Walking the Path Towards a Glamorous Adulthood

Shibue Jyoji-kun Uncensored!!*

December 12, 2003 - From Telepal F (F Magazine)

Shibue-kun: who claims Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon as his first full-blown acting job. "The clink clink' [that once jangled around my hips]," he says, "is gone," (a thing like a wallet chain) "as it was a bit of a hindrance. For the sake of the role, I took out my earrings too, but I don't think I'll be wearing them from now on anyway." Since he has started working, it looks like his fashion sense has been changing, little by little.

Shibue Jyoji

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Shibue-kun: who is exuding a serious and dignified aura in the picture appearing in this magazine. In reality, however, he gives off a gentle, kind aura, which hits us especially hard when he flashes us a charming smile! The "soft atmosphere" is perfect for a good-looking man. Though he answers in a relaxed tone to each and every question, and his use of polite and formal language is impressive, he discusses his difficulties with pronunciation.** Though this magazine reporter didn't notice, he says things like, "Lately, my biggest concern has been my voice and speaking correctly. I am weak with lines that end in 'ru,' or 'su' for example. I could tell by the sound of it."

Then, suddenly comes Shibue-kun's lesson on poor speaking! "This was something I was taught awhile ago, but when you say the sound 'ru,' you place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth and push out from behind. But in the case of today's young people, maybe because their tongues are stuck to the roofs of their mouths, it looks like the days of pushing the sound out from behind are over. That's what they say, at least, and claim perfect pronunciation is absolutely impossible," explains Shibue-kun, who is enthusiastically gesturing with his hands and arms as he speaks.

Though he gives off the appearance of putting effort into following the crowd, this reporter got the feeling that he isn't typical of the boys you see nowadays. While Shibue-kun wasn't around, I stealthily took the chance to speak to his manager and asked him, "What kind of person is Shibue-kun ordinarily?"

"He goes at his own pace and is very casual***," was the reply.

So this feeling of calm wonder is because of his casual nature! It's like being perplexed by the aura of a good-looking man, or Tuxedo Kamen! I get it. Can you say, stars in my eyes?!

To conclude, he requests one thing of the readers of F: "I am so different from my character... Please watch Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon with the thought, 'He really seems different from the role he plays' in mind!" They really are very different!

* It literally says, he is walking up the stairs of a cool adult and has no makeup on.
** "his slippery-tongued conversation."
*** The technical translation here is "natural."

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