Sincere: Featuring Mew Azama

From the May 2004 issue of New Type the Live
Translated by Wasurenagusa and edited by N.

Azama Mew

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"I love sweets." The girl who speaks these words, her expression enraptured, is almost surprisingly gentle and charming. We succumb to the charm of the girl as she is, distinct from her masculine role as "Sailor Jupiter."

Q: Actually, I’m quite surprised, because the impression I get from you is so different from the one I get from Sailor Jupiter.

Mew: Well, yeah, Makoto is very much a tomboy. A little while ago, she punched Tuxedo Kamen. I could never ever do that…

Q: I haven’t thought about it that much, but you’re much gentler than I expected, Azama-san.

Mew: Yeah, people always tell me that I always stare off into space. Sometime ago, when I was eating with everyone on the set, I intended to pour tea in a cup, but I spilled it. I sent Kei-chan (Kitagawa Keiko) into a panic. (laughs)

Q: Half a year has passed since the beginning of the show; is there anything that has changed about your view of Mako-chan's character between now and the first shooting?

Mew: At first, I thought she was more mature, but in reality she has this humorous element. Now I think she’s mischievous.

Azama Mew

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Q: Are you used to shooting locations now?

Mew: Very! But shooting in the winter was so cold, it was really hard. I'm from Okinawa (islands southwest of mainland Japan. Found in the same latitude zone as Hawaii and Florida), so Tokyo's winter cold is very difficult for me.

Q: The costumes you wear when you transform look especially chilly. Have you had any other difficult moments during the shootings?

Mew: In Act 21, riding the thriller rides with Ami-chan... That time, I really thought I was going to die. I actually cried during the second take, and the takes after that...

Azama Mew

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Q: So the scream that time wasn’t acting, then. (laughs) We heard that ordinarily, you wear a lot of pants for fashion. What are your thoughts about today’s photo shoot (for the magazine pictures)?

Mew: Shooting in an easy-going atmosphere, being able to wear a girly skirt—it was great!

Q: How do you spend your days off?

Mew: I go out with my friends! If not, I watch movies and stuff and relax at home. Ah—but it's going to be finals soon so I have to study!

Q: You don't like studying?

Mew: ...I hate it. (laughs) But I have to work seriously, so I study everyday. Little by little though.

Q: You're so tall. Are there any experiences, advantages, or disadvantages that you've had because of your height?

Azama Mew

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Mew: I wouldn't say this is really a disadvantage, but I don't like it when I'm taller than the boys at school... Then again, it's because of my height that I'm able to work as a model, so I'm glad for it!

Q: Looking at CBC’s Bishoujo Dairies, you talk a lot about sweets.

Mew: That’s right, I love sweets! And I also like cocoa and other sweet drinks. Lately, it's my thing to mix and drink soymilk with cocoa and honey.

Q: So then, you make your own sweet stuff?

Mew: I make quite a lot. This year's Valentine's Day, I spent the night making chocolates for my friends.

Q: You didn't make chocolates for boys?

Mew: I didn't. Because there’s nobody yet that I would like to give them to.

Q: If you did give them to someone, what kind of person would he be?

Mew: Someone kind who plays it cool, someone you could rely on! It would be great if I could give chocolate to that kind of person someday!

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