left for London.

Resigning herself to Mamoru['s departure], Usagi resolves to pour all of her energy into saving Ami, whose heart turned evil after she was captured by the Dark Kingdom. In such a time, a lone Senshi appears before Ami, aka Sailor Mercury. What kind of person is this Senshi, who left [Ami] with the words, "You will return, no matter what."?

Concurrently, a mysterious girl also appears before Usagi, Rei, and Makoto...

Act 28 Preview (04/24/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 28 Preview

By the grace of the light that Sailor Moon released using the Illusionary Silver Crystal, the spell cast upon Ami has finally broken. Yet Ami suffers in her heart, for prior to breaking free of the spell, she brought down her sword on Sailor Moon. Usagi and Ami both pass out in the forest.

Ami, having recovered, remembers everything that has happened between her and Usagi on each day up until the present. But it's too late. While embracing a still Usagi, Ami sheds tears.

Act 29 Preview (05/01/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 29 Preview

Having finally broken free of the enemy's spell, Ami has returned to normal and rejoined Usagi's team. The ecstatic Sailor Senshi grasp each other's hands. Now, each soldier must awaken completely, and the Princess' memories must return.

While Usagi and her friends celebrate Ami's homecoming by singing Aino Minako's songs, Sailor Venus--Aino Minako herself--harbors doubts about the sudden appearance of her rival, Kuroki Mio. Minako recalls having felt a strange sensation from Kuroki Mio, whose presence has become strong enough to threaten Minako's position as the number one idol. Soon, that strange feeling hits home: Kuroki Mio transfers into the class of Usagi and her friends!

Act 30 Preview (05/08/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 30 Preview

Kuroki Mio, the idol who has transferred to Usagi's school, cleverly finds a way to befriend Usagi. Because of the time when Usagi made Mio wait alone in a safe place in order to fight a youma, a rumor has spread amongst her classmates that "Usagi deserted Mio and ran away by herself." Unable to tell them that she had been fighting, Usagi becomes isolated in her class. Mio, who under the guise of being Usagi's friend is trying to bring about her downfall, sets more traps that involve even Aino Minako!

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