HICBC Previews ~ Acts 41-Final

Act 41 Preview (07/24/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 41 Preview

Summer vacation is here, and Usagi's school has assigned volunteer work as homework over the break. With their classmate Naru, Usagi, Ami, and Makoto decide to help out small children at a daycare center. While the children are in the middle of driving them crazy, Usagi comes up with a plan. Without Makoto knowing, she calls Motoki out and decides to leave the two of them alone. Ignorant to Usagi's plans, Makoto goes out to the backyard carrying the children's laundry. There, Motoki has arrived...

Act 42 Preview (07/31/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 42 Preview

Queen Metalia's power is just getting stronger. If Usagi doesn't learn to contain that power, Earth will be destroyed. Encouraged by Naru and her friends, Usagi starts training to stop Metalia's power, but the way she's training isn't the right way--it's not fit to save Earth! On the other hand, Jadeite pledges allegiance to Beryl who, desiring Endymion so much, orders Jadeite to do something. Jadeite approaches Mamoru with the mysterious stone Beryl gave him but...

Act 43 Preview (08/07/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 43 Preview

Under Queen Beryl's orders, a life threatening stone has been buried inside of Mamoru--the more he thinks about Usagi, the closer he gets to death. Once finding that out, Usagi's anger flares up. A change occurs in her... Worried about this change, Mamoru is determined to meet up with Usagi, whether the stone is in his body or not. His permitted time of releases is until sunset. Should he fail to return, Queen Beryl will take away his life.

Act 44 Preview (08/14/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 44 Preview

Rei and Minako clash over their ways of dealing with the past life. Though Rei insisted that Minako was not qualified to fight alongside of them because she has not yet awoken to her Senshi powers, good intentions were lurking beneath her claim.

Meanwhile, Queen Beryl has realized that she will not win Endymion's heart, no matter what she does, and finally decides to take the Princess' life!

Act 45 Preview (08/21/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 45 Preview

Venus finally has a breakdown. Makoto and Ami begin to realize that her condition is nothing ordinary. Artemis frantically pushes for an operation, but Venus, who has decided to live only for the sake of the mission from the past, adamantly refuses. Touched by Venus' willingness to put her life on the line for the mission, Makoto does something outrageous.

Act 46 Preview (08/28/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 46 Preview

To Minako, seeing Makoto decide to sacrifice her life in order to fulfill the mission from the past was like seeing a reflection of herself, a prisoner to the past life.

On the other hand, Rei has been dragged off to the Dark Kingdom by Mio--and meets up with Mamoru!

Act 47 Preview (09/04/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 47 Preview

Venus finally awakens into her Senshi powers and succeeds in bringing down the youma. Further, she decides to undergo the operation. Believing that the surgery will go successfully, her fellow Senshi plan her a party. With a smiling face, Minako goes to the pre-surgery exam, and....

Act 48 Preview (09/18/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Act 48 Preview

Unable to bear Minako's death, the Senshi vow to fight her share of the fight for the sake of changing the fate of the planet. Meanwhile, Mamoru puts his life on the line to save the Earth and does something terrible--he traps the destructive energy of Queen Metalia within himself!

Final Act Preview (09/25/04) ~ HICBC

HICBC Final Act Preview

Endymion has become one with Metalia, and Sailor Moon runs him through with a sword! The shock from the realization that she has killed Endymion causes her to transform into Princess Sailor Moon, and she decides to end the entire planet! Will the past end up repeating itself after all? The shocking finale to Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon!

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