A Journey in Search of a Prince

We want to meet the Prince! The Prince this time: Shibue Jyoji!

From the November 27/December 31 issue of Monthly The Television Magazine

Shibue Jyoji

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The prince behind the mysterious mask is a handsome young man who likes random trinkets.

We've been waiting for this! The masked prince is here- Shibue Jyoji, who plays Tuxedo Kamen on Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Saturday mornings, 7:30, on TBS network).

"I used to watch the anime with my older and younger sisters," he says, "so I was happy when they decided that I'd star in the show. When I tried on the costume, though, I had a really hard time, because it was my first time wearing a tuxedo. I tried working out how to wear it in my head, but the collar, the bowtie... it was all a huge mess. The staff laughed at me."

Even as he tells us about his mishaps, the prince is all calm and ease. His gaze is refreshing, as if his eyes are trying to express something wonderful.

"When I have the mask on," he continues, "I make sure that my eyes convey emotions. The mask... well I've never worn a mask before, and even though it's custom-made to fit me, it still falls off. Another thing I have trouble with is the cloak. It's made of a heavy, thick cloth, like a dark curtain, and red velvet is sewed into it on the back. It's so heavy-and it's long too. I step on the hem and come close to tripping a lot."

According to the masked prince, the next challenge he faces will be to figure out how to use his stick and cloak.

"There are a lot of ways to use the stick, like twirling it around, throwing it... But it's not a baton so I can't twirl it around recklessly... I get a lot of advice from JAC* about wielding small props and how to move my body (in action sequences)."

Masks, sticks, cloaks... our Prince is in deep with his first experience with the prop world, but what do you know? Even in his private life, he likes props and trinkets.

"I love looking at things arranged in stores," he tells us. "I often go around Harajuku.** There was once a time when I wanted to be someone who arranges products in stores."

Prince Jyoji loves little things, and in the drama, is skillful with small props. From here on, pay attention to how he plays the role of Tuxedo Kamen!

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* JAC is probably a reference to the stunt doubles. Back to the line.
** Harujuku is a hotspot for fashionable, young people in Japan. Back to the line.

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