TOEI Previews ~ Acts 1-10

Act 1 Preview (10/04/03) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 1 Preview

A mysterious toy cat appears in front of Tsukino Usago, a common middle school student.

"Usagi-chan! You are a Sailor Senshi!"

Act 2 Preview (10/11/03) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 2 Preview

Usagi runs into Mizuno Ami, the genius girl who spends her time in solitude. Luna says Ami is definitely the second senshi, but...

Act 3 Preview (10/18/03) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 3 Preview

The mission of the Sailor Senshi is to fight evil and to protect the Princess and the Illusionary Silver Crystal—but two senshi have yet to be found! Just then, shrine maiden Hino Rei appears before Usagi. Does Rei have something to do with the recent pattern of young girls disappearing?

Act 4 Preview (10/25/03) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 4 Preview

Hino Rei, a.k.a. Sailor Mars, has awoken as the third senshi. But Rei refuses to join Usagi’s circle of friends. What is the flame burning inside of Rei? Meanwhile, freshly incarnated Nephrite, of the Shitennou, has enacted his plan to find the Illusionary Silver Crystal!

Act 5 Preview (11/01/03) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 5 Preview

To Ami, "Tsukino- san" is the first friend she’s ever had. Will she really be able to call her by her first name? Ami, the girl genius...But she soon finds herself confronting a puzzle that even her genius qualities have never helped her solve.

Act 6 Preview (11/08/03) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 6 Preview

Like a gust of wind, Kino Makoto transfers to Juuban Middle School. Though strange rumors are constantly trailing her, Makoto and her "boyish" nature capture Usagi’s attention. However...

Act 7 Preview (11/15/03) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 7 Preview

Once again, Sailor Moon is rescued by Tuxedo Kamen. However, Sailor V warns her, "Consider him an enemy." But then, Tuxedo Kamen is injured, and Usagi ends up discovering his true identity...*

*This is one of Toei’s major blunders—it is Mamoru who discovers Sailor Moon’s identity in this episode.

Act 8 Preview (11/22/03) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 8 Preview

"Is Sailor V the princess after all?" Zoicite’s evil power edges closer to Sailor V. Meanwhile, as sparks are flying between Rei and Makoto, Usagi is participating in Aino Minako’s event, but...

Act 9 Preview (11/29/03) ~ TOEI*

"My purpose is to find the Illusionary Silver Crystal!" Tuxedo Kamen announces in a statement to the media. The search for the crystal sends the streets into a crazed frenzy. As he proves himself to be an enemy in front of everyone once again, Usagi is...

Act 10 Preview (12/06/03) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 10 Preview

"Mama has... returned to the moon." As a small child, Rei believed in the Moon Kingdom of the Princess Kaguya legend. But Luna does not smile upon hearing the account of Rei’s childhood dream. "It might a dream..."

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