TOEI Previews ~ Acts 31-40

Act 31 Preview (05/15/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 31 Preview

Makoto alone has yet been unable to awaken her Senshi powers. Then, there's Furuhata Motkoi, who wants to ask her out on a date. In order to seize any clues [that might help her awaken], she thinks, "I'll do anything!" and agrees to go out with Motoki, but...

Act 32 Preview (05/22/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 32 Preview

Mamoru has disappeared from London? Usagi can no longer stand still. Mio gives Usagi the unexpected chance to go to London. Will Usagi rush to where Mamoru is?

Act 33 Preview (05/29/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 33 Preview

One night, a youma breaks loose. Rei and Ami take action, but due to their suspicious behavior, they end up in the custody of a police officer. The ones who receive word from the police station are Ami's mother and...Rei's father. The battle between parents and daughters begins.

Act 34 Preview (06/05/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 34 Preview

Children think of parents, and parents think of children. Why do these thoughts end up so mismatched? Rei faces her father and Ami her mother head on--and [a confrontation with parents] becomes a confrontation with themselves.

Act 36 Preview (06/19/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 36 Preview

Minako has fainted! This sets a ripple effect into motion. For the Sailor Senshi, and Usagi and Mamoru...

Meanwhile, Queen Beryl, who will try to make Endymion a.k.a. Mamoru her own until the very end, strikes out with an outrageous strategy.

Act 37 Preview (06/26/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 37 Preview


Leaving behind that one word, Usagi disappears. Or rather, already, she is no longer "Usagi"? The five Senshi run around to look for Usagi, but...?

Act 38 Preview (07/03/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 38 Preview

"It was I who destroyed the planet." Leaving behind those words, Princess Sailor Moon disappears again.

Inside of herself, she decides to confront "Usagi," but...

Act 39 Preview (07/10/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 39 Preview

Mamoru, as Endymion, declares war against Usagi aka Sailor Moon. Has Mamoru really joined the ranks of the enemy? What is his intention?

Meanwhile, Agency President Kandou is in the Tsukino household...?!

Act 40 Preview (07/17/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 40 Preview

"Aside from Sailor Venus, I don't have an identity."

Minako decides to retire as a singer.

But then, a new face, "Mars Reiko," steps into the scene, throwing a challenge in Minako's direction!

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