Sawai Miyuu

Appearing as the lead actress in the drama Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon!

From the November 2003 issue of Up to Boy.
Translated by Wasurenagusa and edited by N.

Sawai Miyuu

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, which we have become so familiar with through the manga, anime, and movie versions, has now been reincarnated into a serial live drama! Though this information is already big news, the girls playing the Sailor Senshi are said to be fresh and full of star potential. The heroine, Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon, is being played by none other than Sawai Miyuu! It would be a shame if we at Up didn't ask her about it!

Q: Miyuu-chan, did you often watch the anime Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon?

Miyuu: Yes, I watched it! I was so in love with it, I was obsessed. (laughs) The Henshin Sticks, the cards, the stickers…I collected a lot of products from the show. I really used to say that I wanted to be Sailor Moon. That's why when my dream came true, I was shocked, too!

Q: Not to mention the fact that "Tsukino Usagi" could be called your alter ego because you two look so much alike…

Miyuu: No, we're so unalike that you could say we're complete opposites! I'm so smart, not clumsy…just kidding (laughs). I'm told by my friends, "You're so much like your character, it's too much!" So maybe…I'm really acting as myself?!

Q: Is your skill with physical activity the only thing that you don't have in common with Usagi-chan?

Miyuu: Yes! So when I run, the director tells me, "Run weirder!" And after I spend my energy trying to run weird, then I'm told, "Let's try tripping in the middle of it." But it seems that I'm good at pretending to trip. I was even praised: "I thought you really tripped!" (laughs)

Q: Did you get a lot of acting lessons?

Miyuu: Yes, a lot. First, I would act the part. Then the director would give me advice about everything, up to the smallest details. His words would make me think, "Ahh, indeed." That was how I was able to see my own weak points, and it's a great learning experience for me.

Q: Are you okay with remembering lines?

Miyuu: It is rare that I forget my lines. But sometimes, I do completely mess up… Last time, there was a scene of me counting sheep. After doing so many rehearsals of that scene, I actually really fell asleep…! It's now called the "Sheep Incident" and is being told from one staff member to another…yeah. (laughs)

Q: Tsk tsk tsk…. So we guess that means shooting the episodes is really hard?

Miyuu: During the summer holidays, there was a shooting almost everyday. I would go to the studio on the earliest train, so there were times when it may have been hard. After meals, I'd get an attack of drowsiness, so I'd slap my cheeks and endure it. (laughs) But everyday is fun, so it's okay! My health is perfect too!

Q: Your energy also remains high. (laughs)

Miyuu: Aside from when I'm sleepy or hungry or a little down or thinking about something seriously, my energy is normally high. I get it from Usagi.

Q: Speaking of Sailor Moon, that costume of yours is also one of highlights…

Miyuu: Ya~, the first time, it was so embarrassing to wear that costume. Just before filming began, there was a press conference [where we had to wear the costume]. That time, it was really… I tried hard to stop the decorations around the leotard from flittering… (laughs)

Q: Are you used to it now?

Miyuu: Yes. When I change into Sailor Moon, my body and mind identifies with the role too. I also kurukuru* spin better.

Q: How would you like the drama version of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon to be? Do you have anything in mind?

Miyuu: When I think about the difference between anime and live action… Live action is acted out by human beings. So I think it has to be acted out more expressively. That's why during laughing scenes, I really smile; during scenes when I get shocked, I make my face look extremely serious; if I'm thinking, I try to show the waves of emotions. I want to act out Sailor Moon/Tsukino Usagi, in a way where her different emotions are clear to perceive. But if I overdo it, it would become "exaggerating." I still don't know the balance between…

Q: Ooh! As an actress, it's like you've already met your first wall?

Miyuu: Even before I was scouted, I looked up to actresses, but it was hard when I actually acted. That was how it was during the shooting if Kids Wars too. I still can't see the image of how I'm going to be portrayed by the camera. In any case, everyday, there's a lot to study. There are a lot times when I mess up, but the staff supports me a lot, and I'm very thankful. [Acting] is a job that I looked up to so I'm having fun from the bottom of my heart and doing my best.

Q: By the way, who's your favorite actress?

Miyuu: Matsushima Nanako-san. Before, her strongest image was one of being very beautiful, right? But in her latest dramas, she acts out cool parts; in commercials, she appears cute. Every appearance of her is wonderful, I look up to her.

Q: But Miyuu-chan, because of this drama, you will be the one looked up to by the children, don't you think?

Miyuu: If that happened, it would be great! Moreover, I will do my best to be worthy of it! I love children. That's why if they ask for an autograph or say, "Do a pose!" I will definitely comply. That is, if it's a place where there aren't a lot of people… (laughs)

Q: Maybe when the drama starts, you won't be able to walk the streets?!

Miyuu: [Because I will be] surrounded by children? Oooh! That sounds cool. (laugh) But there are already kids that gather on the set and say, "Sailor Moon, please shake my hand! They really become encouragement for me.

Q: Maybe you'll be called a role model for the children?

Miyuu: Ah, since we're talking about it, the clothes Usagi wears are clothes that small children can take reference from. Well, I'll only say it here. We change clothes a lot, and that's one of the highlights. This time, the girls that will act the roles of Sailor Senshi are all models, including me, so pay attention to the fashion! And there are a lot of cute things lined up in the room sets, so I hope you to check them out, too.

Q: All right, lastly, introduce Sailor Moon to the readers!

Miyuu: Ummm…I will be on the show every week, so (laughs) watch it, and don't miss a single episode. And try to watch it on time instead of recording it! Children and adults, the whole family—wake up early on Saturdays♪!

*Kurukuru is a Japanese expression for the sound of twirling. Back.

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