TOEI Previews ~ Acts 21-30

Act 21 Preview (02/28/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 21 Preview

"You...You bastard!" Makoto hurls fists of anger at Tuxedo Kamen, a.k.a. Chiba Mamoru. In a state of pain, Usagi takes a break from school, but...Ami takes a break too? Unbeknownst to anyone, a great disaster is starting for Ami...

Act 22 Preview (03/06/04) ~ TOEI*

TOEI Act 22 Preview

"Running is futile!" Caught in Kunzite’s trap, Sailor Mercury, who has recently become a Senshi of evil, viciously attacks the remaining three Senshi. "We can’t fight against Ami!" But that’s just what "Princess" Venus is ordering Usagi, a.k.a. Sailor Moon, to do. The enemy must be defeated...even if they are friends.

Act 23 Preview (03/13/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 23 Preview

"All they want is to rescue Ami! Minako starts to put pressure on Rei, who is unable to hide her impatience. "How can Sailor Moon awaken before you? Don't you feel that you're lacking something as the leader of the Senshi?" The test Minako forces upon Rei is....

Act 24 Preview (03/20/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 24 Preview

The day when Mamoru leaves for England is coming near. Zoicite tries to approach Mamoru little by little. "Don't call me by that name!" Mamoru says to Zoicite.

To a Mamoru in denial, Kunzite's evil hand is close.

Act 25 Preview (03/27/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 25 Preview

Sailor Moon has finally discovered that Tuxedo Kamen is Chiba Mamoru. Will Mamoru be able to avoid hurting Usagi, who without knowing his identity accidentally confessed her feelings for him? Meanwhile, Hina has noticed the relationship between Mamoru and Usagi and resigns herself to...

Act 26 Preview (04/03/04) ~ TOEI*

TOEI Act 26 Preview

Sailor Moon has awakened as the Princess.

Blinding memories...

Secrets revealed...

And Usagi and Mamoru make their choices about many things.

Act 27 Preview (04/17/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 27 Preview

The love between Usagi and Mamoru has ended, and at a glance, it seems that more tranquil days have returned. Yet a mysterious girl appears out of nowhere, once again disturbing the peace. However, what Usagi is really worried about is Ami. The final battle between Sailor Moon and Mercury draws near...

Act 28 Preview (04/24/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 28 Preview

The spell having worn off, Mercury has returned to her normal self--but it was too late. Sailor Moon had already died under her dagger. Kunzite takes both girls away to the Dark Kingdom and...

Act 29 Preview (04/31/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 29 Preview

Ami has returned, and everyone regains a sense of peace. But a mysterious exchange student, Kuroki Mio, appears at their middle school. And she's Aino Minako's rival?!


Act 30 Preview (05/01/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 30 Preview

"You're the one who hurt Mio-chan!" is the accusation, and Usagi is ignored by her classmates. Mio insists, "Usagi-chan isn't bad!" and suggests an Aino Minako secret live concert to Usagi as a last resort...

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