HICBC Previews ~ Acts 31-40

Act 31 Preview (05/15/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 31 Preview

As the only one amongst her friends who has not been able to awaken her Senshi powers, Makoto is feeling impatient. While the problem of awakening weighs heavily on her heart*, the Senshi are working together to carry out their concentration training. As usual, doesn't have a role. At that time, the clerk at Crown Karaoke, Furuhata Motoki, asks Makoto out on a date. An awkward date ensues, and Motoki finally confesses his feelings to Makoto!

*Literal: Regarding awakening, the problem in her heart is big.

Act 32 Preview (05/22/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 32 Preview

Chiba Mamoru, who went to London, has gone missing! Unable to forget him, Usagi can no longer stand still. Ignoring her friends' warnings that their love for each other is cursed, she tries to find some way to get to London. Mio, the celebrity among Usagi's classmates, catches sight of this. She suggests to Usagi that she embark on a voyage to London for a location shoot as idol Yuuto's personal assistant. Ready to grasp at straws, Usagi happily becomes [Yuuto's] assistant. But Aino Minako, having heard about the incident, gets a bad feeling about the whole thing...

Act 33 Preview (05/29/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 33 Preview

Mamoru and Usagi's hearts have connected at last. Though Usagi's friends regard the relationship, which is said to have been cursed since their past lives, with unease, they are unable to pull an ecstatic Usagi away [from Mamoru]. In contrast to Usagi, who has reached a peak in her happiness, Ami has come to feel consistently lonely due to her [emotional] distance from her mother, and Rei still harbors resentment towards her father; each girl is faced with a situation in which an honest confrontation with her parent becomes unavoidable.

Act 34 Preview (06/05/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 34 Preview

Since she was very young, Ami has been holding herself back and behaving obediently in order to make her mother happy, but when she is told that transferring schools is a good idea, this is one time that Ami cannot suppress her emotions. Meanwhile, Rei is still unable to forgive her politician father for not having come to the hospital when her mother passed away. The two girls, harboring complicated feelings for their parents, decided...

Act 35 Preview (06/12/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 35 Preview

Usagi and Mamoru's relationship has been forbidden since the [era of their] past lives, but the two, making a joint vow "not to believe in the past," have gone ahead and started seeing each other. Her fellow Senshi are also unable to strongly oppose [the relationship in the face of] Usagi's enthusiasm. However, Sailor Venus, who knows the terrors [that will be brought about] by the relationship, will not permit it under any circumstances. While she ruminates over how to stop the two one way or another, Zoicite appears before her. Zoicite, who has the same intention to keep the two apart, makes a proposal to Venus...

Act 36 Preview (06/19/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 36 Preview

Aino Minako, who is Sailor Venus, confesses a terrible secret to Rei. Though Rei can't contain her shock at this sudden confession, there is no time to stay perplexed about it--the enemy is getting increasingly stronger. While Rei and the others are keeping surveillance, the queen of the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl, finally appears before Endymion, a.k.a. Chiba Mamoru, whom she has wanted since the time of their past lives!

Act 37 Preview (06/26/04) ~ HICBC

Usagi, who had Chiba Mamoru taken from her by Queen Beryl, controls her feelings of worry and, placing her faith in him, decides to wait for his return. However, the minute Luna takes her eyes off of her, Usagi disappears!

Because the last thing Luna heard was the sound of a harp, it appears that Usagi has taken the form of the princess. Following that sound, the Senshi begin a search for the Princess.

Meanwhile, Mamoru, who was taken away to the Dark Kingdom, decides to directly confront the Shitennou, his vassals from their previous lives.

Act 38 Preview (07/03/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 38 Preview

The truth about what in the world actually happened in their past lives finally comes directly from Princess Sailor Moon's own lips. At this overwhelming revelation, the Sensh and Luna cannot recover from their shock. Meanwhile, Mamoru, having heard the truth from Queen Beryl, makes a decision.

Act 39 Preview (07/10/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 39 Preview

Endymion, Mamoru's previous incarnation, has drawn a sword against Sailor Moon! In order to ensure that the tragedy of the past does not repeat itself, Mamoru, whom Usagi loves, declares war against her. However, Usagi's feelings remain unchanged. She courageously continues to believe in Mamoru. At that time, in an unexpected turn of events, Aino Minako's agency president requests Usagi's mother's work as a television reporter!

Act 40 Preview (07/17/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 40 Preview

Having learned from Mamoru that it is she who must protect the Earth, Usagi is determined to find a way to control the Illusionary Silver Crystal, which has the power to destroy the planet. Meanwhile, Aino Minako decides to quit her singing career in order to devote the short remainder of her life to carrying out the mission of the past. Just then, Minako's boss at her agency tells her that her job has been given over to a new face. Her job suddenly snatched away from her, the identity of the idol who appears before Minako is...?!!

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