Kids Wars 5 Interview of Sawai Miyuu

The Original Written Interview

Name: Sawai Miyuu
Birthday: October 23, 1987 (Friday)
Blood Type: A
Astrological sign: Libra

Q1. If you were to compare yourself to an animal, what animal would it be? Why?
Miyuu: A rabbit. I don't why, but people tell me I'm very rabbit-like, and I love vegetable leaves.

Q2. Tells us about things you like to do.*
Miyuu: Going to Nagoya. (laughs)

Sawai Miyuu

Miyuu in her younger years.

Q3. What song do you often sing at karaoke?
Miyuu: Secret Base ~kimi ga kureta mono~.

Q4. What is the ring tone of your cell phone?
Miyuu: Radio Taisou♪.**

Q5. What are your favorite subjects?
Miyuu: Physical education and Japanese.

Q6. And subjects you hate?
Miyuu: Science.

Q7. Tell us one thing that you're proud of.
Miyuu: My body has become flexible! My hands can reach the floor!!

Q8. What do you do during day offs?
Miyuu: (In English) Shopping or sleeping! (zzzz...)

Q9. What are your favorite foods?
Miyuu: Meat (that includes fish), vegetables, and fruits.

Q10. What are foods you hate?
Miyuu: Green peas and raisins.

Q11. Who is the actor/actress that you respect?
Miyuu: Nanako Matsushima-san.

Q12. What are the similarities between you and your character?
(In this case, they are referring to the role of Youko, the character Miyuu played in Kids War 5; Youko is characterized as an intelligent and kind girl)
Miyuu: Well, the kind (?!) part. (laughs)

Q13. What were your most pleasant memories in shooting Kids Wars?
Miyuu: (In English) Everyday! Everyday was so fun that it is hard to say which one was the best!!

Q14. What kind of guy is your type?
Miyuu: Someone who has goals in life and is working hard to achieve them. And someone who eats a lot.

Q15. What do you think of Nagoya? (Your favorite Nagoya specialty, place etc...)
Miyuu: An-kake spaghetti (a dish made especially in Nagoya) (drools) Chicken fingers, miso katsu, etc...

Say something to Kids Wars fans.
Miyuu: Kids Wars 5! It's a shame if you don't watch it!

*The literal translation for this is: What is your "my boom?" My boom is a slang term for current things one likes to do.
** A hugely popular Japanese morning exercise program.
General notes: CBC, the main producer of Kids Wars 5, is a TV station located in Nagoya, which is why Nagoya was frequently mentioned in this interview. CBC also happens to be one of the producers of PGSM.

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