TOEI Previews ~ Acts 11-20

Act 11 Preview (12/13/03) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 11 Preview

"Aina Minako was in a traffic accident?!" Overcome with worry, Usagi and Makoto sneak into the hospital where Minako has been hospitalized. However, Minako turns a cold eye to Usagi and co.

"As the ‘princess’...!"

Act 12 Preview (12/20/03) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 12 Preview

"That kind of girl is ...Sailor Moon...?" "Princess" Minako is unable to hide her disappointment during her first experience with Usagi. Nephrite swoops in on Minako with a vicious attack.

Act 13 Preview (12/27/03) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 13 Preview


Zoicite’s final words linger in Chiba Mamoru’s mind. Coincidentally, Shin, a man who has lost his memories, appears before him.

Act 14 Preview (01/10/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 14 Preview

"Sailor Moon is turning into a youma!" Sailor Moon, having fallen prey to one of Kunzite’s traps, struggles with the youma that is attempting to progress inside of her. "I will protect Usagi-chan," Ami decides determinedly.

Act 15 Preview (01/17/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 15 Preview

The shadow of a youma persistently chases after "Princess" Minako. One day, Minako’s family jewels get stolen. Usagi and Mamoru come up with a strategy to recover them, but...

Act 16 Preview (01/24/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 16 Preview

Sailor Moon just barely defeated the youma. But while she was unaware, Kunzite was employing his energy farm strategy. Osaka Naru falls into a youma’s trap in front of Ami, who...

Act 17 Preview (01/31/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 17 Preview

"I see...he has a girlfriend." Usagi, who saw the romantic image of Chiba Mamoru with his girlfriend, frantically tries to convince herself, "The person I love is Tuxedo Kamen!" Meanwhile, Rei unexpectedly runs into celebrity Aino Minako at a church!

Act 18 Preview (02/07/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 18 Preview

Acting beyond her duty as the "princess," Venus comes into intense conflict with Mars. But why was it, exactly, that the youma attacked the priest? What was it’s true motive? The two begin to follow its trail. Meanwhile, Usagi is breaking down, terribly wounded from finding out about "Mamoru’s girlfriend"...

Act 19 Preview (02/14/04) ~ TOEI*

It’s Valentine’s Day at last! Usagi wants to give Mamoru the muffler, but Mamoru has a fiancé named Hina... Meanwhile, as Minako comes up with more strategies, Rei is...

Act 20 Preview (02/21/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 20 Preview

"I must tell Usagi the truth...!" is what Makoto has realized. But what happens when she sees Usagi on a double date with Mamoru with her own eyes? What on earth? What's going on? What Makoto has seen is...

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