"Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" ~ The Plot

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Fourteen-year-old Tsukino Usagi is your typical, carefree middle school student. Her biggest concerns are getting to school on time, saving up enough money to buy the newest Aino Minako single, and finding time after classes to sing with her best friend Osaka Naru at the Crown Karaoke Center—that is, until she runs into a talking toy cat named Luna.

While it at first seems like an accident that Luna fell from the sky to land flat on Usagi’s head, Luna soon makes it clear to Usagi that what looks like a chance happening can often be fate in disguise. Usagi is shocked to learn that she is Sailor Moon, a soldier assigned to protect a mysterious princess. Luna gives Usagi a transformation brooch that allows her to transform into Sailor Moon and tells her that her mission is to find the princess and the Illusionary Silver Crystal. As if finding out that toy cats talk wasn't bad enough.

She may do little more than stand in a cave, but she's always watching...

But it looks like there is an enemy force called the Dark Kingdom that is already after the Illusionary Silver Crystal—and they’ll stop at nothing to find it. Led by Queen Beryl, the Dark Kingdom is protected by the Shitennou, four generals who have a mission of their own: to destroy the princess and use the Silver Crystal’s energy to awaken a great evil. Of course, their goals are easier said than done. Each general finds that the tasks will take longer than he expected. In the mean time, they content themselves with sending out energy-draining monsters (called youma) to collect as much energy from innocent humans as they can. Between fighting these dangerous monsters in the name of love and justice and searching for the princess, Usagi’s once carefree life is looking more complicated by the day!

Luckily, Usagi soon finds out that she’s not alone in this fight. The strings of fate lead her to encounter Mizuno Ami, a shy genius, Hino Rei, an enigmatic Shinto priestess, and Kino Makoto, a protective tomboy. When Luna reveals that these three fourteen-year-old girls are fellow senshi Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter, dodging attacks from youma doesn’t seem so bad. Not to mention the fact that an intriguing masked jewel thief, who calls himself Tuxedo Kamen, always seems to save Sailor Moon in the nick of time when things get too dangerous.

You’d think that teachers would understand that going to school is hard when you have the fate of the world on your shoulders! But everyday life goes on for the Sailor Senshi, even as they risk their lives to stop the Dark Kingdom. For Usagi in particular, the quest for the Illusionary Silver Crystal and the princess aren’t always the first of her concerns—especially when she’s running into that jerk Chiba Mamoru, a high school student with a bad attitude. During these run-ins, her first concern is trying not to strangle him. What's worse is that for some reason, though totally against her will, she seems to bump into him (sometimes literally) over and over again.

In any case, though it looks like a lot has changed for Tsukino Usagi, what hasn’t changed is her optimistic attitude. She knows things are getting more dangerous by the day, but it’s tough to break her spirit. For now, she’ll just focus on protecting the earth alongside her friends and trying to pass her classes. After all—unfinished homework can be just as lethal as any youma.

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