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Our site policies are outlined here for those who have questions regarding how to use the content on our site. We ask that you follow these guidelines simply out of respect for the hard work put into this site by our staff.

I. Disclaimer
We do not claim authorship of, ownership of, or affiliation with the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series. It is the sole property of Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha, TOEI, CBC, Bandai, DiC Entertainment, Cloverway, Pioneer, ADV, and all other companies that hold legal rights to the show.

II. Graphics
All of the graphics on Shingetsu were directly captured, bought, designed, or modified by members of our staff. The only exceptions are the preview pictures, which are taken from the TOEI and CBC sites, and the pictures noted as being From the Web in the Cast Galleries (but not including the pictures on the Cast Page, which have been heavily modified).

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The screencaps may be taken for any personal use, which includes avatars, skins, and wallpapers. You do not have to ask our permission.

Direct image linking is not allowed under any circumstances. If we see an image direct linked, you will soon see this box in its place:

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If a site is hotlinking any of our content, we will report that site to their ISP.

III. Translations and Written Content
Shingetsu content is written, translated, and edited by N. and Wasurenagusa, unless otherwise noted. If you use anything written for Shingetsu, you must:

IV. Linking
Anyone is free to add Shingetsu to their links page. To link to this site, please add it as:

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V. Crediting Content
The purpose of this website is to provide as much information in English about Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon as we can. We ask that you give just credit whenever possible. If you have any concerns regarding whom to credit for a particular piece, please contact us at