Shibue Jyoji's Diaries

Translated by N. and edited by Wasurenagusa

In December of 2003, Shibue Jyoji started to keep a public diary through a cell phone service. Those interested in his day to day life were able to subscribe to his diary and receive a text message from him on their cell phones about once a week. The cell phone service also sent small pictures of him weekly to subscribers. Because only those who live in Japan can have access to this service, we've translated his messages and snapped some of the pictures and compiled them here. Because this is a pay service, we will only be including a few pictures for each month of diaries. If happen to reside in Japan and are interested in this service, it costs 315 yen a month.
Information on how to get it may be found here.

渋江譲二さんの日記を日本語で読みたい方、待ち受け画像がもっと見たい方、譲二くんの(何気に)フレッシュな情報が知りたい方、 とにかく譲二くんが好き!な方などなどは、 こちらのサイトにいて、 登録方法とかの詳しい情報が載ってます。

January 2004

January 30, 2004
My family consists of a father and a mother, an older sister and a younger sister, and we all live together at home. Looks like I'm surrounded by women. That's why, since I was a child, I've always longed for a brother. If I'd had an older bro, he could have taught me a lot of things. There are some things that only boys could know, right? (smiles)

Shibue Jyoji January 23, 2004
I've been thinking about what has changed about me since I started this job, and I've decided that nothing in particular has really changed. The friends surrounding me watch Sailor Moon and are happy for me, telling me things like, "You're good!" But they still treat me like they always have. I'm thinking it would be nice if I could go on like this, without any major changes in my style!

January 16, 2004
When I came to Tokyo, I thought, There are so many people here who are so individualistic and unique, it's amazing! It feels like many have come to do whatever they want to do and firmly hold on to their opinions. A lot of people I've met at work and friends I've made at school are like that, and they're so inspiring. I'd like to grow up being inspired everyday.

Shibue Jyoji January 9, 2004
One actor I really look up to is Kubozuka Yosuke. Upon reading an interview of his, his straight-to-the-point manner of expression gave me the feeling that he has a really passionate personality. Even as I watch his movies, it's clear that that his dedication to his roles is amazing. Someday, I'd like to share the same stage as him.

January 2, 2004
Happy New Year! Last year became a big year for me when I was chosen to play Tuxedo Kamen. This year will be even better than that! For the time being, I'm putting all of my effort into my current job... Please watch out for a more improved (will improve, I think) Shibue!

December 2003

Shibue Jyoji December 26, 2003
Continuing with last week's discussion about movies, awhile ago, I watched Drive, a movie directed by SABU. Unexpectedly, the work didn't have much music in it, but I've noticed that lately, a lot of Japanese movies that are great even with only a little music. I myself prefer movies with lots of music. In my opinion, a lot of films leave an impression because of their soundtracks! Kitano Takasi's Brother was pretty impressive and is highly recommendable. Anyone want to take a look?

December 19, 2003
I've watched a lot more Japanese movies than Western movies. I want to observe how actors perform, and since there are a lot of differences in the words Western actors use and the ways they react, I prefer watching Japanese actors (although Western movies are fun to watch too, of course!). From here on, I'd like to appear in a lot of movies. That's my ambition right now. (smiles)

Shibue Jyoji December 12, 2003
Ever since I was young, I've been interested in film, so I attended an arts school. Before I knew it, I started appearing on television! Even though the work I've done has changed, the feeling of it stays the same. Right now, I'm trying to rack up some experience in order to become a good actor, and after that, I'm thinking it'd be nice to stumble across some great production opportunity!

December 5, 2003
This is my first diary entry. There are a lot of things I want to write about, but first, let me introduce myself! I'm Shibue Jyoji. I play the role of Tuxedo Kamen/Chiba Mamoru in the currently running show Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. I'm doing my best everyday, wearing the mask. I'm going to be talking about lot more things from now on too, so regards!

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