TOEI Previews ~ Acts 41-49

Act 41 Preview (07/24/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 41 Preview

It's okay to be alone.

That's what Makoto thinks. But Usagi says, "There's no way she can actually think that way!"

At that time, Metallia's power starts to get even stronger...

Act 42 Preview (07/31/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 42 Preview

"This is the power that will destroy the planet..."

The power of Princess Sailor Moon has also drawn Naru in. Usagi decides to control that power and continues to make desperate efforts.

But Metalia's growing powers have reached Naru, too....

Act 43 Preview (08/07/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 43 Preview

The power of the Silver Crystal and of Metalia continues to grow.

Mamoru, aka Endymion, asks for just one day of release in order to make Usagi happy.

Act 44 Preview (08/14/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 44 Preview

Has Mamoru really chosen to throw away his life for the Princess? Unable to conceal his disappointment, Zoicite goes to Queen Beryl to beg for her mercy. In exchange for her compliance, Beryl demands of him a condition--"The Princess' Life!"

Act 45 Preview (08/21/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 45 Preview

Minako is once again hospitalized. Everyone receives a huge shock when they finally learn of her serious illness. Nonetheless, Minako does not shake in her resolve. "Even if I have to throw away my life, I must fulfill the mission from the Past!"

Act 46 Preview (08/28/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 46 Preview

"Even if I have to throw away my life, I will fulfill the mission from the past!" Jupiter performs a heroic attack and then disappears in a burst of smoke.

Venus, who no longer has the strength even to transform, is...?

Act 47 Preview (09/04/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 47 Preview

Minako has decided to have the operation. No matter how low the chances are...

"That day" comes.

Act 48 Preview (09/18/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 48 Preview

"Minako...has died." Minako's life passes away in flames before the operation.

Meanwhile, Endymion aka Mamoru acts out his plan to save [the planet], and his experiment to absorb Metallia's power will...?

Final Act Preview (09/25/04) ~ TOEI

TOEI Act 49 Preview

To save the Earth, Sailor Moon kills Endymion. "I've killed...Endymion. Endymion is dead!..." The complete power of the Illusionary Silver Crystal turns loose.

The final day...has already begun.

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