Update from Lisa :: Shingetsu Revival?

Wow. Yes. I know its trippy to see this web site on the net again. But I should explain the short story behind this: Years ago, when "Shingetsu-PGSM.net" crashed, I contacted it's creator "N." to find out if the site would be revived. N. and I were chat buddies back then, because we both operated Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon fan sites. Unfortunately, as much as N. loved Shingetsu (because it was her first website baby) I was told that Shingetsu would not be revived for numerous reasons.

I felt really nostalgic for the site then, because Shingetsu is a very important legacy archive to the live-action branch of Sailor Moon. N., Wasu, and Andrea all did a fantastic job of building this detailed library for PGSM fans. I asked N. if it would be okay for me to revive the site. She instantly agreed, and ownership of Shingetsu was passed onto me.

However, it came at a really bad time because I was really busy with work and school. It was the same with N.. Eventually, both of us lost touch, without me ever receiving the back-up copy of the site. The project of rebuilding Shingetsu was on hiatus ever since.

Because its Winter Break from school right now, I'm able to finally dabble in this project. Its been years now, but luckily Archive.org still has a lot of the files stored away. So looking at the information and structure, I'm rebuilding the site by hand. I'm updating the graphics for the site, re-doing the style sheets, and re-coding the xhtml for the entire site. The site will NOT be redesigned, because I want to keep Shingetsu the way everyone remembered it.

Its going to be a long project, and the complete set of information may never be recovered. But hopefully, I'll be able to get this site up and running very soon. Stay tuned!